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Brett Favre Net Worth

Brett Favre net worth
Net Worth$100,000,000
Full NameBrett Lorenzo Favre
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 10, 1969 (age 49)
Source of wealthAmerican football
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originGulfport, Mississippi
Last Updated2019

Brett Favre Net Worth

Brett Favre’s net worth is $100 million.

How Did Brett Favre Make His Money?

He is a former NFL quarterback who is regularly ranked as one of the best football players in the sport’s history. He was unusual in having a long, 20-year career in football.

When he retired in 2011, Favre held the all-time NFL records for passing yards, touchdown passes, most consecutive starts and most times sacked. Those records have since been broken by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Favre was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

Brett Favre Quick Facts

  • He weighs 222 pounds.
  • He was a draft pick in 1991.
  • He is the second of four children.

NFL Teams

  • Atlanta Falcons 1991.
  • Green Bay Packers 1992-2007.
  • New York Jets 2008.
  • Minnesota Vikings 2009-2010.


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NFL Career Highlights

  • 11-time Pro Bowl Selection.
  • 3-time winner, Most Valuable Player in the NFL.
  • 1995 NFL Offensive Player of the Year.
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.
  • Super Bowl 31 Champion.
  • Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.
  • Green Bay Packers retired jersey number 4.
  • NFL All-Decade Team for the 1990s.

Brett Favre Early Life and Career

Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, to Irvin Ernest and Bonita Ann Favre. He grew up in the town of Kiln.


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Early Life

Both of Favre’s parents were teachers. His father was also the football coach for the Hancock North Central Hawks. As a boy, Favre played baseball and football.

Favre quickly became a local legend. Word of his skill reached Mark McHale, who was scouting talent for Southern Mississippi University, also known as Southern Miss.


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Favre’s versatility as a player almost cost him the scholarship. On the day that McHale came to watch him, Favre was not playing quarterback and only had a few chances to throw the ball.

McHale was not impressed and decided to leave. Just then, Favre threw an amazingly high, long pass that made McHale reconsider.

College Career

Southern Miss was the only school to offer Favre a scholarship. He enrolled in 1987 as a seventh-string quarterback. He became the starting quarterback during the first season.

During his freshman year, the team lost only four games. Both the team and Favre put up impressive numbers during his first three years. Some of his records remained intact until 2011.


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Scary Accident

In 1990, at the start of Favre’s senior year, he was involved in a car accident. He was driving to his parents’ house when his car flipped over and smashed into a tree.

Favre was near death when he was rushed to the hospital. Doctors performed emergency surgery.

Less than two months later, Favre took the Golden Eagles to victory against Alabama.

Gene Stallings, the coach of the opposing team, later said, “You can call it a miracle or a legend or whatever you want to. I just know that on that day, Brett Favre was larger than life.”


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Professional Football Career

Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 1991 NFL draft. Falcons head coach Jerry Glanville lacked faith in Favre’s abilities, however, and traded him to the Green Bay Packers the following year.

Packers general manager Alan Wolf had long admired Favre. Once he joined the team, Favre proved that Wolf was right to have faith in him.

During his 16 seasons with the team, Favre won three Most Valuable Player awards. He took the Packers to the playoffs for the first time since 1967. He took them to two Super Bowls.

His most famous record is for the consecutive game starts. Favre retired with 297 consecutive game starts. That record has never been broken.


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Addiction and Rehab

In 1996, Favre revealed that treatments for his injuries had left him addicted to painkillers. He went into rehab. That year, the Packers achieved a 13-3 record. They won the playoffs and went to Super Bowl 31.

That year, the Super Bowl was played at the Super Dome in New Orleans. Favre was able to win a Super Bowl in a stadium close to his hometown.


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Retirement Saga

Favre first began discussing his retirement in 2006. He then said that he had changed his mind and would return for the 2007 season.

At the end of the 2007 season, he again announced that he was retiring. Like the previous year, he then stated that he would be back in 2008.

The Packers were not sure that they wanted him back this time. His ability was showing a marked decline. The Packers had already drafted Aaron Rodgers as his replacement, and the team did not want to take the chance that Rodgers would leave.

Favre returned to Green Bay training camp in 2008, but after meeting with team management, both sides agreed that he should not return to Green Bay. The team traded him to the New York Jets.


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A Fresh Start

After playing with the Jets for one season, Favre was put on the team’s injured reserve list for a shoulder injury.

Favre then signed with the Minnesota Vikings. The trade gave him a fresh start, and he went on to have one of his best seasons.

During the 2010 season, the Vikings had a 12-4 record. They won the NFC Championship and went to the Super Bowl.


In 2010, Favre suffered a serious concussion injury after being sacked during a game against the Chicago Bears. In 2011, he failed a test of cognitive ability. The Vikings refused to let him play under those conditions.

Favre officially retired in January 2011. This time, it really was over.

Post-Football Career

Favre has kept a low profile since retiring from football. He lives with his family in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He has been married to Deanna Favre since 1996. They have two daughters.

He has turned down offers to do on-air commentary and professional coaching. Favre has said that his many head injuries have affected his memory.

In 2016, Favre was cheered by over 60,000 Packers fans at a ceremony honoring his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.


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Favorite Quotes from Brett Favre

“I’m not coming out of retirement again. My feet hurt.”

“I think my stubbornness, hardheadedness and stupidity are what have allowed me to play football for 20 years.”

“I’ve always been a Packer, always will be a Packer.”


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Brett Favre Success Tips

“You have to believe you’re great. You have to have an air about you. My success wasn’t because I was a great talent, but because I wanted it more than anyone else. Every time I step on that field, I want to prove I’m the best player in the league.”