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Jared Padalecki Net Worth

Jared Padalecki Net Worth
Net Worth$12,000,000
Full NameJared Tristan Padalecki
Date of Birth/AgeJuly 19, 1982 (age 36)
Source of wealthActor
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originSan Antonio, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Jared Padalecki net worth is 12 million dollars.

Screen Rant reports that Padalecki makes 125,000 dollars per episode. While this may seem like an impressive amount to most, this is actually 50,000 dollars less than Padalecki’s co-star, Jensen Ackles makes per episode.

Why is there a discrepancy between the pay that Ackles and Padalecki make? One reason that may explain the difference is the fact that Padalecki often directs episodes of the show. His directing fees may actually make the salaries between the two actors equal.

The cast of “Supernatural” certainly seems to have fun with showcasing their wealth. Behind the scenes, the cast had fun playing with stacks of cash.

Padalecki has also spent his wealth on a number of impressive houses. His California house sold in 2014 for 2.4 million dollars. Padalecki originally bought the home for almost 1.8 million dollars.

After selling his California home, Padalecki and his family moved to Austin, Texas. There they own a Texas lodge that they have designed to be child-friendly.


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Padalecki is known for his role as Sam Winchester in the CW television show, “Supernatural.” The show, which will finish its run after season 15, will air a total of 327 episodes by the time it ends. Although Padalecki had a successful acting career prior to the show, it was “Supernatural” that gave him wealth, fame and a family.

Early Life

Jared Tristan Padalecki was born on July 19, 1982, in San Antonio, Texas. His mother, Sherri, was an English teacher. His father, Gerald, was an accountant who helped people with their taxes.

Padalecki is often asked about his family’s history. His mother has French, English and German ancestry. Gerald Padalecki is Polish. Padalecki also has a brother named Jeff and a sister named Megan.

His educational career began rather typically. But by the age of 12, Padalecki discovered his love of acting and began to take lessons. His schooling had to be carefully juggled with his love of drama practice.

But as Padalecki entered James Madison High School, it soon became apparent that he was truly gifted both academically and in the arts. He won the “National Forensic League” in 1998 and was awarded the “Presidential Scholars Program” in 2000.

While Padalecki originally enrolled in an engineering program, he left college to pursue a professional career in acting.


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Personal Life

Padalecki is married to actress Genevieve Nicole Cortese. The two met on the set of “Supernatural,” on which Cortese plays the demon, Ruby. Their engagement was announced in 2010.

Padalecki certainly made sure that the proposal was a romantic one. The actor asked Cortese to marry him as they stood in front of their favorite painting, Jules Bastien-Lepage’s “Joan of Arc.” The romantic proposal took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Padalecki and Cortese married in February of 2010. They had a beautiful snowy ceremony in Cortese’s home state of Idaho. They have since had three children: Thomas Colton, Austin Shepherd, and Odette Elliott.

Prior to discovering love with Cortese, Padalecki was engaged to Sandra McCoy. McCoy and Padalecki were engaged from October 2007 to June 2008 before breaking up for good.


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In 1999, Padalecki won the “Claim to Fame” contest sponsored by Fox Broadcasting, and this allowed him to appear at the Teen Choice Awards. When he appeared at the Award ceremony, he immediately caught the eye of a talent agent who agreed to represent Padalecki.

His first role as an actor came later that same year when he landed a minor role in the movie, “A Little Inside.”

In 2000, Padalecki landed his first major role when he was cast as Rory Gilmore’s boyfriend, Dean Forester, on “Gilmore Girls.” Despite finding greater success, Padalecki would stay on the show until it completed its run in 2005.

For the next few years, Padalecki landed several bit parts that included roles in:

  • “Cheaper by the Dozen”
  • “New York Minute”
  • “Flight of the Phoenix”
  • “House of Wax”
  • “Cry Wolf”

Finally, in 2004, Padalecki landed the role that has brought him the most wealth and success so far, as Sam Winchester in “Supernatural.” The show currently holds the title of the longest sci-fi series in North American history.

Padalecki has secured his role in science fiction history, but he almost landed the role of an even bigger popular culture icon: Superman. J.J. Abrams wrote a script for “Superman: Flyboy” and Padalecki filmed some footage for the script as Superman himself. But the project was ultimately scrapped.


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Interesting Facts

Of the cast members on “Supernatural,” Padalecki is one of the tallest. At
6’4″ tall, he towers above Ackles, who is only 6’1″ tall.

One of Padalecki’s greatest campaigns is the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign that the runs through Another campaign that Padalecki is associated with is “To Write Love on Her Arms,” which offers support for those with suicidal thoughts, addiction, depression, and self-injury.

These two campaigns have caught Padalecki’s eye because he has often struggled with his own depression. Fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of Padalecki in his advocacy for these mental illnesses.


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Padalecki has been an actor known for his extreme loyalty to the television programs that have been willing to hire him. Both during “Gilmore Girls” and “Supernatural,” Padalecki could have chosen to leave at any time.

This became particularly true once “Supernatural” reached such incredible heights of success and allowed Padalecki to achieve the wealth and fame that he could have leveraged to go off and do another program.

But instead, he chose to stay with “Supernatural,” and that decision has allowed him to continue to grow his wealth and build his family in his beloved home state.


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Favorite Quotes from Jared Padalecki

“I wish I had the chance to go back and tell them what they meant to me. I wish I had the chance to beg them to seek help, to keep fighting.”

“If you’re out there and need help, please seek it. Be proud of your valiant day-to-day struggle. There is no shame in needing support.”

“There’s always gonna be be someone better looking, there’s always gonna be someone smarter, there’s always gonna be someone who works harder. What you have to offer is yourself, so don’t lose it, focus on it and try to bring it out.”

“However you look is just the shell of who you are. It’s really nothing to do with you.”

“There’s no shame in having to fight every day.”

Tips for success from Jared Padalecki

  1. Being loyal to the people who have always stood by you can help make your career a more valuable and enjoyable experience. Even after “Gilmore Girls” had been off the air for years and Padalecki had moved on to “Supernatural” superstardom, he still chose to come back. As a result, his peers have nothing but kind words to say about him in a business that can otherwise be pretty cutthroat.
  2. Taking time to heal yourself from the mental struggles that are holding you back may allow you to help someone else. Since becoming involved with his various charities, Padalecki has raised thousands of dollars for those suffering from mental illness.