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Dave East Net Worth

Dave East Net Worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NameDavid Brewster Jr.
Date of Birth/AgeJune 3, 1988 (age 30)
Source of wealthRapper, Songwriter, Actor
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originHarlem, New York
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Dave East’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000, but we think he’s worth at least a $1 million.

How Much Does Dave East Make a Year?

Dave is easily making $300,000 a year, but experts indicate that he might be worth much more than the public thinks.

With his album sales, streaming music, endorsements and appearances on television shows and award shows, Dave’s raking in tons of cash.


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How does Dave East make his money?

Dave makes the large majority of his money from the streaming of his songs and from album sales. He’s released thirteen mixtapes, all of which have had a good amount of success.

He’s also been featured on dozens of artists singles, like Chris Brown, Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Those partnerships get him a piece of other rappers’ fame.

In addition to this music, Dave makes thousands of dollars from his concerts and appearances at clubs.


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Dave’s been featured in other artists music videos, too. He’s done a number of ads like the New Era “Claim the Crown” commercial and even inked a sponsorship deal with the wine brand, Belaire Rose.

He created a song for the brand that they use in their promotions. He also has an endorsement deal with New Era Cap, a company that he’s partnered with to make his signature 59fifty fitted hat collection.

Besides all of that, Dave has had a starring role on the hit BET television series “Being Mary Jane.


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Dave East is a popular rap artist known as “spitter” who comes from New York City. He’s been in the rap game for more than twenty years working on his craft and it certainly shows.

He hit the scene, and everyone took notice. Many people call him one of the new elite rappers to hit the scene.

What many people don’t know is that Dave is a talented basketball player and if he hadn’t dropped out of college, he likely could have gone on to play in the NBA along with his friend Kevin Durant.

Early Life

Dave East is from Harlem a rough neighborhood in New York City. He was born with the name David Brewster, Jr. on June 3rd, 1988.

He is of Dominican and Bajan heritage. Dave spent much of his early life going between his mom’s house in East Harlem and his aunt’s house in Queensbridge.

He eventually moved in with his aunt when he was a teenager and settled down a bit.

Dave was a big athlete. While attending Springbrook High School, he played basketball and football and was involved in the Amateur Athletic Union.


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He was in the union with a number of future NBA basketball stars including Greivis Vasquez and Ty Lawson.

At this same time, he became close friends with Kevin Durant, who would later go on to become an all-star player for the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

After graduation, Dave went to the University of Richmond and then transferred to Towson University.

He played basketball at Towson but had problems with the coaching staff, so he decided to drop out of school and pursue music instead.

Sadly, for Dave, at this time, he ran into legal trouble in Baltimore, Maryland and was sentenced to prison.

Personal life

Dave is a practicing Muslim. He wasn’t raised Muslim but decided to convert while he was in prison. He’s told others that being a part of the Muslim faith brought him peace and discipline that he’d never experienced before.

He went from thinking that the world was all about “you get and then you give” to “you give to people expecting nothing in return.”

Dave went to prison for six months a short time after dropping out of college.

While Dave was in prison, he found out his girlfriend was pregnant with their daughter, Kairi Chanel Brewster. Kairi was born on March 9th, 2016.


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However, that wasn’t his last run-in with the law. In October of 2018, Dave turned himself in to police after allegedly punching a man named Joel Rosario while at a yacht party in New York City. Dave was later charged with misdemeanor assault.

He never commented on the incident, but the victim did, saying that he had no idea why Dave punched him in the head. It resulted in a large cut above his eye.


Dave’s known for his lyrics that tell stories about growing up poor and on the streets. He’s been rapping ever since he was a child.

Things started to take off for Dave East in 2010. That was the year he released his first mixtape “Change of Plans.” He released four more mixtapes after that, but none of them gained much traction.

During this time, he had to support himself by selling drugs. It is a subject that later comes up in some of his rap lyrics.

In 2014, Nas heard Dave East’s music and worked tirelessly to get in contact with him because he liked it so much.


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The two connected and East quickly signed with Mass Appeal Records. He then released another mixtape called “Black Rose.”

In June of 2016, Dave was named a part of “XXL” magazine’s “freshman” class of new rappers to watch and in July of 2016, he participated in the freshman cipher.

This was a big year for him, as in October of 2016, Dave announced that he had switched labels and signed with Def Jam Records.

His first mixtape with Def Jam, called Kairi Channel, made it all the way to number 38 on the Billboard 200 chart.


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In 2017, Dave started flexing his acting muscles. He was seen in a number of commercials and starred in rapper Trina’s music video for the song “It Ain’t Me.”

He made his acting debut in the BET series “Being Mary Jane.” In August of 2017, he released his first studio album called “Paranoia: A True Story.”

This album did very well, making it all the way to the number nine spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

In February of 2018, Dave signed an endorsement deal with Belaire Rose, a sparkling pink wine. He ended up doing a promotional video to go along with the product.

Besides doing more product endorsements and commercials, Dave stayed busy. He released a few more mixtapes, bringing the total that he’s released to thirteen.


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Interesting Facts

  • Dave grew up in Harlem, which is where he started his rap career and learned the “spitter” technique that he’s known for.
  • He is a very talented athlete, playing both football and basketball while in high school. He went to college on a basketball scholarship and only quit when he ran into conflicts with his coaches. Dave otherwise would have gone on to play in the NBA.
  • When Dave was in high school he formed a close bond to Warriors all-star player Kevin Durant.
  • Dave converted to the Muslim religion when he was in prison. He says that it brings him peace.
  • Dave said that he used to believe it wasn’t his responsibility to help others out unless they had helped him out in some way. Thanks to his Muslim faith, he says he now knows that he is called to help anyone out who is searching for assistance.
  • Dave’s been featured in multiple films and TV shows including “Being Mary Jane,” “The Breaks” and the “Wu-Tang Saga.”


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  • Dave East was born and raised in Harlem, New York, where he acquired his now-famous “spitter” style.
  • Dave’s music is influenced by artists like Tupac, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jadakiss, Cam’Ron and The Diplomats.
  • In 2014, after releasing six mixtapes on his own, Dave signed with Nas’s recording label, Mass Appeal Records. He then released another mixtape.
  • In 2016, after being named to XXL Magazine’s “Freshman Class” and participating in a cipher on the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Dave East switched labels and signed with Def Jam.
  • The hit album “Kairi Channel” featured major artists like The Game and 2 Chainz. It was praised by critics.
  • In 2017, he scored a starring role in the popular BET series “Being Mary Jane,” and was also featured in one of rapper Trina’s music videos.
  • Dave released his first studio album in 2017. It was called “Paranoia: A True Story.”


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Favorite Quotes from Dave East

“Ten years ago, I was dreaming that I was touring. I had the ankle Ralph Lauren; these rappers were wild boring. They ain’t entertaining me. Behind the Gucci belt is where the stainless be and you better catch a body if you aim at me. I’ll be where the jack boys, the hustlers and the gangsters are. Did a couple of corporate deals, honestly, there ain’t no changing me. Drop ’em in the river, bury his ankles where the anchor is and powder for your bitch face like maybe it’s Maybelline.”

“I told that bitch take off her makeup and come eat me while I smoke this eighth up. If I get a scale and a razor, you’re going to think I play for the Lakers. Go play for the Clippers because if you were a barber, you could never fade us. Shorty doesn’t work at the bank, but she likes to chase so she won’t get no pay stubs.”

“In broad daylight, I won’t even see the witness. I burned out on a Sunday, I’m high on the one-way and I don’t even see the speeding limit. Pac probably had the same feeling and Biggie probably had the same feeling. A lot of sucker shit I’m not feeling.”


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Tips for success from Dave East

Don’t take things too personally. It is so easy for people to get caught up in what others think about them or what others think is right, but it is your own opinion that counts the most. If you get caught up in other people’s opinions, you’ll just get lost.

If you play the victim, you’ll become the victim. Whatever’s happening in your life was meant to happen to you, so instead of complaining about it, deal with it.

Look at what successful people in your industry are doing and follow the path they took. They have methods that are tried and true and can make your journey quite a bit easier.

If you want to keep something you have to take good care of it. That means your significant others, other relationships like friendships, even valuables like expensive cars or luxury goods. People will leave you if they’re mistreated, and your valuables will break or wear down or be unusable if you don’t take care of them.