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Big Chief Net Worth

Big Chief net worth
Net Worth$2,000,000
Full NameJustin Shearer
Date of Birth/AgeDecember 9, 1980 (age 38)
Source of wealthCar Racer, Reality Star
Country of originUSA
State/City of originLouisville, Kentucky
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Big Chief’s net worth is 2 million dollars.

How Much Does Big Chief Make a Year?

He’s made a very good living from his career in street racing and from his appearances on a popular Discovery Channel show called “Street Outlaws.”

Big Chief makes about $400,000 a year. As his popularity grows, it seems that he makes more every year.

He makes about $20,000 from each episode of the reality TV show that he is on and also makes money from his Youtube channel and other social media channels.


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How does Big Chief make his money?

Big Chief makes his money primarily from his appearances on the Discovery TV show, “Street Outlaws.”

He makes about $20,000 per new episode of the show that airs but also makes some additional money from replays of the show.

He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from merchandise sold in his Midwest Street Racers store.

He also makes thousands of dollars each year from winning different street races that he participates in.


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If you know anything about street racing, then you know who Big Chief is. Big Chief has been well-known in the racing community since he was just twelve years old, and his talent is unmatched.

Inspired by his father when he was just a young boy, Big Chief started racing just as soon as he could and even customized his own racing car called, “The Crow.”

He is seen on the very popular Discovery Channel television show, “Street Outlaws,” where he is known as the start of the show and the head racer.

Early Life

“Big Chief” as he is known on the popular show “Street Outlaws,” was born with the name Justin Shearer.

He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on December 9th, 1980. His father died when he was very young, so along with his brother, Justin was raised by his mother.

From a very young age, he had a passion for racing cars, one that was inspired by his father.

Big Chief mentioned in a recent interview that his father was heavily involved in car racing and motorsports and that he used to take him to the track all the time.

One of Big Chief’s favorite early memories was working on cars with his dad.


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Personal life

From a young age, Big Chief wanted to be a street racer. When his family moved to Oklahoma, he became a part of the local street racing community while he was attending school.

His mother, who was going to school herself to become a nurse, fully supported his decision.

By age 12, he was already very well known in the Oklahoma street racing community. He was very good at what he was doing and was quickly collecting large amounts of prize money from winning the races.


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That is how he was able to buy his first racing car: a 1972 Pontiac LeMans.

Justin met his former wife Alicia when he was working at a gas station. They were married for 18 years and had two sons. Sadly, their union ended in divorce in 2017.

Justin is now reportedly dating a woman named Jaclyn Braash. Rumor has it that he was cheating on his wife Jaclyn which is what led to the divorce.


Big Chief was a part of the street racing community since he was 12 years old. After years of saving up, he bought his first racing car, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans that he nicknamed “The Crow.”

Over the years, this older car has been upgraded by Big Chief, so it is fully customized to exactly what he wants. This car is very special to him and is one that he will never get rid of.


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Big Chief has earned plenty of money from winning street races. He also worked at “Midwest Street Cars,” which is now a part of a reality television show called “Street Outlaws.”

He is basically the top racer on the show, so if anyone wants to be on it or wants to race, they have to go through him. The show is visible on the Discovery Channel.

He also has his own merchandise line that has made him a good amount of money.

At present, Big Chief net worth reached $2,000,000.

Interesting Facts

  • He watched his first street race at nine years old and it inspired him to want to get into racing. It was a dream that was supported by both his mom and his dad.
  • Big Chief and his wife Alicia divorced in 2017. Rumor has it he was cheating on Alicia with a woman named Jaclyn, who is now his girlfriend.
  • Big Chief was inspired to go into street racing by his own father, who sadly died when Big Chief was just a young boy.
  • He is not a tall man, standing at just 5 feet 7 inches. However, many say that this actually helps him in his racing career.


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  • Big Chief was born in Louisville, Kentucky but later moved to Oklahoma City with his mother and brother
  • His father died when Big Chief was just a young boy but was big into motorsports. He was the inspiration for Big Chief’s career in motorsports
  • Big Chief started his own merchandise store for items that help with racing. This was how he made the large majority of his money prior to starting on the show “Street Outlaws.”
  • Big Chief is the top character on the show “Street Outlaws” and chooses who gets to race.
  • He was married to his childhood friend, Alicia, for 18 years but they divorced in 2017. He is now dating a woman named Jaclyn.

Favorite Quotes from Big Chief

“Kye Kelly took so much from me, I’m going to claim him as a dependent on my taxes this year.”

“To become an NHRA member, if you’ve got the right stuff, you’ve got a chance to race against the world’s best drivers. It is legal and controlled with thrills that literally last you a lifetime.”

“Anyone that Daddy Dave beats this year ought to quit! It is just not a good look.”

“My latest bout with insomnia led me to this great idea: my data logger on my racecar should how much the driver has slept before the last trans brake release!”


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Tips for success from Big Chief

  1. Watch your thoughts because they become your attitudes, and attitude is everything, especially in racing. 
  2. If you work really hard at your dreams, you can absolutely achieve them. I started out watching races when I was just nine years old. After my dad died, I didn’t know if I’d ever get into a race car again. However, with grit and determination and advocating for what I wanted, I was able to make my dreams happen.
  3. Keep a friend or partner by your side who can help you through the hard times. As you go through life, you’re going to find times where you just want to give up. Your friend or partner will encourage you to keep going and will help you find those dreams.