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Alexa Bliss Net Worth

Alexa Bliss Net Worth
Net Worth$4,000,000
Full NameAlexis Kaufman
Date of Birth/AgeAugust 9, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthProfessional Wrestler
Country of originU.S
State/City of originColumbus, Ohio
Last Updated2019

What Is Alexa Bliss’ Net Worth?

Alexa Bliss’ net worth is $3 million.

What Is Alexa Bliss’ Yearly Salary?

Her annual salary from the WWE is estimated to be $350,000. She makes additional money from merchandise sales, special appearances and endorsement deals. Since 2017, she has also been on the cast of the reality TV show Total Divas.


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How Did Alexa Bliss Make Her Money?

Alexa Bliss is a professional wrestler and one of the most popular members of the WWE Women’s Division. The tiny wrestler has built an image as a pint-sized terror with a pretty face, sparkly outfits and a bad temper.

Bliss usually plays the “heel” in her WWE matches, but she has also won key championships and is always a crowd favorite.

Bliss is the first woman to have won titles in both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s divisions. She is an overall winner of five major WWE titles. Her awards include:

  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship (3 times).
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship (2 times).
  • Money in the Bank (Women’s 2018).
  • Elimination Chamber (Women’s 2018 as the first woman to win it).


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Alexa Bliss Early Life

Bliss started showing a talent for sports at an early age. As a child, she was involved in kickboxing, gymnastics and softball. She was a fierce competitor who worked hard and showed a strong natural talent.

She attended Hilliard Davis High School and the University of Akron. While she was in college, Bliss developed a dangerous eating disorder. As part of her struggle to overcome it, she started lifting weights.

She has stated that lifting weights saved her life and her sanity. It was an exercise that made her feel in control while allowing her to appreciate her body in a healthy way.

This led to an interest in competitive women’s bodybuilding. Bliss continued to work on her weightlifting and eventually participated in the Arnold Classic.

Founded by movie star and bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Arnold Classic is one of the most-respected bodybuilding championships in the sports industry.


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WWE Contract

Bliss was signed to the WWE in May 2013. Like most WWE talent, she trained at the WWE Performance Center. She trained with Mike Quackenbush and was given the ring name Alexa Bliss.

In 2014, Bliss made her first televised appearance with WWE during WrestleMania 30, when she entered the stage as part of the entourage accompanying Triple H.


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NXT Highlights

Bliss made her mark early at NXT, determined to hit the big time of the regular WWE shows in short order.

At NXT, she was quickly involved in a series of rivalries and championship matches. She defeated Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship.

During NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, Bliss took part in a storyline that involved teaming up with Blake and Buddy Murphy to defeat Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

She also had a fierce rivalry with Bayley that developed over several episodes, finally culminating in a championship match for the NXT title that Bayley won. In 2016, she competed in a triple-threat match against Nia Jax and Carmella.

The winner would be able to challenge Asuka for her Women’s Championship belt. Jax won the match.

Later that year, Bliss competed in her final match for NXT. It was a three-woman tag team fight during which Bliss, Daria Berenato and Mandy Rose were defeated by Carmella, Liv Morgan and Nikki Glencross.


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Smackdown Highlights

In July 2016, Bliss was drafted to the WWE Smackdown lineup. In August, she had her first win against Becky Lynch.

She also appeared in Summer Slam, where she teamed up with Natalya and Nikki Bella to defeat Lynch, Carmella and Naomi.

Bliss had long requested the chance to challenge then-champion Becky Lynch for her title, and she finally got the chance at the 2016 TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. She beat Lynch to claim the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

In 2017, Bliss successfully defended her title against Lynch after getting assistance from Mickie James, who was returning to the WWE after being away for several years. She later lost the title to Naomi.

On a later episode of Smackdown Live!, Bliss won the title for the second time, becoming the first woman to hold the title twice.

Bliss lost the title to Naomi again at WrestleMania 33. She lost it in a six-pack challenge that also involved Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Carmella and Natalya.


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Raw Highlights

In 2017, Bliss was drafted to Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup. She won a fatal four–way for the chance to compete for the title. At Payback, she defeated Bayley to become the new Raw Women’s Champion.

At the 2018 Elimination Chamber, Bliss competed in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament with Braun Strowman as her partner. They made it to the semifinals before being defeated by Asuka and The Miz.

Bliss defended her title at Extreme Rules. When the title eventually ended up going to Mickie James, Bliss got it back from her at the 2018 TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

After losing the title to Nia Jax, she got it back by winning the Money In the Bank challenge and cashing in her contract that night. She then lost it to Rhonda Rousey at Summer Slam.


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Break In the Action

In 2018, Bliss announced that she was going to take an extended break from in-ring fighting in order to heal from several serious injuries that included a concussion.

She continued to perform with WWE in a number of roles. She was named the non-wrestling captain of Team Raw for the traditional women’s five–on–five tag team elimination match at Survivor Series. Her team ended up winning the match.

At present, Alexa Bliss net worth reached $3,000,000.

After about six months of not competing, Bliss was given medical clearance to compete in-ring again. She competed at Royal Rumble and was defeated by Bayley and Carmella.

In 2019, she was given a weekly segment called “Moment of Bliss” which featured her interviews with other wrestlers and celebrities. She also competed in her first singles match since her break, defeating Bayley in the post-WrestleMania episode of Raw.


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Since 2012, Bliss has been in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Matthew Adams, better known by his ring name Buddy Murphy.


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Fun Facts About Alexa Bliss

She has said that ever since she was a child, her father has been her biggest fan. He never missed a competition or a game that she competed in. “He is the biggest Lexie fan ever,” she said.

She is a huge fan of Disney movies and Marvel action figures. She also enjoys cosplay and dressing up for Halloween.


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Favorite Quotes From Alexa Bliss

“I like to be sparkly! I love to stand out and embrace my uniqueness, and I am very lucky that I get to incorporate that into my gear. I hope the sparkle and the glitter that I spread makes other people happy, too.”

“When it comes to the Alexa Bliss character, everyone says the character has to be an extension of yourself turned up. But I feel like I am the complete opposite of Alexa Bliss.”

“My ideal night is watching Disney movies and drinking a glass of wine by myself in the hotel room. That’s my ideal night.”

Alexa Bliss Success Tips

  1. “When it was time for me to get in the ring, I was ready.”
  2. “Of course I expected to rise this quickly. I know what I’m capable of. Even though other people didn’t know, I was going to make sure they knew exactly who Alexa Bliss was, and I was going to make sure they never forgot it.”