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Lil Bibby Net Worth

Lil Bibby Net Worth 2019
Net Worth$500,000
Full NameBrandon George Dickinson Jr.
Date of Birth/AgeJuly 18, 1994 (age 24)
Source of wealthRapper, Songwriter
Country of originU.S
State/City of originChicago, Illinois
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Lil Bibby’s net worth is about $500,000.

He was making great money in his rap career but for the last few years has been on a hiatus due to some complications with his label.


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How Much Does Lil Bibby Make a Year?

Lil Bibby was making about $100,000 a year before he was having issues with his label. He’s hoping to be more active in 2019 and all signs point to him making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How does Lil Bibby make his money?

Lil Bibby makes most of his money from people streaming his music online and from those who purchase his mixtapes.

He’s also made thousands of dollars from endorsing and sponsoring products. Lucky for him, even though he hasn’t made a new record in a while, he still makes thousands of dollars from ads on YouTube.


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Lil Bibby is an American rapper who has been a big part of the hip-hop scene since 2011. He was raised on the rough streets of southeast Chicago and was involved in the drug trade at age thirteen.

Thankfully, he decided to turn his life around at age 16 and decided to get into the music industry. He had a real talent and is now one of the best rappers in the business.

He created his first mixtape in 2011, even recording some of the tracks on his iPhone! Lil Bibby was inspired by fellow Chicagoan Kanye West.

Early Life

Lil Bibby was born on July 18th, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. His real name is Brandon George Dickinson, Jr. He’s 24 years old.

Lil Bibby grew up on the southeast side of Chicago which is known for extreme violence, drug use, dangerous crime and high rates of homicide.

Sadly, Lil Bibby experienced the traumatic effects of crime and drug abuse himself. His mother was in and out of prison because she was addicted to crack, cocaine and heroin.


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His sister was a drug dealer but didn’t partake in the consumption of drugs, so she ended up raising Lil Bibby.

By the time he was thirteen years old, Lil Bibby was selling drugs and constantly getting into fights. He was even shot a number of times.

After seeing a number of his friends killed or sent to prison, Lil Bibby decided to turn his life around. He started reading self-help books and started creating beats on his iPhone.


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Personal life

Lil Bibby is 24 years old and stands only five feet tall. He’s got a snappy personality, and some say that he had to be that way because of his rough upbringing.

He also hasn’t left his family behind. In fact, his mother now lives with him. She no longer does drugs but does have some emotional issues due to her former drug use. She’s become more violent and harder to deal with.

Lil Bibby keeps his relationship status very quiet and doesn’t share much about his personal life. For a long time, people assumed that he was dating social media star, Johanie Taylor.

People were constantly seeing them in photos together, but they never acknowledged their relationship status.

In fact, in 2016, they said they were just friends. However, shortly thereafter, a video surfaced featuring the couple in bed snuggling. It was hard to deny the rumors after that, so they confirmed that they were dating.


Lil Bibby net worth reached $500,000 by 2019.

In 2013, Lil Bibby released his first mixtape called “Free Crack” that was inspired by artists like Kanye West and Jadakiss.

Critics loved the album and while they said they could see how other artists influenced him, but the album itself was unique. In 2014, Lil Bibby was featured on the cover of “Vibe” magazine and the accompanying article called Bibby an “artist to watch.”

In January 2014, Lil Bibby appeared on “Sway in the Morning” radio program and New York City’s “Hot 97.6” radio program.

In both, he hinted at the fact that he was working on his first EP. Shortly after this, he was named as a member of XXL Magazine’s 2014 Freshman Class.

His sophomore mixtape, “Free Crack 2” was released in August of 2014 after some delays. It was downloaded more than 120,000 times. This album was also met with critical acclaim.

In 2015, Lil Bibby released two singles, “Aww Man” and “Ridah.” They were supposedly released in advance of his next album.

However, that album never came to fruition. In fact, from 2015 to 2018, Lil Bibby didn’t do anything musically. In 2018, he started tweeting with the hashtag #FreeBibby, saying negotiations with his record label were behind his hiatus.


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Interesting Facts

  • Lil Bibby grew up on the southeast side of Chicago, an area that’s known to be extremely violent and filled with drug dealers.
  • When he was just thirteen years old, he joined his mother and his sister in dealing drugs.
  • He’s been shot more times than he can count.
  • After seeing his friends get killed or sent to prison, Lil Bibby decided that it was time for a change. He threw himself into his music and started reading self-help books.
  • At 16 years old, he started making beats on his cellphone.
  • His music is inspired by fellow Chicago rapper, Kanye. In fact, his album “Free Crack” was a twist on Kanye’s hit single “Crack Music.”


  • Lil Bibby didn’t really have a chance at being famous or simply having a good life at all, considering where and how he grew up.
  • He got into dealing drugs as a teenager, but quickly realized he was on the path to disaster.
  • When he was 16, Lil Bibby started using his cellphone to create rap beats.
  • He released his first mixtape in 2013 called “Free Crack.” It was met with critical acclaim.
  • Drake is a huge fan of Lil Bibby and has helped him with some of his musical stylings.
  • Lil Bibby released his second mixtape in 2015. It was also praised by critics.


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Favorite Quotes from Lil Bibby

“A real man ends a relationship before he starts a new one.”

“Don’t be fooled. People aren’t who they “post” to be.”

“That’s the problem with putting other people first. You’re allowing them to believe that you come second.”

“I think I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if we don’t speak, I don’t care if we’re not friends. I’m fine with living my life alone.”

“If you know yourself you won’t be harmed by anything anyone else says about you.”

“She said nothing is sexier than a man who can face temptation and have the level of maturity to say, ‘This isn’t worth losing what I have.”

Tips for success from Lil Bibby

  1. True love is about growing as a couple, learning about each other and never giving up. You’ll know when you have it.
  2. If they can leave you so easily, they were never meant to be for you. This applies to romantic relationships and even friendships. Don’t fight for someone to be in your life who is so quick to walk away.
  3. Make sure you taste your words before you spit them out. You can’t take back words, you can only say new ones to try to make things better. Something said in anger could literally ruin one of your relationships.
  4. The hardest thing in life that you can give up is something you thought was real. Know that it is for the best, though.