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Eric Decker Net Worth

Erick Decker Net Worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameEric Thomas Decker
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 15, 1987 (age 32)
Source of wealthAmerican Football
Country of originU.S
State/City of originCold Spring, Minnesota
Last Updated2019

What is Eric Decker’s Net Worth?

Eric Decker’s net worth is $10 million.

What is Eric Decker’s Yearly Salary?

His 2017 contract with the Tennessee Titans was $3.85 million for one year.

How Did Eric Decker Make His Money?

He is a former professional football player. Decker played wide receiver for several NFL teams for eight seasons.

He was a solid player who always performed at a consistent level and had a few breakout seasons. Decker retired in overall good health and at an age young enough to enjoy his wealth and spend time with his young family.


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He played for:

  • Denver Broncos 2010-2013.
  • New York Jets 2014-2016.
  • Tennessee Titans 2017.
  • New England Patriots 2018.

His Career NFL statistics include:

  • 439 receptions.
  • 5816 receiving yards.
  • 79 return yards.
  • 54 touchdowns.


In 2013, Decker married country singer Jessie James, who now goes by the name Jessie James Decker. They have three children.

She has a popular YouTube channel where she shares her personal beauty tips in addition to her successful singing career.

The couple starred on the reality show James and Jessie: Game On for four seasons. Decker had to get permission from his NFL team’s management in order to appear on the show.

In a tweet to his fans, he reassured them that, “Nothing will deter me from my football career. I have priorities and I have the same goal as my teammates, which is to win championships.”

Decker’s wife is busy with her singing career. In interviews, she has often said that she’s grateful that her husband is retired and able to help her with the children.

He is able to stay home with them while she’s recording, touring or attending industry events.


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Eric Decker Early Life

Decker has often talked about growing up in a small town. He was a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and dreamed of playing football at the University of Minnesota.

Decker comes by his athletic ability naturally. His sister Sarah ran track in college, and his father was a baseball and football star at St. Cloud State College.


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Hometown Hero

Eric played three sports in high school and excelled at all three. He was a star at football, baseball and basketball.

Decker was a popular, well-liked member of his community who stayed out of trouble and worked hard in school and on the field.

From all accounts, he was the typical local hero who excelled at sports, school and popularity. Decker is still remembered fondly at his former hometown.

His high school celebrates Eric Decker day each year.


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School Shooting

When Decker was in high school in Cold Spring, Minnesota, he was the victim of a school shooting. He was a student at Recori High School when a fellow classmate walked in armed with a gun.

Decker, who was 16, was in the school gym when he heard shots being fired. He ran to the library and ducked into a closet to hide.

Meanwhile, gym teacher Mark Johnson had bravely confronted the shooter and convinced him to drop his weapon. Decker was safe, but two of his friends were killed that day.

Years later, Decker told the New York Post that the incident shook him for a long time.

Helping Others

“For me, it’s taken years to get over, and even now I still have times where I either remember something or am in a certain situation and become a little scared because of that. Friends, family, the community, that’s who I leaned on during that time,” he said.

“We are such a small town, a town of 3000 people, so it really brought everyone together with a support system.”

Decker was in Colorado during the Aurora theater shooting in 2012, and he made a point of talking with the victims’ families and survivors. He said he felt a strong responsibility to help others who had the same experience that he did.


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Eric Decker Career

Thanks to his work on himself, by 2019 collected Eric Decker net worth is $ 10,000,000.

Decker was offered an athletic scholarship to the University of Minnesota. As a college player, he was ranked sixth in the nation in receiving yards, averaging more than 120 yards each game.

In a profile in Sports Illustrated, Decker was ranked the third-best college wide receiver.

In October 2009, he suffered a sprained foot and had to sit the rest of the season out.

Decker was also a star outfielder for the Minnesota baseball team. He was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers and the Minnesota Twins, but he chose to focus on football instead.

He played basketball in college as well, and while he excelled at the game, he was never offered a professional contract.

NFL Career: Denver Broncos

At the 2010 NFL Draft combine, Decker scored the highest Wonderlic ratings of any other potential player.

He was drafted by the Broncos, but because of foot surgery, he had to sit out the training camp and the first part of the season.

Once he started playing, Decker began to show the same consistency he had shown as a college player.

A Good Season

In 2012, Decker had one of the best seasons of his career. Between weeks 4-9, he had seen receiving touchdowns.

He had eight receptions for 136 yards in one game. In a Week 15 game against the Baltimore Ravens, he received 133 yards and scored a touchdown.

In later weeks, he scored receiving touchdowns in two games and had 85 catches for 1,064 yards. He was ranked 20th in the league in terms of yards for wide receivers.

2013 was another solid year, with Decker receiving for quarterback Peyton Manning during one of Manning’s best seasons.

During that season, he was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week by the NFL. The Broncos went to the Super Bowl that year, but they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.


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New York Jets

Decker had a solid first season with the New York Jets. In 2016, the Jets placed him on the injured reserve list for a shoulder injury.

In June 2017, the team informed him that they would either release him or trade him that summer.

Tennessee Titans

Decker had three receptions for 10 yards in his first game with the Titans. He continued to have a solid year.

The Titans went into the postseason, where Decker scored a game-winning touchdown against the New England Patriots.


In 2018, Decker signed a one-year deal with the Patriots. He announced his retirement at the end of the year.


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Favorite Quotes From Eric Decker

“As a man, you need that rock. You need that women in your life. You need them to be with you wherever you go.”