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Camila Cabello Net Worth

Camila Cabello Net Worth Bio Social Early Life Career
Net Worth$12,000,000
Full NameKarla Camila Cabello Estrabao
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 3, 1997 (age 22)
Source of wealthSinger, Songwriter
Country of originCuba
State/City of originCojímar, Habana del Este
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Camila Cabello net worth is 12 million dollars.

As a singer, song-writer, and celebrity, Camila Cabello has many ways of amassing her wealth.

How Much Camila Cabello Makes Per Year

Camila Cabello makes a minimum of $2 million per year. We say this because her net worth is consistently increased by a few million dollars each year, with many of her financial pursuits also totaling this amount.

How Does Camila Cabello Make Her Money?

As one of the most influential pop stars currently in the music scene, Camila Cabello mainly makes her money from concert performances and album sales. She is an incredibly prolific artist, frequently being on tour and sharing her music around the world.


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Because of this, she is able to make a majority of her money off of her music, with royalties and ticket sales accounting for most of her net worth. However, as somebody who is also a multi-faceted cultural figure, Camila Cabello also makes money from television appearances and other cultural events. She also has appeared in some movies, giving her a filmography as well as a strong musical career.


As part of the vocal group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello was a hugely popular vocalist in American culture due to the group’s success on the U.S. version of The X Factor. This lead to her signing a deal with Syco Music and Epic Records, but it still was only the beginning of her career.

Since her debut on that show, she has also built up an extensive catalogue as a solo artist, collaborating with a large variety of artists and releasing her first album, Camila, in 2018.

Early Life

Camila Cabello was born in Cuba in the area of Cojimar, Habana del Este. After moving around many times as a child, Cabello would first go to the USA when she was five years old, with her family eventually relocating to Miami, Florida.


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Most of her early life occurred here, as she didn’t really focus on music until she was well within high school. However, once it became clear to the teenage Cabello that she could have a chance as a famous singer, she dropped out of high school while still in ninth grade to do just that.

She would later complete her high school education, but it would come after she had already achieved fame and success.

Personal Life

As a celebrity in the spotlight of American culture, the topic of who Camila Cabello is dating has been one under heavy inspection. However, Cabello has not had a vivid dating history, instead having a few flings here and there.

The most long-lasting relationship the musician has been in is with Matthew Hussey, a writer and dating coach. Hussey writes for Cosmopolitan Magazine and also runs his YouTube channel, where he speaks about a majority of his dating philosophy.

The couple have been dating since the beginning of 2018 with no sign of stopping anytime soon, making them one of the most notable couples in the current celebrity circuit.

Camila Cabello’s personal life is also filled with her family, including her two parents and her younger sister Sofia Cabello.


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Camila Cabello’s singing career actually began with rejection, with her originally being eliminated during the infamous bootcamp portion of auditions for The X Factor.

However, after this period, she would be called back along with four other contestants to form the vocal group Fifth Harmony, which would go on to be an incredible success.

Through the group, not only was Camila Cabello able to achieve musical success for the first time in her life, but also begin truly working on herself as an artist.


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Fifth Harmony would go on to place in 3rd on The X Factor, leading them to sponsorship opportunities and eventually signing a record deal with Epic Records and Syco Music.

They would continue to release albums, EPs, and singles from 2013 through 2016, further perpetuating their rise up the American pop charts.

However, it’s worth noting that during this period Camila Cabello was also laying the foundation for her impressive solo career.

The first semblance of Camila Cabello as a solo artist would come with her collaborations, working on songs with artists such as Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly.

At present, Camila Cabello net worth reached $12,000,000.

When it became clear that she was an integral member of Fifth Harmony, though, it also was clear to Cabello that she must separate from the group, prompting her departure in December of 2016.

Cabello leaving the group was on amicable terms, with her wanting to focus instead on finding success through her solo career.

Camila Cabello would continue to release singles and collaborations, working with other artists and taking up prominent roles in film soundtracks such as The Fate of the Furious.

While this was all going on, she was also hard at work for her debut studio album, to be titled Camila.

Once releasing this album in 2018, she would go on to not only be nominated for 2 Grammy awards, but also release even more critically-acclaimed collaborations with other artists such as Pharrell Williams and Maroon 5.


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The release of Camila also saw Cabello touring around frequently, having a headlining tour alongside an opening slot on Taylor Swift’s notable Reputation tour.

Interesting Facts

  • Camila Cabello also works with Save the Children and is considered a feminist activist
  • Cabello has also worked with the Children’s Health Fund to give healthcare to those who can’t afford it
  • Three of her biggest influences are Rihanna, Shakira, and Michael Jackson
  • Her music takes influence from Latin artists such as Celia Cruz and Alejando Fernández


Though Camila Cabello has had a notable career as a singer, perhaps the biggest highlight of her success are her contributions as a philanthropist. Cabello believes that it is not only incredibly important to help those who are in need, but it’s incredibly essential to functioning with a positive role in society. Because of this, she frequently spends her time volunteering and donating to organizations that help provide resources to others. For example, her associations with Save the Children and the Children’s Health Fund are two ways in which she commits herself to taking care of the community, giving others access to the same benefits that she has had since her success.

Cabello also understands that music is a great way to contribute to community activism. She demonstrated this in 2017 by collaborating with the known playwright and songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda on the song “Almost Like Praying” as a fundraising effort to help those affected by Hurricane Maria.

Best Camila Cabello Quotes

Camila Cabello’s success goes far beyond her role as a musician. In fact, she’s also a celebrity who is known for her incredibly inspirational quotes, consistently offering quotes to encourage her fans no matter what their aspirations are. We think that Camila Cabello’s quotes are a way for her to make her message clear, removing the beat that typically goes under her voice.

Some of her best quotes are:

“I will always stand up for immigrants and Hispanic people. This is because those in need deserve rights and that’s just my job.”

“The biggest piece of advice I can offer is that if you feel good in your outfit, then it’s a good outfit.”

Tips for Success from Camila Cabello

  1. As somebody who has experienced a vivid and extensive career within a short period of time, Camila Cabello has given many methods for success to those who love her music.
  2. For example, her insistence on staying true to yourself is an important key to her success. Like we highlighted in the previous section with the quote about feeling cute in your outfit, Camila Cabello teaches her fans to love themselves as a primary method of cultivating your personality. After all, how are you going to love others and encourage yourself if you’re not going to love yourself first?
  3. Camila Cabello’s success story also shows her fans that anything is possible if you believe. For example, her dropping out of high school to chase singing might have been a huge risk, but definitely paid off for her. This shows that no matter what your dream is, you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks to make it come true.