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David Dobrik Net Worth

Net Worth$7,000,000
Full NameDavid Julian Dobrík
Date of Birth/Age24 July, 1996
23 y.o.
Source of wealthYouTuber, Viner, Comedian
Country of originSlovakia
State/City of originKošice
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

David Dobrik net worth is $4,000,000.

David Dobrik’s annual earnings for his first channel are estimated to be between $686.3k and $11 million.

His second channel “David Dobrik Too” Has significantly fewer videos but is still estimated to bring in $28.4k – $454.8k annually.

How does David Dobrik make his money?


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David makes the majority of his money from having millions of subscribers and fans throughout his channels. In addition to YouTube, he gets money from merchandise sales. He has a Dobrik by Dobrik hoodie that costs $40, a VLOG SQUAD that costs $25, and a CLICKBAIT blanket that sells for $56.

David Dobrik receives $10,000 in ad revenues for 13.2 million views. At the rate, his videos are gaining popularity it’s no wonder that he has built up so much bank by now.


David Dobrik is a really popular Slovakian-American social media star. He earned his fame when his Vine video went viral and attracted over a million followers to his channel. From the positive response, he decided to move on to YouTube and establish an even bigger name for himself.

His popularity on soared even higher and the busy social media personality amassed a great fortune. Let’s a take a look into how he made so much money, his bio, personal life, and his career.

Early Life

David Dobrik does not use a stage name. His birthday is July 23, 1996. He was born in Kosice, Slovakia, but at a very young age his family relocated and he wound up growing up in Chicago Illinois.


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He is one of four kids. His siblings are Sara, Ester, and Toby. He and his family are said to be extremely close. David once bought his dad a BMW M2. It was his dad’s dream car, and he surprised him with it.

He went to Chicago’s Vernon Hills Excessive College, but he quickly learned that his viral success as a teenage had positioned him where he didn’t need a college education.

Personal life

David Dobrik was dating Liza Koshy in 2015. She is a fellow YouTuber. When they first started dating they had a joint audience of over 20 million followers on YouTube. The couple started their YouTube careers made them drift apart, and their relationship was no longer healthy.

According to David, he felt the drift, but he just couldn’t break it off. Finally, Liza did it for both of them.


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The couple announced their break up through David’s YouTube account with a post called “We Broke Up”. In that video, David is explaining why they were no longer together. The post received 47 million views.

It turns out, the couple had been separated for six months before they released the news, but they kept it a secret because they were so disappointed that distance got between them.

Even though they were no longer together, they stated that they remain best friends and the split was amicable. Today, he is not married and does not have children.


David started his online career at the very young age of 16. He posted his initial video on the Vine app in April 2013. He earned more than 1 million followers on Vine and became a popular personality before moving on to YouTube in December 2014.

At Present, David Dobrik net worth reached $4,000,000.

He started out with a self-titled channel “David Dobrik” and just two years later in August of 2016 he started the channel “David Dobrik Too“.

His first YouTube video was “Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out”. That one was posted on February 2015, and from that moment he has seen nothing but growth on both channels and gained over 14 million subscribers.

As of the end of 2018, David’s very first channel had over 3.5 million views and 10,124,696 subscribers.


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Some of David’s most popular videos include “Surprising My Girlfriend With a New Tesla”, “He Snuck Into My House”, “Tarantula Would Not Get Off My Girlfriend”, “Trying Japanese Candy”, “He Got His Eyeballs Tattoed!!”, “This Scare Her To Tears!!”, and “Prank Made Liza Cry!!”.

He is one of YouTube’s most successful stars, and he was also a member of the collaborative YouTube “Second Class” channel.

He appeared on that channel with Jake Webber, Bren Lunn, and Cameron Kasper. He has also worked with other Viners including Brandon Calvillo, Alex Ernst, and Gabrielle Hanna.

Aside from David’s fame on YouTube, he is also a favorite on other platforms. He has more than six million Instagram followers and over two million Twitter followers. His successful posts have even earned him recognition at award shows.

In 2017 he got a nomination for Streamy Award for Audience Choice Creator of the Year. Later that same year, he was award Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year.

David Dobrik’s limelight didn’t end with social media. He has also made an appearance in a few movies including “Airplane Mode”, “An Interrogation”(2015), and “FML” (2016). He can also be seen in a few episodes of TV series such as “The Pain of Painting”, “Prank U”, and “The Honest Show”.

One of his latest moments includes his appearance on Tavis Mills’ podcast “ADHD”. While on the show he stated that he planned to stop vlogging once he dropped video number 420 in early 2018.

He mentioned he wanted to stop while he was at the peak, instead of becoming irrelevant. His plan was to try to get a Netflix series. His nicely written work was called “David’s Frat House”, and was rejected by the popular streaming company.

David says the executives didn’t believe in him, and he couldn’t sell them the dream based on YouTube, which was a platform that they knew very little about.

Interesting Facts


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The thing that made David Dobrik’s social media page special was that he did very well with targeting his peers in the teenage market.

He did great showcasing his humorous international style. At just sixteen years old, he was also to create fascinating videos that lasted only 6-seconds.

David Dobrik committed himself to posting new videos three times during the week.

He stayed dedicated and his fans knew that they count on him for producing a video without miss on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


  • David Dobrik was a teenage star at the tender age of 16.
  • His social media collaborations and dedication to dropping videos on a routine schedule helped him gain loyal fans and millions of views.
  • His collaborations in social media helped him gain even more success.
  • All in all, he has been a social media personality, an actor in film and television, and hoped to earn a Netflix series.