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Charlamagne Tha God Net Worth

Charlamagne Tha God Net worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameLenard Larry McKelvey
Date of Birth/AgeJune 29, 1978 (age 40)
Source of wealthRadio Presenter, Author, Television Personality
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originMoncks Corner, South Carolina
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Charlamagne tha God’s net worth is 10 million dollars. He makes an estimated 2 million dollars a year.

He’s amassed his wealth from multimedia platforms. Most of his bread and butter comes from his syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. He is part of an ensemble cast that includes two other well-known hosts, DJ Envy and Angela Yee.

The Breakfast Club records from New York City and presently airs in close to one hundred markets nationally as well as on REVOLT, its television simulcast. Viewers can catch sneak peeks and full episodes on their YouTube channel, as well.

Charlamagne tha God has made a plethora of cameo appearances and regular stints on a variety of daytime, primetime and cable television programs, films and documentaries: “Bodied,” “Grow House,” “Empire,” “Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne,” “Catfish: The TV Show,” “Ride Along,” “Wild ‘N Out,” “Guy Court,” “Charlamagne & Friends,” “Guy Code,” “Guy Code Honors,” “Girl Code,” “The Week in Jams,” “Hood State of Union,” “Kiss & Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff,” “This Thing of Ours” and “Hip-Hop POV,” to name a few.

Charlamagne wrote a best-selling book titled Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.” The New York Times lauded it, giving it a spot on their coveted list.

Seeing the fanfare, positive reception and Simon-and-Schuster-size checks he racked up, he didn’t stop there. Charlamagne published “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” a year later.


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On top of that, he often sits in with interviewer, director and journalist, DJ Vlad, where he’s likely paid to give his opinion on music and culture.


Charlamagne tha God, especially known for his tongue-in-cheek expressions, pretty much rules the world around him, on and off the radio, making fans and enemies in the same breath. He continues to enlarge his territory, branching out in various professional directions.

His infectious—and sometimes grating—personality makes for a train wreck that most people can’t turn away from or get enough of, and Charlamagne tha God is well aware of it, even perpetuates it and capitalizes on it.

Not afraid to speak his mind, he has given his two-cents on social change, national injustices, and has on occasion been the voice of reason.

Charlamagne tha God is no stranger to controversy and notoriety and seems to relish every moment of being the villain of the story, actually preferring it. Much of his success undoubtedly stems from carving out his lane and owning it.

Tha God Bows Down to THE God

People may not know it, but Charlamagne tha God is a self-proclaimed Christian who is not exactly a stranger to spirituality—in one form or another.

Not long ago, he made his rounds, chatting it up with big household names from certain religious milieus, most notably Relevant, a Christian-based magazine, and the somewhat-notorious North Carolinian televangelist and pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick; their interview went viral.

In it, Charlamagne tha God poured out his heart, laying bare his vulnerabilities, sharing how he gives God honor and praise for his amazing blessings and achievements.

Early Life

Lenard Larry McKelvey, known as Charlamagne tha God, was born in June of 1978 in a tiny town in South Carolina called Moncks Corner.

Charlamagne tha God is tightlipped about the earliest part of his childhood, but he spilled the beans about his teenage years when he ran the streets, cutting up and selling drugs. He got busted twice for cocaine and weed possession. He was arrested with the intent to distribute.


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Charlamagne was detained for a third time and stayed in jail for over a month until his mother came to his rescue and posted his bail.

He grew up around a melting pot of religions.

His grandmother was a Christian. His mother was a Jehovah’s Witness. His father ceased following the Jehovah’s Witnesses and converted to the Islamic faith.

This was the start of Charlamagne tha God learning how to communicate with and understand people from an assortment of backgrounds. It would serve him well later in his career.

Personal Life

As vocal as the 5-foot-6 entertainer is about any given subject, primarily the aesthetics of female guests, he has kept unusually quiet about his own lady.

So, many were shocked to learn that Charlamagne was in a relationship.

Turns out, the “mystery woman” is not just a girlfriend but his wife.

Her name is Jessica McKelvey, née Gadsden. They were married in 2014 and are hardly ever caught on film together, although there are a handful of pictures of the pair circulating around the internet.

Cat has Charlamagne’s tongue when it comes to his children too; he allegedly has a daughter by his wife, and he has a stepchild.


Charlamagne tha God interned at a radio station, and as fate would have it, he crossed paths with gossip queen, then-radio host, now-television host, Wendy Williams.

A bit abrasive with the callers and guests, Charlamagne tha God may have rubbed some people the wrong way. He was let go from the show in 2008.

At present, Charlamagne tha God net worth reached $10,000,000.

A year later, he emerged in a hip-hop-centric documentary that leaned a bit toward the salacious side. In 2011, he cut a deal with MTV to work on a couple of “male-opinionated” shows.

He lent his voice and witty sentiments to a podcast with Andrew Schulz. He dabbled with some improv stuff on Wild ‘N Out and has enjoyed a noteworthy tenure in aforementioned films and TV programs.

He hooked up with BET to narrate “Inside the Label.” Ultimately, he was given the reins to his namesake show: “Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne tha God.”

Interesting Facts

  • Charlamagne began dating his wife in the late 90s.
  • Charlamagne’s wife is his high school sweetheart.
  • When he went to jail the last time, his father refused to bail him out.
  • Police headlights saved him from doing a home invasion that could’ve landed him in jail for a fourth time.
  • Charlamagne tha God proudly visits a therapist.
  • He struggles with anxiety.
  • Charlamagne tha God took heat from the public for offending transgender actress Janet Mock.
  • One of Charlamagne’s favorite books is “The Gaslight Effect” by Dr. Robin Stern.
  • Charlamagne opened up to TV One’s “Uncensored” about being molested as a kid.

Favorite Quotes from Charlamagne Tha God

“Growing up I watched examples of how not to treat people. I knew when I got into certain positions that I wasn’t going to talk to people the way that they did. My mindset is, if you want to see the true character of a person watch how they treat those who can’t do anything for them.”

“If you say that you’re a king, queen, god or goddess and you recognize that you’re from ancestral greatness, you have to start living up to that. It’s really just that simple.”

“You can be very honest and direct with people, respectfully. I never do anything maliciously; I simply give my honest opinion.”

Tips for success from Charlamagne Tha God

“I pride myself on being the nicest person in the room. My grandmother always told me, ‘Manners will take you where money won’t.’ When I walk into a room, I say “hello” to everyone I don’t care who the person is or what they do, it’s simply being respectful.”

“As a radio personality, I’m a public servant, we all should be public servants in some way shape or form. I feel like my soul purpose is to be of service to others.”

“Live your truth. When you live your truth nobody can use your truth against you.”