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Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Brendan Fraser net worth
Net Worth$20,000,000
Full NameBrendan James Fraser
Date of Birth/AgeDecember 3, 1968 (age 50)
Source of wealthActor
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originIndianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Brendan Fraser’s net worth is $20 million dollars.


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How Much Brendan Fraser Make a Year?

Brendan makes millions of dollars from the movies he stars in and from royalties, thanks to the many television shows that he’s been a part of. He also has a number of investment properties.

How does Brendan Fraser make his money?

Brendan Fraser made the large majority of his money from the work that he did over the past twenty years as an actor. He made millions of dollars from movies like “George of the Jungle” and from “The Mummy” series.


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Instead of blowing through his money as many celebrities do, Brendan was very frugal and saved his money.

Even after a costly divorce with his ex-wife, Brendan is still making money from his various acting jobs in television. His plan is to dive back into the major movie scene in 2019.

House and Cars

Brendan Fraser sold his stunning Beverly Hills home in 2017 for more than $4 million. He now lives in a beautiful home in Bedford, New York. It has a horse stable and a lot of lands for him to ride his horses.

Brendan doesn’t care much for flashy vehicles. He prefers to drive a Range Rover on his farm and has an Audi sedan for daily travel.


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Brendan Fraser was an incredibly popular actor in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is best known for his role in the movie series, “The Mummy.” He was also known for his comedic skills, gaining popularity in movies like “Encino Man” and “George of the Jungle.”

Sadly, due to health issues, the dissolution of his marriage and an accusation of sexual assault, things fell apart for Brendan at the height of his career.

He took a five-year hiatus from doing movies, instead of focusing his talents on starring in various television shows. It worked, and Brendan now has an entirely new audience that loves him.

Early Life

Brendan was born to two Canadian parents, Carol and Peter Fraser who are naturalized, American citizens. Brendan was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

His parents remained deeply connected to their Canadian culture. Brendan’s father works for the Office of Tourism as a Canadian Foreign Service Officer.

His uncle, George Generaux won a gold medal in the 1952 Summer Olympics for Canada. It comes as no surprise that Brendan holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Canada.


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However, it is important to note that Brendan isn’t just Canadian. He also is part Irish, French-Canadian, German, Czech, and Scottish.

Brendan is the youngest of three brothers. The family moved a lot during Brendan’s childhood. They lived in California, Seattle, Ontario, the Netherlands, and even Switzerland!

Brendan went to Upper Canada College, a boarding school in Toronto and later graduated from Cornish College of the Arts (located in Seattle) in 1990.

Personal life

Brendan’s parents are originally from Canada, so it is not surprising that he speaks French fluently. His ability to speak a second language helped him get a spot on FilmAid International’s board of directors.

Brendan also loves to be behind the camera. He’s an amateur photographer and it became his “signature” feature when he would star in movies and TV shows.

For example, when Brendan was guest-starring on the hit show “Scrubs,” he used a Polaroid instant camera in nearly every episode. That wasn’t scripted!


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Brendan is known to do his own stunts and because of the injuries related to those stunts, he’s undergone knee surgery, laminectomy, and even vocal cord surgery!

Brendan met his first wife in 1993, shortly after he first moved to Los Angeles. He and Afton Smith met at a barbeque at Winona Ryder’s house on the Fourth of July.

They dated for five years, finally marrying in September of 1998. They had three children together: Griffin Arthur, Holden Fletcher, and Leland Francis.

Sadly, that marriage didn’t work out and the couple divorced in 2007. They sold the Beverly Hills home that they shared for $3 million.

The divorce was less than amicable. In fact, in 2013, Brendan attempted to get his alimony and child support payments reduced, citing an inability to pay the yearly fee of $900,000.

His ex-wife then accused him of hiding assets. It was extremely messy.

In 2003, Brendan went into a deep depression after accusing Hollywood mogul Phillip Berk of sexually assaulting him. No one believed him, and Brendan believes it is what ended his career.


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After graduating from Cornish College, Brendan started acting at a small college in New York City. He planned on getting his masters, but prior to enrolling in college, he planned a trip to Hollywood and ended up never leaving!

In 1991, Brendan made his big-screen debut, working on the movie “Dogfight.” Just a year later, he landed the starring role in “Encino Man,” which became one of the movies he’s best known for acting in.

Between 1992 and 1997, Brendan played various roles in a ton of films. He also worked side-by-side with some A-list celebrities like Matt Damon and Adam Sandler.


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In 1997, he landed the starring role in “George of the Jungle.” The movie was a box-office hit and pushed Brendan into mega-stardom.

He starred in a couple more films, but in 1999 Brendan hit pay dirt when he landed the role of Rick O’Connell in “The Mummy.”

This film was the first in a series and was ultimately the most successful series of movies that Brendan ever worked on.

Brendan was known during this period to star mainly in comedies and it worked well for him. However, when he ventured out to do more serious films, like 2004’s “Crash,” he also received critical acclaim.


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After working on “Crash,” Brendan started exploring work in primetime television. He had recurring roles on the extremely popular television show “Scrubs” and also worked on “Sex in the City” and “The Simpsons.”

Brendan took a long break from working on television shows and film, instead focus on less mainstream projects. He was in a Bollywood film in 2016, replacing Ray Liotta. He was a part of the cable television show “The Affair” for one season. Brendan also was in the FX series, “Trust,” and “The Titans.”

Starting in 2019, Brendan is back working on feature films.

Interesting Facts

  • Brendan speaks French fluently.
  • Brendan performed most of his own stunts in the movies he starred in. Unfortunately, that took a toll on his body. Due to his injuries related to stunt-work, he’s already had a knee replacement and a laminectomy.
  • He’s also had surgery on his vocal cords.
  • In 2003, he accused Phillip Berk, the president of the Hollywood Press Association, of sexually assaulting him. This news wasn’t well-received by other celebrities and Brendan received a lot of backlash. He points to this incident as being the event that stopped his career in its tracks.
  • Brendan did not appear in any major (or minor) films from 2013 to the start of 2019.
  • He has never been nominated for an Emmy or an Oscar but did win a Screen Actor’s Guild in 2006 for his role in the movie “Crash.”


  • Brendan started his career working in London as a theater actor
  • He decided to go to school to get his graduate degree and during a hiatus before school started visited Hollywood.
  • He met his now ex-wife at a Fourth of July party at Winona Rider’s house in the ’90s.
  • He and his wife are now divorced but share three children.
  • Brendan was very active in the late 1990s and early 2000s in the Hollywood scene but took time off after falling into a deep depression
  • Brendan found a new audience in television and is working to get back into movies now.


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Favorite Quotes from Brendan Fraser

“I’m starting to judge success by the time I have for myself, the time I spend with family and friends. My priorities aren’t amending; they’re shifting.”

“I have so much satisfaction in my life. I have a beautiful wife and the great stimulation of an interesting career. I’m the happiest fellow that I know.”

“All you have to do is just believe in what’s there; then, the audience will, too.”

“Most people go, I wish for world peace. But chaos has a place in balancing out the light and the dark in the world. I don’t know if I would wish for world peace.”
“As sophisticated as the technology gets, the less sophisticated you have to become as an actor.”

“I don’t believe that wishing works. I think we get the things we work for.”

Tips for success from Brendan Fraser

1. Work hard and success will find you and you will find your passion. Nothing comes easy for anyone, even if it appears that someone else’s life is effortless. It’s not. They have worked hard, and you should too. 

2. Keep it simple. We have so much advanced technology that sometimes we end up overcomplicating things. Take a step back and ask yourself if whatever it is couldn’t be better solved with a simple conversation.

3. Don’t be upset when you’re going through a tough situation. There’s always something to learn from the trials that we go through. Instead, think about what you could learn about yourself in the midst of strife. 

4. Be happy with your life. The grass is never greener on the other side. It is green where you water it. Be satisfied with who you are and what you have. 

5. As life goes on, you’ll find that your priorities are shifting. What you once thought was success might be meaningless to you just a couple years later. Embrace these changes. 

6. Don’t look for compliments or a pat on the back for a job well done. Simply do your best and if you get praise, you know that you’ve helped someone out. That should make you feel good enough.