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Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk Net Worth 2019 | Sources of Income, Salary and More
Net Worth$3,000,000
Full NameDurk D. Banks
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 19, 1992 (Age 27) 
Source of wealthMusic, Product Endorsements, Advertising Revenue. 
Country of originU.S
State/City of originChicago, Illinois
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Lil Durk’s net worth is $3,000,000.

How Much Does Lil Durk Make a Year?

Lil Durk makes about $500,000 a year.

How Does Lil Durk Make his Money?

He makes his money from his record sales, tours, product endorsements, and social media advertising revenue. His biggest single sold over half a million copies, earning him a percentage of each download.

He also has dozens of singles and mixtapes and three studio albums, which earned him money any time they are downloaded or streamed on Spotify or Pandora.


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He has over 1.5 million followers on YouTube and 4.5 million on Instagram. He earns advertising revenue of any ads run on his social media channels.

He also earns a fee for each show performed, and merchandise sold. Like many celebrities, he has product endorsements deals. He has contracted from Beats by Dre, Ethika, and Luc Belaire to name a few.


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Lil Durk is known for his numerous mixtapes and singles in the trap and drill genres of hip hop. He often collaborates with his collective, Only the Family. Since 2011 he has been steadily climbing the charts and earning recognition.

He has worked with many of his childhood idols and writes honest songs about his rough times as a child in Chicago.

He is also known for putting his children on his social media and being motivated by his family goals.

Early Life

Lil Durk was born Durk Banks on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois. His mother is a nurse. His father was not present in his life, due to being incarcerated.

His brother, Devon Warner, also known as D’thang, died in 2011 to gang violence. His cousin McArthur Swindle, also known as OTF NuNu, was also killed in 2015.

He also has three sisters, though he is private about them.

Durk attended Paul Robeson High School in Chicago, with another musician, Famous Dex. The two lost touch but became friends again after they both pursued a musical career.


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Personal Life

Shortly after releasing his first two mixtapes, Lil Durk was arrested and incarcerated. This didn’t stop him from his musical career but instead prompted him to be successful for his family.

Lil Durk has six children. The oldest two, Angelo and Bella are by his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Covone. His next three children are Zayden, Du’mier, and Skylar.


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He was romantically linked with Dej Loaf, a singer from Detroit. In 2018, he became engaged to India Royale with whom he has his sixth child, Willow.

He formed the musical collective Only the Family at the beginning of his career. He enjoys collecting cars and has a Ferrari, a Bentley, and a Porsche. He owns a $22 million mansion in Hollywood, California.


Lil Durk began pursuing music as a career in 2011 at the age of 19. He became popular on YouTube and Myspace. He released his first two mixtapes in 2011, entitled “I’m a Hitta” and “Sneak Dissin’.”


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After his third mixtape, “Life Ain’t No Joke” and several singles, he got a lot of attention. He was signed to Def Jam Records and then released his fourth and fifth mixtapes in 2014.

In 2015, he released his first studio album, “Remember My Name” which reached number 14 on the charts. His next album, “Lil Durk 2x” featured songs with Yo Gotti and Ty Dolla Sign but was not as successful as the first album.


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He released several mixtapes and over a dozen singles between 2015 and 2018, featuring guest singers like Meek Mill, London on da Track, and Jeremih.

Lil Durk net worth reached $3,000,000 by 2019.

In 2018 he left Def Jam Records and released his twelfth mixtape independently. He then signed to Interscope and released his third studio album, “Signed to the Streets 3.”


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Interesting Facts

He’s released 12 singles on his own and over 30 featuring or collaborating with other artists.

His next album is a collaboration with DY.

He’s been involved in feuds with several other musicians including The Game and Chief Keef, resulting in several diss tracks between them. Lil Durk always tries to make peace in the end, for the good of everyone.


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He was named among the 2014 Freshman Class in XXL Magazine.

His single “My Beyoncé” went gold in 2017, selling over 500,000 copies.

Favorite Quotes from Lil Durk

“Some people look at me like, “He’s about violence.” But if you hear the album, “Oh, that’s why he’s here. He’s going through this or that.” I want to paint that picture that people ain’t see. They don’t know what we’re going through at the time. We was young, didn’t know what was going on, just having fun, not knowing we were messing the community up. We didn’t understand.”

“Whatever you do, if it’s buying somebody a meal, giving somebody a ride to a job interview… You never know how you could save somebody’s life or help somebody’s life. It could be the smallest things.”

Tips for success from Lil Durk

  1. “Stay working. Stay busy. It should be motivation instead of downtime because downtime is like being depressed. It shouldn’t be like that. It should really be motivated to keep going.”
  2. “I’m a good guy at the end of the day, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people will believe what they see in the media for a long time ago. I’m just growing as an artist and as a person.”
  3. “If I were to let all that criticism get to me, I probably wouldn’t even have been right here ’cause I’d have been trying to sound like somebody else.”