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Trill Sammy Net Worth

Trill sammy net worth
Net Worth$350,000
Full NameSamuel Michael Perrares Garcia
Date of Birth/AgeNovember 30th, 1997 (age 22)
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originHouston, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Trill Sammy’s net worth is $350,000.

What is Trill Sammy’s Yearly Salary?

His annual salary is estimated to be around $300,000 a year. This money largely comes from his YouTube, Vevo and Soundcloud accounts, where he has very large and active followings.

He also makes money from touring and recording albums.


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How Did Trill Sammy Make His Money?

Trill Sammy is a rapper, singer and hip-hop artist. He started producing songs and videos at a young age. Like many young artists, he used the power of social media to build a following.

Trill Sammy’s career has just started, but he has already made a name for himself as a rapper and freestyle performer. He has over 16 million Vevo and YouTube subscribers.

His song ‘Uber Everywhere’ was played over 24 million times on Soundcloud. Other singles such as “Uber Everywhere” have been streamed 6 million times.

His fans enjoy his music for its high energy and explicit lyrics. The accompanying videos are usually well-produced, with scenes from his life and from his Houston neighborhood.


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Overnight Sensation

He has come under criticism from some people in the music industry, who point out that he has built his entire following online and is considered an overnight sensation.

These critics argue that he hasn’t proven himself by releasing major studio albums and creating chart-topping hits.

He has also been criticized for his lyrics, which tend to speak explicitly about sex, drugs and committing violent, criminal acts.

Trill Sammy has not responded to these criticisms, clearly relying on the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity.


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Trill Sammy Quick Facts

  • He currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • He is single and has no children.
  • He is of African-American and Puerto Rican heritage.

Early Life

From all accounts, he had a normal and happy childhood. He has spoken about his mother, saying that she was a source of constant support for him in his life.

At the same time, he has noted that his mother is still puzzled when someone asks for his autograph.

According to him, she still can’t believe that dropping out of high school to become a rapper was a good decision.


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Skipping School

He admits that he was not a good student and always looked for opportunities to skip school and “goof off.” He ended up quitting school when his music career took off.

He has also said that the schools in his area were not the best. For that reason, he felt that he wasn’t learning much and that school was a waste of time.

He said this was very frustrating to his parents, who urged him to at least finish high school.

They did not believe that he could make a career for himself without at least finishing school and getting some kind of job.

In a 2018 interview, he said that they finally came around to accept their son’s unconventional way to make a living. He says that despite their concerns, they fully support his decision.


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Early Success

Trill Sammy wanted to be a singer from an early age. He started freestyling and rapping while he was still a child.

When he was 16, he started making videos of himself rapping and singing. He posted them on social media as a way to share them with his friends.

He didn’t expect to create a following and was doing this to have fun and try things out.

Eventually, those videos started drawing attention from a wider audience. They were shared on social media and his followers grew.


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The growing number of online fans and their warm response to his music led him to make an important decision. He decided to pursue a music career seriously.

He was starting to get noticed by professional artists and was making a name for himself among music fans.

He started playing live at local music clubs and nightclubs. He continued to get a warm reception for his music.

he has said in interviews that Houston isn’t known for its rap artist, but that he was able to find enough people involved in the music industry to take an interest in his work.

He started extending his performances to cities outside of Houston.


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In 2015, he collaborated with hip-hop artist Born Stunna to create a new song and a music video. This video went viral, ensuring that Sammy was becoming a performer worthy of notice.

He released a professionally-produced single called “Trappin.”

In November 2015, he worked with rapper Dice Soho to create a new single. They released a video for a new song called “Just Watch.” This video was another huge online hit.

It started rapidly getting views and currently has had more than 2 million views.


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Albums and Singles

In 2016, he released his first album, an EP titled Red Album. Over the next two years, he continued collaborating with other hip-hop artists and music producers.

He toured with Riff Raff. He collaborated with artists like Soulja Boy, Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz.

In 2017, he released a mixtape titled Sorry for the Sleep. He also released a series of singles that included “Road Runnin’” featuring Landstrip Chip, “Hyp3beast” featuring Cash, “Faces,” “Sorry,” “No Pressure” and “Add It Up.”

His online popularity has continued to grow with each new release. He currently has over 1 million Twitter followers and another 1 million on Instagram.

He also has a huge Vine following. Songs that he’s posted there include “Uber Everywhere,” “Like Martin” and “Wholesale”.


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Personal Life

Trill Sammy was dating Instagram star Mizz Twerksum. They started dating in 2017 and apparently dated for a year.


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A few years ago, rumors floated that he was dating reality TV star Shannon Clermont, but those rumors were never confirmed. He has not been linked romantically with anyone else.


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He has said that moving to California was good for his future career prospects, but that he misses his family. He describes his family as close-knit and supportive.


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Current Status

At present, Trill Sammy net worth reached $350,000.

Trill Sammy continues to build his online following and his fanbase. In 2017, he teamed up with Maxo Kream for a four-date concert tour across Texas.

Proceeds from the tour went to support Hurricane Harvey relief.

He has also signed with major record label Interscope. In 2018, he released his first major-label album, No Sleep Volume 1.

The album features songs such as “Feel Better” with Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd, Offset of Migos and JID of Dreamville Records.


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Favorite Quotes From Trill Sammy

“I like to be involved in everything from start to finish. I like to control everything from the song to the album art. This is my image. It’s important because it reflects who I am.”