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Emma Chamberlain Net Worth

Emme Chamberlain Net Worth
Net Worth$2,500,000
Full NameEmma Frances Chamberlain
Date of Birth/AgeMay 22, 2001 (age 18)
Source of wealthYouTuber, Podcaster
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originSan Francisco, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is $2.5 million.

How Much Does Emma Chamberlain Make a Year

It’s estimated that Emma makes about $1,500,000 each year, but as she grows in popularity that number is expected to increase.

How does Emma Chamberlain make her money?

Emma makes the large majority of her money from her social media channels. Primarily, she makes her money from her Youtube channel which has nearly 8 million followers.

Her channel gets more than 1.5 million views each day, which translates to about $6,000 in profit each day.

This comes from ad revenue and also from YouTube Red user fees. The longer that people watch the videos, the more money Emma makes.

She also makes quite a bit of money as a brand ambassador. She’s worked with companies like Audible and Curology.


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Seventeen-year-old Emma Chamberlain is a YouTube sensation who shot to stardom in 2018. She runs her own YouTube channel called “Emma Chamberlain.” It currently has more than 7.7 million subscribers and 186 videos.

She typically releases one new video a week on topics ranging from iced coffee to DIY project and even hauls from different clothing stores. She first started posting in 2017 and people loved her fun-loving personality and quirky one-liners.

Her videos get millions of views. In fact, her most watched video has a whopping 12 million views!

Early Life

She was born Emma Francis Chamberlain on May 22nd, 2001 in San Carlos, California. She just turned 19 years old. She’s 5’4” and very petite, which she has been since she was a small child.

Emma’s father is a well-known oil painter named Michael Chamberlain. Her parents divorced when she was young, and YouTube became a safe place for Emma to express her feelings and find release from the struggles and stress in her life.

Money was also very tight for Emma’s family, so instead of going to the movies and spending money that they didn’t have, Emma would watch videos on YouTube and dream of making it big like James Charles.

Emma attended Notre Dame High School in Belmont, California. The stress of school and the end of her parents’ marriage made her fall into a deep depression. She was so miserable she even failed her driving test!

She became committed to learning how to create YouTube videos about and became very successful at it. Needless to say, she’s no longer struggling with depression.


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Personal life

Emma Chamberlain lives in Los Angeles where she manages her YouTube account. It has more than 7 million followers!

She quickly rose to fame because of her quirky, transparent and very relatable personality. Emma is a trendsetter, and hundreds of thousands of her followers buy items that she endorses.

Parents don’t mind this though, because Emma is all about women’s empowerment and girl power. They see her as a good role model.

Emma recently got her own apartment, which she gave viewers a tour of in a recent YouTube video. She was very excited to share with her followers that she got her own place because she’s now officially an adult!


Emma started working on her YouTube channel when she was in high school. It was a way for her to distract herself from the depression she was in.

She taught herself how to shoot video with her phone or a camera and how to edit it and post it to YouTube.

She launched her own channel called “Emma Chamberlain” in 2017. As a vlogger, she posts a variety of videos, including tutorials, challenges and funny snippets of things she was already doing in her daily life.

Emma Chamberlain net worth reached $2,500,000 by 2019.

Her video, “We All Owe the Dollar Store an Apology” racked up over a million views and essentially was the video that pushed her into YouTube superstardom.

Once that video went viral, she got an agent and moved to Los Angeles. She started pairing up with other famous YouTube vloggers like The Dolan Twins and James Charles, creating content that was viewed tens of millions of times.


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Interesting Facts

  • Emma loves animals and gets choked up when she watches videos of them.
  • Her most watched video has more than 12 million views.
  • Emma is nearly always filmed with an iced coffee. It has become synonymous with her personal “brand.”
  • Emma Chamberlain was a special guest at the Louis Vuitton 2019 Fall-Winter fashion show, along with Karlie Kloss.
  • She’s been a brand ambassador for companies like Audible and Curology.
  • Her father, Michael Chamberlain is an artist. He is an oil painter.
  • There are videos on Emma’s YouTube channel that highlight what she looked like before she became famous.
  • Fellow YouTube star James Chamberlain recently unfollowed Emma on all of his social media accounts.


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  • Emma started posting videos to YouTube in 2017.
  • Most of her videos are 10-15 minutes long and range from make-up tutorials to spending an entire day without her cell phone. They are purely for entertainment.
  • Her YouTube page has more than 7.7 million followers.
  • Emma posts about one video per week.
  • Emma’s self-titled YouTube channel has a combined 900 million views.
  • Emma makes about $6,000 every day from her YouTube channel.
  • Unlike many young YouTube stars, there’s been no controversy in Emma’s career. That’s largely due to the fact that the content of her videos are goofy and entertainment-based.
  • She has 72,000 followers on Twitter and 400,000 followers on Instagram.


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Favorite Quotes from Emma Chamberlain

“I use all of my best jokes on the first day that I meet someone and then am never funny again.”

“I’m an adult in three days, which is cool, but does this mean I’m not allowed to make poop jokes anymore?”

“I’m watching videos of baby animals getting baths right now and getting choked up. Someone help!”

“I lost my credit card today. I dug thru a trash can on my street for an hour. It wasn’t in there and I almost threw up. Then I looked through the dumpster in my apartment and it was not there. Then I looked in my car. There it was!”

“Everything I own has a coffee stain on it somewhere.”

“I’m excited to be respectful and happy and stuff for my birthday this year.”


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Tips for success from Emma Chamberlain

  1. When people call you “quirky,” that’s a good thing. It means that you’ve established a brand and sense of style for yourself that can’t be mimicked.
  2. Always be kind. Some people make headlines for the mean things they say or the ways that they have ruined someone else’s life. Make headlines for being a good person and for being kind to others.
  3. If you want something done, do it yourself, especially if it is something you need to be done immediately.
  4. Have a sense of humor. If you’re always serious, people won’t want to be around you, because they can’t express their goofy sides.
  5. Be yourself. There’s no one who is just like you, and you have the best thing in the world to offer other people: your kind heart and your smart mind.