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Fat Joe Net Worth

Fat Joe Net Worth Salary and More
Net Worth$5,000,000
Full NameJoseph Antonio Cartagena
A.K.AFat Joe da Gangsta
Date of Birth/AgeAugust 19, 1970 (age 48)
Source of wealthRapper, Actor
Country of originU.S
State/City of originThe Bronx, New York City, New York
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Fat Joe’s net worth is 5 million dollars.

His wealth can be attributed to his success in the music industry.

Fat Joe has been reported to be the highest paid rapper in the world; between the year 2018-2019, the rapper averaged $96 million in the year alone.

Fat Joe has dabbled in acting and video game crossovers, not to mention his rapping carer which has been going strong since the late 1990s.

Fat Joe has been a long time rapper with an impeccable talent, in addition to his rapping carer, he is CEO of Terror Squad entertainment.


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He has also appeared in two video games and has an acting carer in several movies and tv shows, this can all be attributed to how he makes his money.

Other successes the rapper has undergone that have affected his wealth exponentially include smart stock investments, property holdings, deals with the cover girl, owning his own restaurants, he owns the New York Angels baseball team, Fat Joe has his own brand of vodka, as well as his own brand of perfume fragrance.

He is a man of many triumphs and great success stories, going as far as having his own fashion line that goes by the name “Fat Joe Seduction”


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Fat Joe is an American rapper who has clutched the hearts of many fans. His carer starting in the late 1990s and has been steadily growing ever since.

Fat Joe falls among the list of most successful rappers of all time, being described as the highest paid rapper in the music industry.

His fame and fortune are attributed to his natural musical talent; as well as his many other accomplishments, truly Fat Joe is a unique individual with the ability to multi-task several different job professions that require individual strengths and fortitude.

Early Life

Fat Joe, born Joseph Antonio Cartagena, hails from South Bronx, New York City, NY. He was born August 19th, 1970, making his current age 48 years old.

Fat Joe is a native-born American, but his parents are of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent. At a young age, Fat Joe took up stealing and lived in public housing, stealing was a means to support and feed his less than wealthy family.

Fat Joe has also been on record admitting that when he was a kid in school he also was a bully of sorts. His brother introduced him to hip-hop music and this set Fat Joe on a path that would forever change his and his family’s life.


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Fat Joe began his music carer as part of a rap group known as D.I.T.C but later branched off from the group to start his own solo carer in the rap industry.

Personal Life

Fat Joe used to live in Miami, FL. He is married to his wife and together they have three children. Fat Joe has been observed giving back to the community, one of the ways he has done so is donating computers to students at his old school in the Bronx.


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Fat Joe has also be observed as a public speaker for students attending school. In 1996 Fat Joe weighed a whopping 300LB but has since shed some of the weight by following a strict diet that does not allow the high intake of carbs.

Following this diet has enabled him to shed up to 88 LB’s of weight.


In the early years of Fat Joe’s career, he went under the performing name of Fat Joe Da Gangsta, this was during his time spent in the rap group D.I.T.C.

Fat Joe started working with many artists who later he would sign with for a solo career. In 1993 he released his debut album titled “Represent” this was groundbreaking for his career.


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The lead single of the album “Flow Joe” peaked at #1 on the billboard hot rap singles chart. In 1995 Fat Joe released his second studio album titled “Jealous One’s Envy” the album reach its peak making it all the way to #71 on the billboard 200.

Fat Joe suffered backlash when he and Big Pun were both arrested on assault charges, stemming from an encounter they had with a man where they used a baseball bat as a weapon and stole the man’s possessions.

At present, Fat Joe net worth reached $5,000,000.

Fat Joe has released a total of ten studio albums over the span of his career and has reported being working on an eleventh.

Fat Joe is the current CEO of “Terror Squad” where he signed Big Pun, Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine, and many others. He also discovered well-known producers; Cool and Dre.


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Interesting Facts

Fat Joe expressed his feelings towards the LGBT community in an interview with Vlad TV; He stated that though he is not gay himself, he fully supports those who are.

He feels that the LGBT community should be allowed to openly express their feelings for one another in a public setting if they so choose.

He also stated that he has worked with my actors and celebrities over the years whom are gay and have not come out of the closet publicly, he offers no hints as to whom these individuals are but it’s interesting, to say the least.


Fat Joe has been a motivational speaker against bullying; though he himself admits to being a bully in high school.

He was arrested along with Big Pun on assault charges stemming from an encounter they had with a man. The report indicated a Baseball bat was used as a weapon and Fat Joe and Big Pun stole some of the man’s possessions.

Fat Joe was also incarcerated for unlawful tax evasion, he failed to send in income taxes on over $3 million. His sentence could have carried a maximum of up to two years in prison but he was sentenced to four months.


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Fat Joe served his time and was promptly released upon completing, he was released out of prison on November 28th, 2013.

Favorite Quotes

“As Long as you get your education and stay focused, you can do anything”

“Once you achieve a level of success… you learn, something tells you, ‘Man this ain’t even for you.’ You got to share with the people. You got to inspire the people.”

“I was really from the streets, and I really did hustle in a major way. When I got my record deal, I left the streets alone as far as hustling. I never, ever hustled again. I said, ‘I’m gonna change my life, I’m going legit. This is where I’m at.’”

“See, me, I don’t run away. During my successes or my failures, I put it on me.”

Tips for Success

“These are turbulent times. You need to believe now more than ever. There are no do-overs in life. You can’t rewind the clock. A lot of times we let negativity overwhelm us.

Do you know how many times in my life I’ve been told to stop? You gotta be relentless. There’s always going to be doubters.

There’s always going to be haters. You gotta take the negative and turn it into a positive every time.”

These three perspectives keep me going. They give me the confidence to continue to clear a path to my own success, to leave the naysayers behind and find my own way in the world.

I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and that I define my destiny. How about you? Can you stop the ways you’re blocking your own success and clear a path to achieve your dreams?