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Aaron Kaufman Net Worth

Net Worth$6,000,000
Full NameAaron Kaufman
Date of Birth/AgeJanuary 26, 1982
37 y.o.
Source of wealthTelevision personality,
Automotive mechanic
Country of originUSA
State/City of originCrowley, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Aaron Kaufman net worth is 6 million dollars.

This amount is highly anticipated to rise with his new project on the horizon. He just landed his own TV show “Shifting Gears” which will also be aired on Discovery Channel.

How Much Aaron Kaufman Make a Year?

Aaron Kaufman makes about $50,000 per episode. The amount breaks down to a minimum of $10k to a maximum of about $40k for the work he produces. The money he will be making for his new venture has yet to be disclosed.

How does Aaron Kaufman make his money?

Aaron Kaufman makes money on a per episode basis, and he also sells merchandise. He has hats, stickers, T-shirts, and F-100 parts.

He now has his own fabrication shop in a warehouse and online that he is earning sales from called Arclight Fabrication. for online shopping the website is

Early Life


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Aaron Kaufman’s birthdate is January 26, 1982. He was born in Crowley, Texas. When he was little he had a special interest and talent for dismantling things and rebuilding them in various ways.

When he got older, he gained a passion for cars and before long, he was a part of hot rod world. Kaufman attended Crowley high School.

He sharpened his talent and became a master, self-taught hot-rodder, mechanic, and fabricator. Right away he started working at a nearby garage, and not much longer, Richard Rawlings, an entrepreneur and fellow mechanic found him.

Rawlings stopped by the car shop where Kaufman was working and requested that they let their best person run his ’53 Ford Mainline. Kaufman was the top guy and he instantly impressed Rawlings with his skills.

Rawlings kept that memory, and when he decided to start a new project, he reached out to Kaufman to be his business partner. The two of them came up with the concept for “Gas Monkey Garage” and brought it to TV as “Fast N’ Loud”.

The show features the Gas Monkey crew hunting for old and beat down cars and brought them back to life earning a profit. The show first aired in 2012 on Discovery and didn’t take long to be success. It gained the business partners tons of fame and wealth.

Personal Life


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Aaron Kaufman dated Lindsay J for a little over three years. Their relationship came and went before Kaufman got successful with “Fast N’ Loud”. After the couple split and Kaufman became famous, Lindsay made a blog titled “About That Bearded Guy”.

In the blog she put up photos of the two of them as well as Aaron’s beardless photos and responded to questions about their relationship.

Even though Aaron Kaufman is not married, he is in a long-time relationship with his girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob. The couple started dating in 2013, and they are living together. Lauren has actually made an appearance on Fast N Loud just before Aaron left the show in December 2016.

The couple has had an eventful relationship, which is evident by their Instagram accounts. They’ve shared that the enjoy traveling, and even though they don’t have kids right now, they do have a couple of lovely dogs named Lola and Bastian.

Overall, the couple is going strong, and all the fans are rooting for them to get married. They’d be more than happy for Lauren to be his wife.

Career Background

Aaron Kaufman started out working in a local garage for a living. One day Richard Rawlings dropped in looking to get some work done by the best guy in the shop, and he wound up discovering Kaufman.

The two hit it off pretty well, and Rawlings wanted them to work together as business partners. Kaufman ultimately left his job and started a whole new business venture with Rawlings gaining him much wealth and even fame.

They worked together tearing apart cars, fixing them up, and selling them for 14 years. Highlights of the process was aired as a realty TV show “Fast N Loud” on Discovery.


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Unfortunately, Kaufman said the deadlines were unrealistic and he was put under too much pressure. He was locked in projects and couldn’t get anything else done.

Overall, it made him uncomfortable to finish a job in a couple weeks. He realized that it would be more enjoyable if he could take his time and do it perfectly like he feels the need to. He decided to leave the show.

Rawlings was sad at the loss of a business partner and co-star, but there are no hard feelings or grudges. Gas Monkey has even publicly supported Kaufman and his Arclight fabrication on the company’s blog page.

In addition to Kaufman’s fabrication shop, the blog also shared information about upcoming hosting event that Kaufman will be holding for Ford model truck lovers, and even gave a shout out to his merchandise for sell, encouraging fans to show some love.

Aaron Kaufman left “Fast N Loud” to focus on his own show “Shifting Gears”. He is still talking with the TV channel about his ideas for the show. His goal is to have a successful show, but he wants to approach car television from a different angle.

If he starts to work on cars for television again it will about the excitement, imagination, and the good vibes that are received from the vehicles. The vehicles also will not be auctioned off for profit. He says he will do the work for television and it will be fun for everyone.

Aaron Kaufman has a soft spot for Ford. He wants to work on creating F-100 trucks. He has already jumpstarted his fabrication company Arclight. The website can be reached at

At present, Aaron Kaufman net worth reached $6,000,000.

Interesting Facts



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Aaron Kaufman’s work has gotten him various honors. In 2015 Special Event Magazine labeled him the “Top 25 Young Event Professional”. He also got an honor as the “President of Toronto chapter of International Special Events Society”.

Aaaron Kaufman is still working out the details of his upcoming show. He says that he enjoys doing entertainment but he doesn’t consider himself a part of the entertainment community. For placement, he says he will always belong to the automotive community first.

Since leaving the show “Fast N’ Loud” Kaufman says he doesn’t really have any work that aligns paths with Gas Monkey Garage. It seems the partners have gone their completely separate ways in continuing to nurture businesses they truly can give 100%.