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Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman net worth
Net Worth$7,000,000
Full NameTodd Hoffman
Date of Birth/AgeApril 12, 1969 (age:50)
Source of wealthGold mining, Television Personality
Country of originGermany
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Todd Hoffman’s net worth is 7 million dollars.

How Much Does Todd Hoffman Make a Year?

Todd Hoffman’s salary varies from year to year, depending on how much gold he finds and how much each season costs him.

How Does Todd Hoffman Make His Money?

Most of his salary is from the actual gold he digs and from his reality television show salary. Gold is measured per ounce, and the price of it varies throughout the years.

During the show, Hoffman has managed to find from $1-3 million dollars’ worth of gold per season.

He earned approximately $500,000 per year on “Gold Rush” as a salary from the Discovery channel.

With his new program ‘Greenhorn Gold” in the works, he may make even more per year. He also receives a salary to appear on talk shows.

He also still owns his airport in Oregon and makes a small amount of money as a landlord.


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Todd Hoffman is one of the stars on the reality show “Gold Rush” on the Discovery Channel. He was an airport owner who sold all to pursue his dream of being a gold miner like his father.

He is known for taking risks to find gold in far-flung locations and for his funny, quotable quips. Though he has not always found the gold he was looking for, he has found wealth in mining.

Both his father and son star on the show with him, as he is a family man in addition to an adventure seeker.

Early Life

Todd Hoffman was born on April 12, 1969, in Germany. His family then moved to Portland, Oregon, where he was raised. His parents are Jack and Georgia Hoffman.

He attended school with Greg Remsburg, one of the other miners on “Gold Rush.” He graduated from Portland Christian High School in 1987.

He played basketball in college, which he attended on a sports scholarship.

He is somewhat quiet about his childhood, but he was inspired to dig for gold by his father’s mining expeditions in the 1980s. He spent several summers with his father in Alaska.


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Personal life

Todd Hoffman is married to Shauna Hoffman and has two children, Hudson and Hunter.

He has a good relationship with his parents, and his father stars on the show with him. He also has a sister named Tamra.

His son Hunter is also interested in gold mining and has appeared on several seasons of “Gold Rush.”

Todd Hoffman considers himself a family man and a man of faith. These are both aspects he highlights as more important to him than gold.

He is active on social media and posts pictures of his family as well as videos of his songs.


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Todd Hoffman was an airport owner in Sandy, Oregon. During the 2008 recession, he lost everything and had to start over.

After losing his job, he sold everything to become a gold miner, inspired by his father’s love for adventure and gold mining.

Like the other stars of the show, he had never mined for gold before but learned on the job.

His mining adventures with his “Hoffman Crew” have taken him from Alaska and the Yukon Territory to Guyana and South Africa.


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In the first season of “Gold Rush”, he and his crew earned very little but learned how to be miners in Porcupine Creek, Alaska.

Unfortunately, they missed a lease payment and had to move to Dawson City, in the Yukon Territory of Canada for the second season.

This location was more successful, and they mined nearly 100 ounces of gold in the second season. They were equally as successful in the third season in the same location.

In 2013, the Hoffman Crew decided to try their luck in Guyana, but they were completely unsuccessful. They shortly returned to the Yukon Territory.


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They continued mining in this area for the next five years.

During the off-season, Hoffman traveled to several other locations to try his luck for gold, including Peru and Chile.

None of these were as successful as the Yukon area, but he keeps trying to pursue his dream and further riches.

At present, Todd Hoffman net worth reached $7,000,000.

Season 8 was the last season for Todd Hoffman, as he left the show to start his own reality project, called “Greenhorn Gold.” This will be a competitive game show with participants learning to mine and competing for gold.

He has appeared on talk shows like “The Soup” and “Home and Family” to discuss his career and personal life.


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Interesting Facts

He enjoys singing and has a home studio to record his songs. Now that he has left “Gold Rush” he may pursue his dream of singing.

He started a production company called “ZUM Media” with Jose Behar, a Portland television producer.

While his son has appeared on the show, Todd is always concerned about the effect of fame on his family.


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He owns several cars: a 1949 Chevy truck, a 1972 Chevy Camaro, a BMW X6, and a Dodge Ram truck.

He was interviewed by Business Insider magazine to discuss the gold market and his show.

“Gold Rush” was one of the most watched shows on Friday nights on one of the most watched television networks.

“Gold Rush” also won several awards, including the Top Television Series ASCAP Award in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016.

In 2018, Hoffman started a contest with Truly Social Games to give away two ounces of gold each week to players. Each prize was worth about $2,500.


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Favorite Quotes from Todd Hoffman

“I really don’t know where I get this stuff from. I just say ’em. These things may come out as funny, but a lot of times I’m actually trying to be serious.”

“I’m actually the mastermind behind the thing. I put the show together and pitched it to the networks. I said ‘Hey, if you want to follow a bunch of idiots trying to go gold mining, here we go’.”

“I sure like gold – I chase it but I’m not crazy about it. Some people I know gold is their everything and if you got between them and their gold you probably wouldn’t make it.”

“I’m trying to mine gold in the United States. People don’t think that you can do that anymore and it is a real thing. I’m trying to make a living, I’m trying to get as much gold as I can, I’m trying to feed my family, I’m trying to get as much gold for my guys, and in the meantime I’m getting followed around with this camera crew, and it’s just kind of odd. My son is 18 years old, and he’s kind of slowly taking over, and it’s been very fun to work with my family and watch my son. It’s pretty cool.”


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Tips for Success from Todd Hoffman

“Coming out of the Carter days, it was rough for my family. We weren’t successful money-wise, but we were very successful in that my father showed me the possibility of the future. That came to fruition later on, as now I am able to help my father realize his lifelong dream of becoming a gold miner.”

“If you look at our adventure as a whole, you can see the American dream is still alive. I don’t think I’d change a thing.”

“I’m no rocket scientist, but when you start printing money, start doing the things we’re currently doing, …you can’t debase gold, it’s common sense.”