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PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock Net Worth
Net Worth$500,000
Full NameRakim Hasheem Allen
Date of Birth/AgeDecember 9, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthRapper, Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Country of originU.S
State/City of originPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Last Updated2019

What is PnB Rock’s Net Worth?

PnB Rock’s net worth is $500,000.

How Did PnB Rock Make His Money?

He is a singer, rapper and songwriter who is known for his 2015 single, “Fleek,” 2016’s “Selfish,” which hit number 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and “Misunderstood,” which also climbed the charts in 2017.

PnB Rock came from a hard background that included his father’s death, two stints in prison and a period of homelessness. He also experienced the murder of one of his brothers.

He has used all of his negative experiences to create music that is raw and authentic. He has a longstanding following of fans who eagerly wait for every new release.

Recently, he has started hitting the big time. He has a top-10 album and has been a featured performer at music festivals. PnB Rock is on the way up in the music business. As his fame grows, his net worth will follow suit.


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PnB Rock Early Life

PnB Rock grew up in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. His upbringing was rough. When he was three years old, his father was murdered. His mother struggled to raise him as a single mother.

He began getting in trouble and engaging in illegal activities like robbing from stores. He also got into fights at school. He was expelled and never finished high school.

When he was 13, he was sentenced to a juvenile detention program. He got out when he was 16. Three years later, he was back in prison for drug possession and other crimes.

Rock began writing music in prison. He adopted the stage name PnB Rock as a tribute to the corner Pastorius and Baynton streets that was his favorite neighborhood hangout.


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Social Media Following

When he got out of prison, he struggled to make a living and find a place to live. He was homeless for several months.

He started putting together his own videos of his songs. He began posting them on social media. At the time, he didn’t expect much of a response. He just wanted to get them out there to see what he was capable of doing.

He gained a large following for his music on Instagram, where listeners exchanged videos of his songs and kept him in the public eye. He also started getting fan mail from listeners. This inspired him to keep going.

Persistence Pays Off

His persistence finally paid off. Record companies began to take notice of his unique singing and songwriting style. He signed a recording deal with Atlantic in 2015.

In a 2017 interview at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, he gave full credit to his fans for his success. He said that if it weren’t for the following he built on Instagram, he would still be lost and homeless.

“I never would thought I’d be here right now,” he said. “If you know me, you knew my situation, my story. Two years ago, I was homeless. I had just came home from 33 months from upstate prison.

ain’t had no families, no friends, no nothing. I had friends, but they wasn’t going to make sure that I was in a better situation than I was in.

So, pretty much, I was out there doing nothing. I had this book of music that I knew was going to take off. I started putting my videos on Instagram, and it started getting lit.”

His 2015 mixtape RnB3: Rockadelphia, hit number 11 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.

In 2016, he was profiled in a Rolling Stone article titled, “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” The article described him as “part of a new generation of unlikely heartthrobs straddling the lines between R&B and hip-hop.”


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Current Status

PnB Rock has continued to release albums that climb progressively higher up the charts. His 2018 release, Catch These Vibes, hit number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2019, he finally hit the top 10 ranking with his album TrapStar Turnt PopStar, which hit number four on the Billboard 100. The album features collaborations with Tee Grizzley, Lil Durk, XXXTentacion, Quavo, Tory Lanez and A Boogie wit da Hoodie.

At present, PnB Rock net worth reached $500,000.

Rock said the album gives him a chance to show both sides of who he is as a performer. He has dedicated half of the double album to his life as a pop star, enjoying life and having fun.

The second half of the album is a tribute to his fans, who requested that he stop writing happy love songs and return to his harder roots.

Friendship With Fetty Wap

Rock has worked with singer Fetty Wap on several projects. They were signed by the same record company executive and Rock is often compared to Fetty Wap in terms of style.

In a 2019 Billboard interview, Rock said that he was grateful to Fetty Wap for sharing his hard-won business advice with Rock.

He described coming into the music business with no clue about the business side or how to avoid people taking advantage of him. “Fetty gave me jewels,” he said, referring to the other singer’s solid advice on avoiding being scammed or ripped off.


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2019 Arrest

In January 2019, Rock was arrested in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Police raided the home he was living in after neighbors repeatedly complained about loud parties, late-night fights and strong odors coming from the house.

When they entered the home, they found marijuana, scales and bags, over $33,000 in cash and a stolen gun. His girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang was also there.

Both Rock and Sibounheuang were arrested and charged with drug possession, theft, receiving stolen property and other offenses. Rock was released after posting a $500,000 bond.


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He has never been married. He has one daughter named Milan.

Favorite Quotes From PnB Rock

“I’m from the hood. I’m from Philly. I’m giving you everything that I got in me with this music. That’s why I feel like I can separate myself from everybody else.”

“I’m not an overnight success at all. I put in work and now it’s my time.”

PnB Rock Success Tips

  1. “When you give out real music, that’s what people could attest to. When you put out songs, like regular everyday fun stuff, it’s cool to put out, but when you put out the songs that people really can relate to, songs people can really put themselves in that position like ‘I’ve been there before,’ that’s the song that’s going to stick with people. That’s going to be timeless music, where you could listen to that next year and the year after that.”


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