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Blippi Net Worth

Blippi Net Worth

Net Worth

Stevin’s Blippi YouTube channel has more than four million subscribers. The YouTube channel is his main source of income, earning him more than one million dollars per year.

The money is made through YouTube ads and is based on how many people stream his videos.

While YouTube brings in the main source of Stevin’s Blippi-related revenue, it does not account for his entire net worth.

Like many YouTube creators, Stevin has set up an additional side business selling items related to his channel.


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From the subscribers, Blippi has earned more than 3.5 billion views. That translates into an estimated income of more than $22,000 each day. His annual salary from YouTube ads alone equals more than eight million dollars.

Of course, these numbers only are taken into account his primary Blippi channel. Stevin also has a second channel called Blippi Toys, which has more than three million subscribers.

This channel averages $18,000 per day or seven million dollars per year.

How are YouTube creators able to make so much from their videos? Each YouTube creator can make between $2-$5 for every 1000 views.

How much a YouTube creator makes depends upon several aspects, including what device the viewer played the video on, where the viewer lives, and how many people are actively skipping the ads.

In addition to YouTube, Stevin makes money through Amazon. Like YouTube, Amazon streams the videos and helps Stevin sell his related merchandise. His Blippi videos consistently remain in the top 100 of all self-published shows on Amazon.

Does the two-year-old who loves to watch Blippi also love toys? In that case, Stevin wants to sell the kid a 19-inch doll that looks just like Blippi!


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Net Worth$20,000,000
Full NameStephen J. Grossman
Date of Birth/AgeMay 27, 1988 (age 30)
Source of wealthRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Country of originU.S
State/City of originSeattle, Washington
Last Updated2019

Blippi net worth is 20 million dollars.

In addition to Blippi dolls, Stevin has made money from Blippi through:

  • Album sales
  • Clothes
  • Licensing
  • Meet-and-greets with fans
  • Other merchandise, such as tiny versions of his hat and tie


The character of Blippi is played by Stevin John. Stevin’s Blippi character is designed to provide children with both entertainment and education through both YouTube and Amazon’s video streaming services.

Although Stevin’s current popularity and wealth are undeniable, his career in entertainment began in a much more controversial way as a “gross-out” comedian. Despite the controversy, parents and children still rely on Blippi to entertain their children while also teaching them valuable lessons.

Early Life

Stevin John was originally born Stephen J. Grossman. He was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington. This background would prove instrumental in forming the type of experiences that would later show up on Blippi’s YouTube channel.


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As a child, Stevin grew up surrounded by horses, tractors, and cows. One of his earliest dreams was to be a limo driver. The obsession with vehicles and animals can definitely be seen in the list of Blippi programming, which features such videos as:

  • “Blippi Farm Tour”
  • “Blippi Explores a Snow Groomer”
  • “Blippi Learns About Jungle Animals”
  • “Blippi Flies in a Private Jet”

Before finding Blippi, Stevin held a number of jobs. He worked in the United States Air Force as a C-17 Loadmaster. He has also worked as a dishwasher, cameraman, dishwasher, courtesy clerk, SEO specialist, and waiter.

After finishing his career in the Air Force, Stevin moved to Los Angeles, California. While there, he worked on developing a career in internet marketing and the creation of videos.


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Personal Life

Stevin lives in Las Vegas currently. He does not have a wife and is not married. He is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend.

Does the man who makes so many children happy have any of his own? When asked by The Spinoff, Stevin stated that he did not have any children yet, but pondered that “maybe down the road” he would have some of his own.

In the meantime, Stevin will continue to entertain other people’s children, especially those who are between the ages of two and six.


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The original idea for Blippi came from Stevin’s interactions with his family. Stevin had moved to Ellensburg, Washington to be near his family.

While there, he was watching his two-year-old nephew try to interact with YouTube videos. These videos seemed less than appealing to Stevin, who viewed them as being low-quality.

Stevin wanted to create an entertaining children’s show in the same vein as Mister Rogers. The goal was to create a positive, educational and entertaining show for children that used high-quality equipment and graphics.


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Stevin spent several weeks drawing designs for wardrobe, figuring out character names and planning what the video subjects should be about before getting started. He ultimately decided that he should step out from behind the camera and host the show himself.

At present, Blippi net worth reached $20,000,000.

When trying to decide on a name for his character, Stevin reportedly went through 800 different names in order to get the right one for kids. It was important that he find the type of name that would be easy for children to pronounce.

When trying to decide how his character should look, Stevin chose blue because it was trustworthy. He also chose orange because it was a fun color. That would lay the foundation for the character that Blippi was supposed to be: a fun person a child could trust.

The first episode of Blippi debuted in 2014 and became an instant hit with children.


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????Dinosaurs… RAWR… dinosaurs… oh, I love dinosaurs! ???????????? I always have the dino song stuck in my head! ???? #Blippi #dinosaurs

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Interesting Facts

After moving to California, Stevin’s initial career in entertainment was not as family friendly as Blippi. His initial efforts at being in front of the camera led to Steezy Grossman, an on-camera persona who specialized in gross-out videos.

Specifically, Steezy was supposed to be a boy who was born out of poop as a result of anal intercourse.

Steezy Grossman is filmed having a bowel movement on another male performer.

What was Stevin thinking at the time? The video was made when the “Harlem Shake” was popular. At the time, many video parodies of the “Harlem Shake” were also very popular.

When the video for the Steezy Grossman incident begins, he is sitting on a toilet until the beat of the “Harlem Shake” begins.


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When asked about it, Stevin was very honest about his involvement. He claimed that he did make the gross-out video in his early twenties, but emphasized that it was long before he started Blippi.

He would also call the video “stupid and tasteless,” and remind people that he had grown up a lot since then.

Though he has expressed remorse, Stevin does not want to be associated with the video that he made so many years ago. He has issued DMCA copyright take down notices to anyone who has put the potentially embarrassing videos up online.

Stevin has been criticized by many for issuing takedown notices of his embarrassing videos. However, even his critics acknowledge that it is understandable that he would not want to have a video that is so opposite of family-friendly available for anyone to see.


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Stevin wandered from profession to profession as an adult, trying to find the exact career that was right for him. He served in the Air Force and as a dishwasher. He took both huge jobs and small jobs, before deciding to go into the entertainment industry.

His first steps in the entertainment industry were not very fruitful, and he eventually returned home.

It was while he was home that Stevin stumbled across the idea that would earn him millions of dollars and Internet fame.


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Favorite Quotes from Blippi

“I trust people will see me as the person I am now, not the idiot I was back then.”

“So much to learn about / It’ll make you want to shout: Blippi!”

“My goal with Blippi was to bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning.”

Tips for success from Blippi

  1. If you are searching for a business opportunity, focus on a specific area of interest. Stevin came up with Blippi as a way to have better children’s television. But by doing so, he was making his business appeal to a specific niche of viewer: two to six year olds. By focusing on that niche audience, Stevin was able to stand out from the rest of the YouTube entertainers. 
  2. Let failure be your stepping stone to success. Stevin had many failures in the entertainment industry before he found success with Blippi. Many failed jobs were behind him, and he could not find something that gave him passion. He moved around constantly, switching jobs often, trying to find something that made him happy. He took these failures in stride and eventually it paid off when he came up with Blippi.


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