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Riff Raff Net Worth

Riff-Raff net worth salary and more
Net Worth$6,000,000
Full NameHorst Christian Simco
A.K.AJody Highroller, Dale Dan Tony, MTV Riff Raff
Date of Birth/AgeJanuary 29, 1982 (age 37)
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originU.S
State/City of originHouston, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Riff Raff’s net worth is $6,000,000.

Since his debut in 2005, he has made a slew of mixtapes and albums which have propelled him into mainstream hip-hop.

In addition to his music sales and concert tours, his exuberant personality has garnered him numerous appearances on TV shows, making him one of the most renowned rappers out of Houston, Texas.

How Much Does Riff Raff Make Annually?

After modest beginnings, Riff Raff’s annual earnings have grown significantly following the release of his debut studio album, “Neon Icon”, in 2014. In 2015, Riff Raff posted on his Twitter account that he had purchased a $1.4 million home in Las Vegas.


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In 2016, Riff Raff launched the Neon Nation Corporation Label following a humongous $4 million joint venture with Stampede Management and distributor BMG.

In 2018, he revealed on Instagram that he had signed a new record deal worth $500,000. He received an extravagant necklace as a signing bonus.

This has brought his total net worth to the $6 million mark.

How Does Riff Raff Make His Money?

Riff Raff earns most of his money through music sales and concert tours. Additionally, he also has several endorsement deals which contribute to his hefty net worth.


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These include sponsors such as Monster Energy drink and Four Loko Gold beverage. He also appeared in a commercial for MySpace TV alongside Chance The Rapper, Ciara and Charli XCX. Moreover, he is also a famous reality TV star and actor, appearing in shows such as “From G’s to Gents”, and “Ridiculousness”.


Whether it’s the tattoo of the BET logo on his right shoulder or his artificial dark diamond teeth, Riff Raff immediately commands attention at first sight.

His animated appearance that has secured him spots on various TV shows and captivated fans who have propelled his albums and singles high on the charts.

In 2018, at the height of his popularity, accusations of sexual assault have been levied against Riff Raff, leading to the cancellation of his tour of Australia and New Zealand.

However, he has continued to release new music and remains a regular fixture in mainstream hip-hop.

Early Life

Riff Raff was born on January 29, 1982 in Houston, Texas. His government name is Horst Christian Simco.

His father was a Vietnam war veteran while his mother was a maid. His mother descends from a family of German and Lithuanian Jews.


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The second of four siblings, a young Riff Raff developed a strong passion for basketball and he played shooting guard for Langham Creek High School where he also obtained his GED.

After his father’s cancer diagnosis, the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota, but his mother remained in Houston.

In 2003, he enrolled at Hibbing Community College but became disillusioned and dropped out. He then moved back to Houston where he painted cars for a living before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

Personal Life

Riff Raff has endured some serious sexual assault allegations in his personal life. He has been accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in Melbourne in 2013.

Another woman detailed a 2015 incident where she claimed that Riff Raff coerced her into his tour bus and assaulted her. The rapper has refuted both claims.

In 2013, he was arrested in North Carolina for drug possession but was released without bail shortly after.


Riff Raff started out modestly by selling his CDs in local malls. He tasted success by featuring on MTV’s “From G’s to Gents”, where his personality won over a national audience.

At Present, Riff Raff net worth reached $6,000,000.

Despite being eliminated from the show after only two episodes, he had created a platform to launch his rap career.

He released 6 mixtapes in 2010 which caught the attention of record label Mad Decent. Under his new label, he released the single “Dolce & Gabbana” in 2013, a precursor to his 2014 debut album “Neon Icon”.

The success of the album catapulted him into the mainstream.

His success continued with the launch of his record label Neon Nation Corporation and an adult webcam series. He has toured in 2018 and released a new single “Make It Drop” in 2019.


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Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Riff Raff:

  • He has numerous tattoos on his body including the NBA and MTV logos, as well as a cross.
  • He has a dog named “Jody Husky”.
  • He is a big fan of “The Simpsons” and has a tattoo of Bart on his chest.
  • He frequently wears colorful zig-zag braids.
  • He sued James Franco for $10 million for creating a character who resembled Riff Raff in the 2012 film “Spring Breakers”.
  • He supports the Houston Rockets basketball team.


  • His debut album charted at number 22 on the Billboard 200 album chart selling 11,524 copies in the first week.
  • His single “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz” reached number 24 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. American rapper Ludacris released his own freestyle over this single.
  • He attended the 2014 MTV VMAs with pop star Katy Perry as his date.


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Favorite Quotes from Riff Raff

“I play basketball the same way I do rap, the way I do everything—freestyle. Freestyle moves, hooping, having fun, but it’s not no joke.” – Riff Raff.
“My name is whatever anyone wants it to be. As a matter of fact, I might change my name to Captain Funzo — then what are they going to say?” – Riff Raff.
“Never once have I ever had to drag a girl to the car, never once have I ever had to drag a girl to a hotel, up flights of steps, to have sex with a dead starfish in my room.” – Riff Raff.

Tips for Success from Riff Raff


Several lessons can be learned from the success of Riff Raff. These include:

  • Never Compromise on Your Image

Riff Raff’s over-the-top dress code and personality have earned him a loyal fan base. This proves that you can stay true to who you are and still become a mainstream triumph.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Long Route to Success

Riff Raff initially started off by selling his own mixtapes and did not get much attention until he appeared on reality TV shows. It is easy to give up when success proves hard to come by. However, Riff Raff’s journey to the top shows that persistence does pay off.