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Christian Guzman Net Worth

Christian Guzman Net Worth 2019 | Sources of Income, Salary and More
Net Worth$3,000,000
Full NameChristian Guzman
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 20, 1993 (age 26)
Source of wealthAmateur Journalist, Vlogger, Entrepreneur
Country of originU.S
State/City of originHouston, Texas.
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Christian Guzman net worth is $3,000,000.

He made most of his money online from his Youtube videos but gained much popularity on other social media that he’s since monetized.

How Much Christian Guzman Make a Year?

Christian Guzman net worth is $3 million and he makes between $500,000 and $750,000 a year thanks to his extremely popular Youtube channels, gym, and well-loved clothing line.

How does Christian Guzman make his money?

Being a Youtube vlogger pays really well, especially considering hundreds of thousands of people view every video that Guzman posts.

That translates to tens of thousands of dollars of income each month from Youtube alone. However, Guzman is very popular on Instagram and Twitter, so he collects checks from them as well.

His Alphalete clothing brand is growing more and more popular, earning him a pretty penny. The high-quality athletic clothing line is comparable to what is offered from high-end brands like Lululemon, Under Armor and even Nike.


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Guzman also brings in money from the huge warehouse-style gym that he owns in Houston. He’s known to frequent the club and surprise his many fans. However, Guzman also makes money from sponsorships with major athletic brands, totaling thousands of dollars.


Christian Guzman is the epitome of the American dream. As a young man, he was able to get his education from Texas Christian University.

When his dreams changed and he decided that fitness was more of his thing, Christian’s hard work led him to where he is today: one of the world’s most popular fitness vloggers.

Christian had a dream to turn his passion for fitness into a career. He realized he could build an audience by consistently posting on Youtube and so he remained dedicated to doing so until he’d gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

Early Life

Twenty-six-year-old Christian Guzman was born on February 20th, 1993 in Houston, Texas. He is the oldest child with one brother and is 5 ft. 11 in. When he was in college, Guzman thought that he was going to be a musician.


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He was in a rock band at Texas Christian University. He was known as the nerdy, skinny kid who was good at playing his guitar. When the group broke up, he took his future in an entirely different direction by studying health and fitness management.


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Guzman started to create his own fitness routines that he shared online. They grew so popular that he decided to drop out of school after just a couple of years and instead opened his own business based around personal fitness.

Personal life

After achieving fame on his Youtube channel, Guzman started dating fellow fitness model and Youtuber Nikki Blackketter. Together, they started their own very popular Youtube channel called “CG&NIKKIBTV.” Though posts of them together are still on his Twitter page, the two broke up a short time later.


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Guzman is now dating another Youtube fitness model named Heidi Somers. They post videos together featuring fitness tips and showing affection toward each other on Youtube at least once a week.

Guzman has a passion for fitness and helping other people. His goal is to help train kids at his Houston-based gym.


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In college, Guzman was a skinny kid who thought he was going to make his way in music. However, when the band he was in broke up, he was inspired by a new group of friends to start working out and getting into shape.

He had a strict eating pattern and stayed away from parties and it paid off. He gained muscle and became known as a fitness expert in the local community.


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As he worked out during his days at college, people would often approach him and ask him for tips. This inspired Guzman to buy a camera and start recording quick videos featuring tips on how to get better results.

Christian Guzman net worth reached $3,000,000 by 2019.

He quit college to start coaching and training clients in personal fitness and continued to post videos of his workouts online. Guzman quickly realized that he was making more money posting his videos versus the money he was making training with his clients!

He slowly gained thousands of followers and at that point started his own brand, Alphalete. The company makes extremely popular attire worn by athletes. He also now owns his own gym in Houston.


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Interesting Facts

  • Guzman’s released many extremely popular videos. However, his most popular video is called “Arm Workout Revealed: Natural Teen Bodybuilder.” Amazingly, it has been viewed by more than 1 million people!
  • Guzman is the 7th most popular fitness vlogger on Youtube as of 2019
  • Fitness models like Matt Ogus and Scott Herman were huge inspirations to Guzman early on in his career.
  • featured Guzman in an article that was titled. “300,000 People Watch Him Every Time He Trains!” which later proved to be a huge boost to his social media accounts.
  • Guzman once offered $25,000 of his own money to anyone who could win a “shred” contest he hosted, encouraging others to join him in rapidly shedding weight for competitions.


  • Guzman started his career in fitness in college when his rock band disbanded.
  • He started working out with friends at Texas Christian University and saw results so quickly that people started asking him for advice
  • He started his Youtube channel in 2012, posting short videos with workout advice. Over the course of five years, the channel slowly grew and gained nearly one million followers.
  • Guzman founded his company Alphalete after achieving Youtube notoriety. The company makes high-quality athleisure and athletic apparel.
  • Guzman’s love life often makes its way onto his social media. Having dated two female fitness vloggers, Guzman’s posts often feature his girlfriends working out with him or for him.

Favorite Quotes from Christian Guzman

“Success is a ladder. It can’t be climbed with your hands in your pockets.”
“Crazy to me that adults need this reminder. If you don’t have anything constructive/positive to say to or about someone, keep whatever you’re thinking to yourself and keep moving on. Stay in your own damn lane. Stop trying to tear people down for the hell of it.”
“Imagine if you took ONE HOUR per day away from Netflix, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram/social media, and/or video games and focused on getting really really good at one specific thing you really enjoy. Imagine how much better you’d be at that thing after 1, 2, or 3 years.”

Tips for success from Christian Guzman

  1. If you really want something, you have to work hard for it. You can’t give it just minimal effort and think that it will work out. Success involves sacrifice, so it might mean giving up something you love to get what you’ve worked hard to achieve.
  2. Embrace mistakes. They happen. You can’t possibly grow if you don’t face challenges and adversities.
  3. Remember that you are what you do. Your actions speak louder than your words or your goals.
  4. Relationships are so important. Whether they are romantic, between friends, between colleagues or family, make the effort to work really hard at them. Relationships determine your success in life.