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Daddy Dave Net Worth

daddy dave net worth
Net Worth$900,000
Full NameDavid Comstock
Date of Birth/AgeApril 4, 1975 (age 44)
Source of wealthCar Racer, Reality Star
Country of originUSA
State/City of originShawnee, Oklahoma
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Daddy Dave’s net worth is $900,000.

What is Daddy Dave’s Yearly Salary?

He reportedly makes $20,000 per episode on his TV show. This is in addition to his racing winnings and the profits from his auto repair shop.

How Did Daddy Dave Make His Money?

He is a reality TV star and an underground street racer. Most of his money has come from his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws show, winnings from his races and an online merchandise store. He also owns a car repair shop in Edmond, Oklahoma.

He is an Oklahoma native. Oklahoma has long boasted that it is the home of the nation’s best outlaw street racers. Race watchers place bets on the racers to fund the winning prize.


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Over the years, these racers and their backers have developed what they call “the List,” which is a ranking of all the top 10 underground street racers in Oklahoma City.

Getting on this list is a top goal for underground racers because there is only room for 10.

King of the Streets

The notoriety of the List and the fame of Oklahoma City’s underground crews have led to Oklahoma City being named the capital of outlaw street racing.

The Discovery Channel got wind of this secret racing world and decided that its viewers would enjoy a show about the racers.


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They contacted Comstock, who had built a reputation as a winning and fearless racer. Among the other racers, he was known as “King of the Streets” for his driving ability and his recklessness.

The show Street Outlaws debuted in 2013. It focuses on the 10 racers who are currently on the List.

Followers and Fans

From the show’s inception, Daddy Dave appealed to viewers with his calm personality and laid-back approach. Unlike some of the other drivers, he was never boastful but always matter-of-fact about his abilities.

He also seemed slightly nervous on camera and was obviously more comfortable talking about car parts that he was talking about himself.

Audiences found him very likable for these qualities. Dave’s appearances have made him many fans. He has over 1 million followers on Facebook and more than 45,000 Twitter followers.

Quick Facts

  • He was born on April 4, 1975, in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
  • His given name is David Comstock.
  • The first car he drove was his parents’ 1978 Chevy Impala.

Early Life

Dave Comstock got his driver’s license when he was 16. He fell in love with cars and driving. He also discovered the world of street racing at an early age.

Person Life

He married his longtime girlfriend Cassie in 2013. They have two daughters. After a serious accident that almost took his life, Cassie reportedly asked him to stop participating in dangerous street races. She changed her mind after seeing that he enjoyed it too much.


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Slow Start

The Discovery Channel wasn’t sure that a show about street racers would be successful. It was not until they saw that the Oklahoma City racers had built up a huge underground fan base that they were convinced.

Even so, the Discovery Channel only signed on for one season. After just a few episodes, the channel’s executives agreed to a 10-season run.

They were inspired to do so by the show’s high ratings and the audience response to the top racers. The antics of his fellow drivers including Big Chief, Shawn and Joe “Dominator” Woods made for great television.


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Street or Legal

Some people have expressed concern that the Street Outlaws show is featuring illegal activity. In reality, the races shown on the program are all legal. The city where they’re filmed issues a permit and provides police protection to keep regular drivers off the roads where the race is being held.

Many of the racers on the show still appear in their own illegal street races. They say that they can’t get the same excitement from racing legally.

Serious Accidents

In August 2015, Daddy Dave was involved in a serious car accident. He was racing a 1996 Sonoma S10 pickup truck when it hit a wall. The truck flipped six times.

He suffered a concussion, a shoulder injury, a bruised lung and numerous scrapes and bumps. After surviving the crash, he began restoring and customizing a new car. This car is a 1963 Chevy Nova nicknamed the Goliath 2.0.

In 2017, another racer featured on the show, Big Chief, suffered a serious accident of his own when he crashed into another driver. He suffered spinal cord injuries and a broken collarbone. He also recovered after an extended stay in the hospital.


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Daddy Dave’s Current Status

At present, Daddy Dave net worth reached $900,000.

Daddy Dave opened up an auto repair shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. He also has an online merchandise store where you can buy Street Outlaws gear. At the same time, Street Outlaws is set for several seasons and fans can continue looking forward to more driving adventures.

Favorite Quotes From Daddy Dave

“I can drive the wheels off of anything.”

“I sometimes hear from people who accuse me of not being ‘real street.’ I am here to say that if you say that, I will meet you anywhere. I am ready. Name the day and the time. We’ll show up with no production crew and no cameras. I say that because I can guarantee that you don’t have any idea what ‘real street’ is. ”

“I have finally gone to twin turbos on my new car after being talked into it for four years. Now, all I can say is that you’re all on notice. You’re all in trouble.”