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Jewel Kilcher Net Worth

Jewel Kilcher net worth
Net Worth$30,000,000
Full NameJewel Kilcher
Date of Birth/AgeMay 23, 1974 (age 44)
Source of wealthSinger, Songwriter, Guitarist, Actress, Author
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originPayson, Utah
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Jewel Kilcher net worth is 30 million dollars.

Jewel Kilcher, known as simply “Jewel” professionally, rose to prominence in 1995 with her debut single “You Were Meant For Me.”

Her sound was a blend of folk and indie that perfectly fit in with what was popular in the late 1990s; her contemporaries in that era included similar artists Ani DiFranco, Sarah MacLachlan and Tori Amos.

While Jewel is worth a considerable amount of money today, she had very humble roots in rural Alaska.


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How Much Does Jewel Make A Year?

Jewel Kilcher’s yearly earnings ebb and flow depending on whether or not she’s recently put out any albums and if so, how well they’ve sold.

Her first album “Pieces of You” is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time and has gone platinum 12 times.

While none of her follow-up works have ever quite accomplished the success of “Pieces of You,” that’s not to say they haven’t been successful.

Subsequent works like “Spirit” and “This Way” have won accolades and enjoyed success on radio and the charts.


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How Does Jewel Kilcher Make Her Money?

Music isn’t the only way that Jewel makes money. She is also an actress, author, poet and reality show star.

Her debut collection of poetry, “A Night Without Armor,” was met with critical disdain but rose to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.

She made her film debut in Ang Lee’s “Ride With The Devil,” this time receiving praise from the critics for her honest performance.

She has also acted in numerous TV movies for the Hallmark Channel and has appeared as herself on her family’s reality show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier.”


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To understand Jewel’s music, you have to understand the era in which she rose to prominence. The 1990s were a popular time for indie rock that borrowed from the alternative and folk genres.

The most popular music tour of the late 90s was Lilith Fair, an all-female production devoted to talented musicians who played their own instruments and sang from the heart.

The artists of Lilith Fair paved the way for the female singer-songwriters of today, such as Taylor Swift and Tori Kelly.

Early Life

While Jewel’s public image is widely associated with Alaska, she was actually born in Payson, Utah, on May 23, 1974.

Her father Attila was a student at Brigham Young University at the time and he and Jewel’s mother, Lenedra, were members of the Mormon church. Jewel has an older brother named Shane.

When Jewel was still an infant, her parents moved back to Atila’s native Alaska, where they gave birth to another child, Attila Jr. Sadly, her parents divorced shortly thereafter.

Jewel’s mother relocated to Oregon with her youngest child, leaving Shane and Jewel to grow up in Anchorage in their father’s sole care. It was at this time that the Kilcher family left the Mormon church.


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Growing up, Jewel and her father performed in hotels and bars as a father-daughter musical act. Their sound was a mix of folk and traditional yodeling.

The Kilcher family was extremely impoverished and the money that Atila and Jewel owned as musicians helped to keep them afloat.

As a teenager, Jewel was accepted to the famed Interlochen Arts Academy, a boarding school for gifted young artists in Michigan.


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She was able to pay her tuition thanks to money raised by her community. While attending Interlochen, Jewel began performing her solo work in coffee shops.

After graduating from Interlochen, Jewel relocated to California where she continued to play nightly in coffee shops and bars.

She was discovered the old fashioned way by a label representative from Atlantic Records.

Jewel was famously living out of her van at the time she was signed to Atlantic Records, recording and releasing “Pieces of You” shortly thereafter.


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Personal Life

Thanks to her humble roots and clear head, Jewel has often shied away from the Hollywood lifestyle.

She prefers to spend her time doing charity work for young women and girls. She considers herself a feminist and says this was inspired by the pioneer women she grew up with in Alaska.

Although she’s largely avoided the Hollywood dating scene, she briefly dated actor Sean Penn in 1995.


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However, the relationship fizzled out and Jewel went on to marry professional rodeo star Ty Murray in 2008. Jewel and Ty had one son together, Kase, before divorcing in 2014.

Jewel has had a very tumultuous relationship with her mother, stemming from Lenedra leaving her with her father in Alaska when she was very young.

The two of them reconciled after Jewel rose to fame, even recording a duet together for her “Spirit” album.

Sadly, the relationship was destroyed in 2003 when Jewel accused Lenedra of stealing from her while employed as her business manager. The two remain estranged to this day.


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Jewel struck when the iron was hot with her 1995 debut album. Folk and indie music by female artists was hugely popular during this era.

Jewel was known for her sensitive lyrics and soothing melodies, which wove tales of love and heartbreak.

However, her attempt at poetry in the form of 1998’s “A Night Without Armor” was less well-received. Critics dismissed her poems as simplistic and cheesy.

During this time, bubblegum pop was making a resurgence and Jewel’s second album, “Spirit,” failed to enjoy the same success as “Pieces of You.”


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In an interview, MTV reporter Kurt Louder confronted her for using “casualty,” which means a loss of life, when she meant “casualness” in the song “Kiss The Flame.”

While not as successful as its predecessor, however, “Spirit” was still a commercial success, known best for the hit single “Hands.” It was during this time that Jewel made her acting debut in “Ride With The Devil.”

With the popularity of pop music on the rise after the year 2000, Jewel began experimenting with a sound that was more similar to that of then-superstars Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

At present, Jewel Kilcher net worth reached $30,000,000.

She released her most controversial album to date, 2003’s “0304.” A stark contrast from her earlier works, “0304” was an upbeat pop album that used synthesizers where Jewel had previously only used real instruments.

However, Jewel didn’t allow the change in genre to be the end of her strong feminist message. The lead single “Intuition” preached a message of self-acceptance and ignoring the trends in favor of following one’s intuition.


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While the album received mixed reviews from critics, she received widespread praise for her positive message for young women, especially in a time when pop lyrics were largely considered vapid and overly sexual.

2006 saw a return to form with “Goodbye Alice In Wonderland,” which eschewed the pop sound of “0304” in favor of Jewel’s classic folk song.

The titular lead single was praised for its deeply personal nature; the bittersweet lyrics were Jewel’s way of saying “goodbye” to the pursuit of fame and fortune.

Although she continues to work professionally, she decided to no longer prioritize commercial success the way she had with “0304.”

Today, Jewel primarily releases holiday albums and records of lullabies for children.

She has also embraced her love of acting and is one of the recurring leads in the “Fixer Upper” series of mystery movies for the Hallmark Channel.


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Interesting Facts About Jewel

  • Actress Q’orianka Kilcher is her first cousin.
  • Although Jewel didn’t appear on “Alaska: The Last Frontier” in its first season, she later joined her family on the show, spurred by a desire to introduce her son to rural Alaska life.
  • Her father remarried after his divorce and Jewel is on good terms with her step-mother, Jane Kilcher.
  • Her Hallmark movies are an extension of the “Fixer Upper” brand. The movies are mysteries that have to do with houses under renovation or repair, inspired by the popular home renovation reality show.


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Favorite Quotes From Jewel Kilcher

On fame: 

“I’m becoming more and more myself [over] time. I guess that’s what grace is: The refinement of your soul [over] time.”

On introducing her son, Kase, to poetry: 

“I’ve always had a love for poetry. I don’t exist without writing. [But I think] when kids see [poetry,] it’s just obtuse to them and hard to relate to.”

On her upbringing:

I consider myself a product of Alaska.”

On motherhood: 

I don’t want to be more famous and more rich. I [just] want to be a good mom.”


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Tips For Success From Jewel Kilcher

  1. Jewel demonstrates a dedication to authenticity and to honoring one’s roots. She refused to sacrifice who she was in order to conform to anyone else’s idea of what a musician ought to sound like. This included finding a way to incorporate her childhood love of yodeling into her work.
  2. Although Jewel was extremely ambitious in pursuing her music career, she knows that what really matters is family. She’s a devoted mother to her son and maintains a strong relationship with her father and paternal relatives.
  3. Jewel demonstrates the importance of staying true to your values. She is consistent in spreading her message of self-love, honesty and integrity. Her song “Hands” was meant to show the world that it was best to be empathetic and selfless, exemplified by the lyric, “in the end, only kindness matters.”