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Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams net worth 2019 salary source of income
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameMicah Sierra Williams
Date of Birth/AgeSeptember 2, 1971 (age 47)
Source of wealthStand-up, Television
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originCincinnati, Ohio
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Katt Williams net worth is $10 amount million dollars.

How Much Katt Williams Make a Year?

Katt Williams annual salary has not been published.

How does Katt Williams make his money?

Katt’s fortune mainly comes from his stand-up comedy performances, tours, video games, film roles, and rapping. He has been featured on various artists’ rap songs, he has released his own album, and he has played a memorable comedic role in every movie he has been a part of.

Katt owns the rights to all of his material, so whenever someone wants it for repurposing they have to contact him and pay a fee. Katt’s comedy special “The Pimp Chronicles” stand-up grossed more than $24 million.


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Katt Williams is one of the most popular and successful African American comedians in America. Throughout his career, his name has made headlines for various reasons including shows, movies, scandals, and legal issues.

Some would say his controversial lifestyle and actions are what makes him so special. Let’s take a closer look at Katt’s net worth, personal life, biography, and career history.

Early Life

Katt Williams’ real name is Micah Sierra Williams. He was born on September 2nd, 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 5’5″ comedian had a very educated and politically active family. His father was a member of The Black Panther Party.

By the age of three Katt was able to read and made decent marks during his school days. Not much information is published about his parents and his younger days. Katt took on an independent stance at an early age.

He decided to emancipate himself at 13 years old. Katt attended Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School and Colonel White High School. Katt used his street vendor income to support himself and chase his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

He first got his foot in the door with comedy in Evanston, Cincinnati. By 1999 Katt had made a real name for himself in the industry of comedy.


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Personal life

Katt Williams has gained lots of attention and curiosity from fans due to his eccentric persona and his early decision to emancipate himself.

In the early 1990s he got married to Quadriah Locus and they had a son named Micah. The couple wound up getting divorced in 1996.

Katt retained custody of their son Micah. As Katt gained more success and financial security he decided to adopt all seven of his ex-wife’s children.

Katt is reportedly a very responsible and caring parent, and he has gone the extra mile to build a solid relationship with Micah. He takes him with him on tours so they could still spend time together.

In 2010 Katt married Eboni Gray. She was really supportive during Katt’s period of legal battles and scandals. In 2006 Katt was an arrest for possession of a stolen gun.

Then in 2016, Katt was arrested 5 different times for various reasons. Throughout all of his struggles, Katt has maintained that the most important thing to him is his stand-up career.

Katt is known as one of the most controversial American celebrities. While living in Oakland Katt was a part of The Nation of Islam.

He has faced tons of scandals and legal issues throughout his entire career. His friends describe him as an educated and eloquent person.

His parent’s involvement in politics and the community is very evident in his political humor. At the same time, his eccentric and off-stage persona has kept him involved in lots of drama. All of the different facets of Katt are what makes his so unique.


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Katt Williams perfected his comedic talent by performing in clubs from Oakland to Oklahoma. He gradually became successful and by the year 2000, he had performances booked at The Improv, The Icehouse, The Comedy Club, The Hollywood Park Casino, as well as BET’s Comic View.

In 2002 Katt started acting with his very first performance on NYPD Blue. He then moved on to Nick Canon’s show Wild’n’Out and his role on that show further boosted his popularity.

Katt has been a star in various comedy specials. The first special aired in 2006 which was “Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play”.

This special was a huge success, and was followed by an HBO stand-up special “The Pimp Chronicles, Pt1”. This special included his creative comedy piece “This S*** Right Here N****, This S*** Right Here N****.”

Katt had a promising 2007 where he starred in “American Hustle”. That film made Katt a household name in the world of comedy. Katt’s second HBO comedy special “Pimpin’ Pimpin” was released in 2008.

It was full of political topics. After that special Katt immediately took a four-year break, and then in 2012, he came back with Kattpacalypse.


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During his four years, stand-up break Katt put out his first album “Pimpin’Pimpin”. When he gets song features he uses a stage name Money Mike.

He has been featured on songs by artists such as The Game, Suga Free, and Baby Bash. Katt found himself in trouble with the law in 2012, and after his jail time, he declared he was done doing stand-up. Just three days later he made an announcement that he was coming out of retirement.

In 2013 Katt started his “Growth Spurt” tour. Later that year he put out a diss song aimed at Atlanta rapper Trinidad James. In 2014 HBO put out “Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife special”. Spike Lee directed the special.

In 2015 Katt announced the “Conspiracy Theory” tour. Unfortunately due to legal issues and personal problems the tour has yet to be scheduled. The plan for this tour was going to be a comic spin on well-known conspiracy theories. It was expected to be his best tour thus far.

After a rocky 2016 Katt set out to reinvent himself. He started a new tour “Kat Williams: Great America Tour” and had stand-up shows scheduled in Europe and America.

Critics were pleased with the show and it was sold out everywhere. Katt has proven to have dedicated fans as well as his ability to regenerate and reinvent himself.


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Interesting Facts

  • Katt Williams says at the age of 50 he had never had a bank loan or a car lease ever in his life.
  • Katt prefers to pay cash for whatever he desires
  • Katt has the most filmed and distributed comedy specials of any other comedian. He has only seven more than Richard Pryor and six more than Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock.
  • Katt Williams won an Emmy for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for playing Glover’s alligator owning Uncle Willie in the show “Atlanta”.
  • Katt and his wife Eboni have been involved in a charity organization with the goal of helping rebuild Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.

Favorite Quotes from Katt Williams

“If you ain’t got no job and you ain’t smokin no weed, I don’t know what the f*** you are doing with yo life.”

“T think pimp, therefore I am.”