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Mase Net Worth

Mase Net Worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameMason Durell Betha
A.K.AMurda Mase
Date of Birth/AgeAugust 27, 1975 (age 43)
Source of wealthRapper, songwriter, minister
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originJacksonville, Florida
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Mase net worth is $10 million dollars.

Between 1996 and 1999, Mase had 5 number 1, US rap singles and 6 top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles. In 1998 the hip-hop/rap artist started his own label that he called, “All Out Records” and signed his own group called, “Harlem World” whose members were also signed with “So Def Recording”.

Mase was included in the Rugrats Movie soundtrack, in a song called, “Take Me There” by Mya and Blackstreet.

Everything you want to know about the actor, rapper-songwriter, pastor, inspirational speaker, and TV personality known as Mase. Learn all about Mase net worth, how Mase makes his money, how much Mase earns, how he got his break in the music industry, and full details of Mase early life, current life, and even his personal life in a full biography of Mase, and more.

Practically, every detail about the rap artist Mase can be found right here. Want to know how old Mase is, how tall he is, where he was born, what school he went to, how about what his real name is? You will find all this information about Mase and more, right here in this document.

Also included in this article, are some tips for success from Mase, his favorite quotes, interesting facts about this artist, and highlights of his career.


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How Much Mase Make a Year?

Each week Mase earns $26,410.26, his monthly earnings are around, $114.444.44 and his annual income is around $9 million. Breaking Mase’s income down, even more, Mase earns $0.04 per second, $2.61 per minute, $156.77 every hour, and $3,762.56 each day. Putting Mase’s net worth at approximately $10 million.

How does Mase make his money?

The actor and rap artist net worth are mostly due to his record sales.

In October of 1997, Mase released his debut album entitled, “Harlem World” that included the singles “Feel So Good”, “Lookin’ At Me”, “24 Hours To Live”, and “What You Want”.

The album reached number 1 — not only on the Billboard 200 chart — but also on the Hip-Hop, R&B Albums Chart as well.

Moreover, it was nominated for the best rap album Grammy, went 3 times platinum by Music Canada, and was also certified as 4 times platinum by RIAA.

Mase’s earnings in 1999 reached $514,000 as a result of his album “Double Up”, which was gold certified by RIAA.

In 2004, Mase’s album entitled, “Welcome Back” was also certified gold by RIAA bringing his 2004 annual earnings up to $525,000.


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Despite earning an athletic scholarship to attend New York State University after demonstrating a promising career as a basketball player, while he attended Manhattan Center High, Mase chose the music industry.

As a result, Mase topped the charts with his hit music, while some of his albums went gold, some, 4 times platinum, and towards the end of the new millennium; Mase was one of the top hip-hop hottest artists.

Early Life

Mase was born on August 27, 1975, in Jacksonville, FL, as Mason Durrell Betha to P.K. and Mason (also known as “Father Lucky”) Betha, Both Mase and his fraternal twin sister Stason — who was just several minutes older — were born prematurely and were the youngest of four siblings; two brothers and two sisters.

The 5’ 9” tall artist also went by the names of Mase Murder and Murda Ma$e, which was later changed to Mase.

In 1982, to get away from his abusive father, when Mase was only 3, his mom took her kids and relocated to Harlem, New York, where Mase spent his early childhood.

However, when he reached 13, Mase was sent back to Florida due to him hanging with bad influences and just 2 years later Mase returned to New York where he attended Manhattan Center high school.

He also attended Clark Atlanta University, where Mase studied mathematics.


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Personal life

Since August 25, 2001, Mase had been married to Twyla G. Styles whom he had two kids with. Unfortunately, in 2014, after 12 years of marriage, the couple divorced and although they both fought for child custody, Twyla won.

Mase was ordered to pay $6000 a month in child support but can spend up to 3 hours a day visiting his kids with at least a 12 hours’ advance notice. The court also ordered Twyla to return Mase’s musical equipment to him.


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Although he began rapping in high school to entertain his basketball teammates, Mase really started his music career as a member of the band ‘Children of The Corn’ other members included Cam’ron (whom Mase attended school with), Big L, Herb McGruff, and Bloodshed.

However, the group broke up after the passing of two of their members Big L and Bloodshed; Bloodshed was killed in 1997 in a car accident and Big L was murdered in 1999.

Mase went solo after that and start performing in some Hip-Hop clubs around town, then in 1996 while attending a music conference in Atlanta, he met Sean Puffy Combs also known as Puff Daddy and P Diddy.

After hearing Mase rap, Combs signed him to Bad Boy Records where he appeared on tracks with some of the biggest names in R7B, such as Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Notorious B.I.G., and Diddy.

Mase’s real fame came when he replaced Notorious B.I.G after his passing. Mase became Bad Boy’s most sought-after artist after the release of his debut album, Harlem World and it was all uphill from there until 1999 when Mase decided to change his career from a music artist/actor to a pastor/speaker.

However, in 2004 Mase made a comeback with his album Welcome Back which reached number 4 on the charts.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2017 Mase played himself in the Netflix original film Sandy Wexler.
  • Mase made headlines in April 1998, when he was arrested in New York for disorderly conduct when allegations were made of him soliciting prostitution which Mase denied.
  • By the time Mase released his own album, he was already well-known by many from Puff Daddy showcasing him in videos where he had the spotlight.
  • Before the group, Mase was in, “Children of The Corn” disbanded, each of the members were already signed to labels: Mase with Bad Boy, Big L was signed with Columbia, McGruff with Uptown, and Cam’ron was signed with Epic.


  • Since his debut on Puff Daddy’s remix of “Only You” a 112 single, Mase quickly became a guest rapper in many Bad-Boy releases and projects, such as, Mariah Carey’s song honey, Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Young Casanova,” Busta Rhymes‘ “The Body Rock,” Brian McKnight’s “You Should Be Mine (Don’t Waste My Time),” and more.
  • Additionally, in the hit song, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” by the Notorious B.I.G., Mase actually sang the first verse.
  • Mase appeared on a Puff Daddy smash “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” where he was a featured, credited guest.
  • Mase also made an appearance in, “It’s all about the Benjamins”.

Favorite Quotes from Mase

“So many Ghosts in my garage they think my house haunted.”

“Long as my buckle say Hermes, the rumors I’m not concerned with. They wanna garnish my earnings before I send it I burn it.”

“I’m like a drug overlord, my jewelry’s overboard. It’s hard to believe dollar sign e-even know the Lord.”


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Tips for success from Mase

  1. “Some things are sacred. Until you act like they’re not. Then you lose them”
  2. “Just the opportunities you can make for people. In this business, you can become a millionaire overnight, and you can do so many great things with a million dollars for people. You can give people chances that they would never otherwise have.”
  3. “I have been in Atlanta, just working on getting my insides rich, so I can be rich on the inside, as well as on the outside.”