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Abigail Ratchford Net Worth

Abigail Ratchford net worth
Net Worth$3,500,000
Full NameAbigail Ratchford
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 12, 1992 (age 27)
Source of wealthModel
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originScranton, Pennsylvania
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Ratchford first came to public attention through her social media accounts. It was through her Instagram that she first began to model and represent brands in exchange for payment.

Although she has since moved on to other types of modeling and acting, Ratchford continues to rely upon her Instagram account as a way to promote herself and earn a salary.

As of 2019, Ratchford’s Instagram account has over 9 million followers and more than 600 posts. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that she made 2.9 million dollars through her Instagram account. This makes her one of Instagram’s highest-paid models.


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The way that Ratchford is able to make money on Instagram is through sponsored posts. Ratchford has included many famous brands as her sponsors, including:

  • “Playboy”
  • “Sports Illustrated”
  • Ardell Eyelashes
  • De-Vesi handbags
  • Hairtamin
  • A Cup of Jo

Since Ratchford has so many Instagram followers, she is able to charge a hefty fee for each sponsored post. In 2017, when Ratchford was still making only 170 thousand a year from her Instagram account, Ratchford told the New York Post that she charged sponsors $1,500 for every million followers.

Some brands may “cap” the fee they provide for a sponsored post at $6,000. Although this fee seems high, it may actually increase.

Some social influencers on Instagram are able to charge more than half a million dollars per post, and with Ratchford’s growing fame, her ability to demand higher compensation may grow too.


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In addition to making money through her Instagram account, Ratchford makes approximately 120 thousand dollars per year through the sale of her calendars.

An addition 50 thousand dollars per year comes through the selling of her personal merchandise.

Her wealth has allowed her to purchase a new townhouse in Beverly Hills. She spent more than 50 thousand dollars to renovate the townhome.


Abigail Ratchford net worth is 3.5 million dollars. Most known for her Instagram success, the popular glamour model has declared herself the “Queen of Curves.”

While it is often her curves that draw the public’s eye, Ratchford’s success has allowed her to branch out as an actress and public figure with a level of talent equal to her beauty.

Early Life

Ratchford was born on February 12, 1992, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was the fifth born out of seven children. This tradition of a large family is one that her mother carried on from her own family, as Ratchford’s mother was one of nine children.

Ratchford’s mother, two sisters and four brothers all follow Ratchford on Instagram. She reports that her father does not have Instagram.


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As a child, Ratchford’s dream was to become a veterinarian. Unfortunately, her love of animals was not enough to overcome the fact that she was deeply allergic to both cats and dogs. In addition to having severe allergies, Ratchford suffered from asthma.

As a child in Scranton, Ratchford attended Our Lady of Peace, a Catholic elementary school. When she entered high school at the Scranton Preparatory School, she achieved her first taste of performing for crowds as a cheerleader.

In an article with AOL, Ratchford credits her family with providing her with the support that she needed to develop her wealth and fame.

Her parents emphasized the need for each child to develop their own path. Ratchford was also guaranteed support from her family, no matter what she chooses to do with her life.


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Personal Life

When discussing Ratchford’s personal life, her personal statistics are often questioned. Ratchford has a bra size of 36DD, dark brown hair and green eyes. She weighs a little over 138 pounds and stands at 5’8″ tall.

Her personal dating life is also a subject of much scrutiny. One of the most recent rumors has her dating Klay Thompson, an NBA player with the Golden State Warriors.

Ratchford’s Instagram was the source of much of the dating rumors revolving Thompson due to two of her social media posts.


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First, she posted a picture of Thompson’s dog, Rocco, on her Instagram. Next, she posted a picture of Thompson’s bedroom on her Twitter with the caption: “That was the best I’ve slept in a year.” 

When asked about these rumors in November of 2017, Thompson denied dating Ratchford. Thompson told Damon Bruce that Rocco was just a lovable dog and that the NBA star was simply looking for a “wholesome” woman to date.

Thompson is not the first romantic relationship that Thompson has been part of since becoming famous. From 2014 to 2015, Ratchford was linked with Jamie Iovine. Jamie is the son of Jimmie Iovine, record producer and founder of Interscope Records.


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After graduating from high school, Ratchford began to attend Jesuit University near her home. She found herself unwilling to complete college and soon left to pursue a modeling career.

Her initial attempts at modeling were not successful. She was nominated to participate in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant at the age of 20. In order to compete in the pageant, she had to raise at least 2,000 dollars to compete.

As a pageant contestant, Ratchford found herself completely out of her element. She would later call it a “fun” yet “humbling” experience. Ultimately, Ratchford was a runner-up but lost the pageant.

After her failed attempts as a model, Ratchford began to juggle work as a bartender, secretary, and paralegal. At the time, she was making 600 dollars a week.


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In 2013, a photographer friend of Ratchford asked if she wanted to be the model for a photoshoot of his. After the photoshoot, Ratchford shared some of the photos on Facebook. Many of these photos went viral and began to get the attention of Hollywood.

After the photos went viral, Ratchford quickly opened an Instagram account and began to contact local photographers to ask if they were interested in having her model for them. As her Instagram presence grew, so did her professional opportunities.

As a model, Ratchford has been in each of the following magazines:

  • “Zoo Weekly”
  • “Maxim”
  • “Playboy”
  • “Esquire”

She has also made several guest appearances on television programs, including “Access Hollywood,” “8th Annual Babes in Toyland” and “Parks and Recreation.”


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Interesting Facts

Ratchford has been very upfront with the amount of money that she needs to spend each month in order to keep her professional appearance up to date. She claims that she spends at least 2,500 dollars on products, skincare, and services related to her look.

She uses the following products:

  • CoolSculpting fat-reduction
  • Lip fillers
  • Botox
  • Weekly spray tans
  • Eyelash strips
  • Drugstore mascara


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Ratchford was a small town girl living in Pennsylvania when a friend asked her to model for him.

When she agreed, she was able to take that opportunity and turn it into a social media career that eventually landed her on magazines and opportunities as an actress.

Favorite Quotes from Abigail Ratchford

“I’ve always perfected my photos before I put them in front of 8 million people. Otherwise, people will nitpick.”

“A lot of my fans are college-aged guys, so I definitely make products targeted at them.”

“I’m thinking long term . . . By 35 I want to be married and have kids, and I can’t be posting these photos.”

“The girls who beat me will DM me or send messages on Facebook, and say, ‘It’s so cool to see someone from the Miss Pennsylvania pageant killing it! Remember me?'”


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Tips for success from Abigail Ratchford

1. Don’t be afraid to take risks, no matter how terrifying. Ratchford describes her move to LA as “terrifying,” but acknowledges that it was the very best thing she could do for her career. 

2. Always use your network to your advantage. Ratchford’s photographer friend who asked her to model was able to benefit from her being in his network, and she was able to get the name and numbers of professional photographers from him. Both benefited immensely from one another. 

3. Not performing well early on in your career should never be a reason to quit. While Ratchford failed at her attempt to win the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, she would ultimately go on to win much greater wealth and fame in a different modeling career path.