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Dave Kindig Net Worth

Dave Kindig net worth
Net Worth$2,500,000
Full NameDavid Rick Kindig
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 6, 1971 (Age 48)
Source of wealthCustomizing cars, fashion entrepreneurship, television appearances
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originSalt Lake City, Utah
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Dave Kindig’s net worth is 2.5 million dollars.

How Much Does Dave Kindig Make a Year?

He makes upwards of 500,000 a year, depending on the amount of work his business receives. His exact revenue has not been made public.

How Does Dave Kindig Make His Money?

Most of his earnings come from his car design and restoration business, Kindig It. Each car he works on costs the customer upwards of $200,000 and takes weeks of work.

Some individual jobs can cost $500,000 or more. There is a two-year waiting list, so he is never lacking in work.


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He earns additional income from the Kindig It line of clothing and accessories designed and marketed by his daughter.

Kindig It also sells designer car parts and accessories on their website for the DIY car enthusiast.

These are very popular and increase his earnings by several thousand dollars a month.

The salary he receives for “Bitchin’ Rides” has not been publicized, however, it increases the amount of car restoration work he receives.

Each time a new season airs, he gets more orders from his website and for car restoration.


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Early Life

David Rick Kindig was born on February 6, 1971, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has said he grew up working class in a poor area of Salt Lake City.

He is otherwise private about his childhood. His mother was interested in art, and his grandfather was a metalworker. It is not known if he has any siblings.


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He was interested in art as a child and started drawing and designing cars at a young age. He spent his playtime making his own designs with toy cars and blocks.

He is a self-taught designer who jokes that his degree is in Hot Wheels and Legos. He spent many hours at the public library reading car magazines and books.

He was also interested in theater in high school which has helped him in his reality television career. He graduated from West High school in Salt Lake City, Utah but has never attended design or vocational school.


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Personal life

Dave Kindig has been married to Charity Kindig for 25 years. They have two children, Baylee and Drew.

Both his wife and children are involved in Kindig It. Their family life revolves around anything car-related.

When not working on cars, Dave enjoys golf, attending live music shows, and spending time with his family. While he has a large collection of cars, he keeps a low profile in his community.

He considers his employees part of his family and is active in philanthropy in his local area.

He surrounds himself with people as passionate about cars as he is and helps new talent get their start.


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After high school, Dave Kindig went right into the workforce. His first position was with a company called High-Performance Coatings.

He then moved into drawing cars for magazines and advertisements.

When he was tired of working for others, he decided to branch out on his own. He started his own car design and restoration business in 1999 with a small budget and the support of his family.

It has since grown to need thirty employees and a 27000 square foot building and workspace. He often collaborates with other companies for custom paints and tools.


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His work on car design has earned him several awards through his career. In 2012, he won a Master Builder Award from the Boise Roadster Show and a Trendsetter Award at the GoodGuys Custom car show.

He also launched a line of spoilers, paint, and hot rod accessories for cars based on his own designs.

At present, Dave Kindig net worth reached $2,500,000.

He starred in the reality show “Bitchin’ Rides” on Velocity TV since 2014 and has refurbished over 60 cars on the show alone.

Bitchin’ Rides” showcases the wide range of cars he and his business customize. Any car from the earliest Fords to modern Bentleys can be redesigned and made into a hot rod or any other design by Kindig It.

The show is broadcast in 40 countries, making Dave Kindig popular around the globe. He now attends car shows all over the US and in Europe, where he is often recognized.


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Interesting Facts

He is active on social media and generally uses his fame to promote his cars and business. He always wishes his family and employees a happy birthday on social media.

He is often recognized for his long goatee beard.

His first favorite car was the Volkswagen Beetle.

He draws all his car designs by hand, not on a computer.


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He was awarded a GM design Award in 2007 for and a Ford Design Excellence Award in 2013.

He was awarded Utah’s Finest Award at the Utah Autorama show in 2015.

He’s been featured in interviews with local Utah newspapers as a local success story, including the Deseret News and the Daily Utah Chronicle.

He holds five patents for designer replacement door handles, which he designed himself.


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Favorite Quotes from Dave Kindig

“I can sculpt, say, a rearview mirror housing, out of clay. I then scan it and make a reverse image, then 3D print it on our Pharaoh 3D printer. It’s not the sort of technology you necessarily would find in old-school hot-rod shops, but we want to make cars to the standard that would make a new Mercedes or Rolls-Royce blush in terms of quality of fitment and quality of the panels.”

“Don’t touch that if it’s still under warranty.”


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Tips for Success from Dave Kindig

“I surrounded myself with people who could do metal shaping, bodywork, and paint, mechanical and electric modifications. So, I just watched them work on their cars to get an idea, then I’d go home and work on my own cars using what I’d learned.”

“You dream about doing something. You find the people that could possibly pull it off, and then you have the equipment that makes it much more possible.”

“Surround yourself with the people you admire the most and the things you most want in life, and one day you can be admired like those people and have those things.”