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Harvey Levin Net Worth

harvey levin net worth
Net Worth$15,000,000
Full NameHarvey Robert Levin
Date of Birth/AgeSeptember 2, 1950 (age 68)
Source of wealthTelevision Producer, Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Celebrity Reporter
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originLos Angeles, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Harvey Levin’s net worth is 15 million dollars.

How Much Harvey Levin Make a Year

The amount of money Harvey Levin makes per year has not been listed, but it can be assumed that he makes lots of money per year based on his various income streams.

How does Harvey Levin make his money?

Harvey Levin has various sources of income including being the star of the TMZ show as well as editing.

He has various pieces of real estate in Los Angeles CA. He also has money from his press jobs and his law career.


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Harvey Levin is a man with success in multiple fields. He is a legal analyst, celebrity reporter, television producer, and a lawyer.

He is most famous for his celebrity reporting show and website TMZ. Right now he is the host of the Fox News Channel show “Objectified”.

Let’s take a closer look at Harvey Levin’s bio, personal life, net worth, and career history.

Early Life

Harvin Levin goes by his real name. His middle name is Robert. He was born on September 2nd, 1950.

Names and other information on his mother and father are not available. The 5’7″ multi-talented lawyer keeps up a good diet and exercise plan and doesn’t look his age at all.

His birthplace is Los Angeles, California and his religion is Jewish.

Harvey Levin attended Grover Cleveland High School located in Reseda, Los Angeles. He graduated with honors and then went on to the University of California in Santa Barbara.

He graduated with a bachelors in Political Science. He then went to University of Chicago Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1975.


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Personal life

Harvey Levin is not married, not divorced, and hasn’t had any kids. He is gay by sexual orientation.

He revealed this information to the public back in April 2010 when he was a guest speaker at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Harvey and his partner don’t have any plans of getting married in the future. They seem to be really happy as they are being boyfriends.

Harvey currently lives with his partner Andy Mauer. They have been together for a long time. Andy is a chiropractor and they’ve lived together and owned real estate together for quite a while.

Harvey listed his home in Hollywood Hills West for sale in 2015 for 3.995 million.


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After Harvey Levin graduated with is Juris Doctor degree he began practicing in the legal field for California. He practiced law from 1975 to 1996.

In addition to practicing law, he also taught at the University of Miami’s School of Law. He practiced some in Los Angeles and then moved to Whittier College School of Law to teach.

In 1978 after the California Proposition 13 Levin gained popularity for his debates and appearances. This fame pushed Harvey to be a radio host for helping to call with legal advice.

This work earned him the nickname “Doctor Law”. During that time he was also writing columns for the Los Angeles Times.

The popularity of his writing was so great that his work continued to be published for seven years after he left the position.

Hervey Levin moved into the media field as a host for KNBC-TV’s Los Angeles show where he covered various legal topics.


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He then went on to work with KCBS-TV where he spent close to 10 years as an investigating reporter and legal analyst.

He career in media really got a boost when he covered the OJ Simpson: Murder Case. He gained tons of screen time during that case.

His legal prowess and handling of legal issues caught the attention of “The People’s Court” where he worked up from show consultant to Co-Executive producer and legal anchor.

Harvey Levin net worth reached $15,000,000 by 2019.

Carol Martin was his co-anchor and he remained on this show for close to 25 years.

In 1996 Harvey Levin’s successful TV career lead him to deactivate his bar registration. He founded a show called “Celebrity Justice” that aired from 2002 to 2005.

In 2005 his new website TMZ began airing on AOL. Harvey was the website’s founder and managing editor.

The show gained lots of popularity really fast. The first story covered by TMZ was Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and anti-Semitic rant to the police.

Other popular coverages that helped TMZ gain fame include.


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  • The Rihanna Chris Brown abuse story
  • The death of Heath Ledger
  • The death of Michael Jackson

LA Times reports the death of Michael Jackson as TMZ’s biggest story covered. When the star passed away at his home TMZ was the central news source that provided various news sites with their information.

The information arrived fast and detailed from drug use to custody issues, to the 911 call, and his actual death.

During Levin’s time with “The People’s Court” in 1985, he released a book called “The People’s Court: How to tell it to judge”.

This book served as a commentary on various cases that he appeared on during his time working on the show.

“The Library Journal” mentions this book as material that belongs in public libraries. Today Harvey Levin is a new host for the Fox Channel News show “Objectified”.


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Interesting Facts

  • Harvey Levin has been named as one of the Top 50 most influential and powerful voices for the American LGBT communities since 2012.
  • Harvey has appeared in movies such as Celebrity Justice and Volcano.
  • Harvey Levin has won several awards in journalism and nine Emmys in his lifetime on television.
  • Harvey Levin states that even though his staff has been able to cover some major celebrity happenings on TMZ, he is not in the business of trying to capture worst celebrity moments.
  • His goal is and has always been to provide unvarnished truth about the stars in Hollywood. He also wants to make it a good time for his staff. He says he has warned his staff that if a celebrity doesn’t want to be a part of it they should back off.
  • The majority of stars don’t mind the spotlight and play along to be featured on the show because it keeps them relevant, which is a big deal for all celebrities.


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Favorite Quotes from Harvey Levin

“In this country, you have got to tolerate things you do not like in order to preserve the First Amendment, in order to preserve democracy, and if people start bullying people into fearing that if I say something I could offend people, that is exactly why we have a constitution.”

“I didn’t feel like it was essential to have a white host or a black host, I wanted a good host.”

“My initial reaction was, I couldn’t be less interested. I thought, I’m going to do more television. Why would I do internet?”

“My guilty pleasures have waned. I’ve turned into a health nut, so my guilty pleasure is steak. I go to the gym at four in the morning every day and I eat really healthy. It’s become the centerpiece of my life – which shows you how boring my life is”.