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Angela Yee Net Worth

Angela Yee Net Worth
Net Worth$2,000,000
Full NameAngela Yee
Date of Birth/AgeJanuary 3, 1976 (age 43)
Source of wealthradio personality
Country of originU.S
State/City of originBrooklyn, New York
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Angela Yee’s net worth is $2 million dollars.

How Much Angela Yee Make a Year

Angela Yee makes about $600 per year.

How does Angela Yee make her money?

Angela Yee has really solidified her fortune while working with The Breakfast Club. In addition to her regular job, she also gets booked as a host for special events which is surely bringing in extra cash. She is also the co-owner of a couple of businesses.


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Angela Yee is a famous American radio personality. We know her well from her current position as one of the hosts on the nationally syndicated morning show “The Breakfast Club”.

She has a seasoned career history in marketing for some popular artists and brands. Let’s take a closer look at Angela Yee’s net worth, personal life, bio, and career history.

Early Life

Angela Yee was born and raised in East Flatbush, New York. Her birthday is January 3, 1976. She has an American and Chinese heritage.

Her mother’s name is Mary Yee and her father is Celestina Farage-Yee. They are black and Chinese. She reportedly has a brother. At the age of 15 Angela moved to South Orange, New Jersey.

Angela majored in English at Wesleyan University where she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree.

During an interview on The Real talk show Angela shared that she had no idea her parent’s were divorced because they continued to live together in the same home.


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Personal life

Angela Yee tends to keep and extremely private and low profile love life. Because of the lack of information available, Angela has fell victim to the rumor mill and lots of stories have circulated about her alleged affairs.

One rumor is that in 2016 Gucci alluded that the two had a bit of history during The Breakfast Club Interview. He began saying how he and Angela had a history and that she was really into him at one point.

He even told a little story about an old interview to jog her memory. Angela denied the allegations right then and there.

Another one of the rumors is that she was dating rapper Plies back in 2015. At the time Angela supported him at a concert and then he was a host of her bday party.

Plies has also posted a couple of pictures of her on Twitter and Instagram which lead fans to speculate. Neither one of them ever confirmed a relationship.

Angela reportedly has no children and is currently single. Angela has been so private about her love life that there is nothing reported about what qualities she looks for in a man or whether she is interested in a husband in the future.


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Initially Angela Yee wanted a writing career, but after graduating from college she found herself working in music and marketing and she was excelling.

She landed cool jobs including working for WuTang Management right after she finished school. She then became a host of “The Cipha Sounds Effect” which was a show on Sirius Radio in 2005.

In 3 years (2008) she became the sole host of the program. The show was then renamed “Shade 45 Morning Show Starring Angela Yee” and then “The Morning After with Angela Yee”.

Today Angela is one of the hosts of “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1 with her two co-hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. She is also a “Sucker Free” (MTV2) correspondent, as well as a subject on VH1’s reality series “The Gossip Game” which is a show about radio personalities and bloggers.

Angela Yee’s net worth reached $2,000,000 dollars in 2019

Angela Yee’s marketing experience includes her working with Shady Limited. That’s rapper Eminem and Paul Rosenberg’s clothing company.

She has also managed various recording artists such as 360, GZA, and Jay Electronica. Angela is said to be the reason Jay Electronica penned a deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.

Angela’s time at “The Breakfast Club” began in 2010. In 2013 she started hosting “Weekends With The Breakfast Club”. This show was syndicated in over 50 markets. Angela is very active on social media with over 700 thousand Twitter followers, and 900 thousand followers on Instagram.


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Interesting Facts

  • Angela Yee found herself in $30,000 worth of debt due to her managing career. She had to spend money on rooms, flights, and other things to keep up with the fast life that comes with that type of notoriety.
  • Angela Yee learned the hard way that all money is not good money. She left one job to make more money at a clothing line and found herself miserable. The misery was so intense that she found a job at Shade 45 she would enjoy and took a $30,000 pay cut to go to radio.
  • Not too long ago Angela Yee purchased a new home in New York. She remodeling the entire home to mesh well with her personality. Her new cozy home has personally picked countertops, floors, and everything else Angela felt that she needed to make the place her own.

Favorite Quotes from Angela Yee

“I do believe that this whole environment does make it women against women and we’re kind of insulting each other the same way that men insult us so when we’re talking about different bodies, ‘Oh, she slept with this person,’ ‘She’s this,’ ‘She’s unattractive,’ ‘Oh you got surgery,’ this and that – all of those stabs are stabs that men take at women… and I always feel like women need to be more supportive of each other.”

“It makes it seem like there can only be room for one woman to be an artist at a time in this hip-hop world.”

“It’s never too late to fix your financial situation, it’s never too late to fix your credit. My attitude has always been that there are certain things that I like and I know I want and I know I have to work hard if I want to be able to afford the things I enjoy and appreciate. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do and everybody should feel that way but it’s always worked for me.”

“I think sometimes you have to go backwards to get further in the big picture.”

“Your education is always your top investment. Your retirement plan is a great investment and something you don’t even miss.”


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Tips for success from Angela Yee

  1. When it comes to working Angela Yee says instead of thinking and complaining about how much you hate your job you have to take action. When she knew what her goals in life were including purchasing a home, she already knew she needed more money. She was able to negotiate a higher salary at her job, but she still didn’t make enough, even with her side hustles going. She knew she had to get out and find another job, and that’s what she did.