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Remy Ma Net Worth

Remy Ma Net Worth
Net Worth$4 million
Real NameReminisce Smith
Date of Birth/AgeMay 30th 1980
38 y.o.
Source of wealthRapper
Height5′ 10″
Country of originUSA
State/City of originCastle Hill, The Bronx, New York
Last updated2019

Net Worth

Remy Ma net worth $4,000,000.

So, how much is Remy Ma worth? Although her time in prison caused Remy to lose out on the ability to make money, she has definitely been making good use of her time since jail to recoup her losses.

Her comeback to the music industry has been incredible and she has been recognized for her talent over the last few years, winning notable accolades.

It’s evident that Remy is no stranger to hard work and dedication to her craft. Since she was young, Remy’s love for music and writing has grown into a very successful career and life.

How does Remy Ma make her money?

Remy’s net worth Annually
2014: $500,000 
Remy currently earns $350,000 a year through her professional contracts (record labels, reality tv shows, etc.).

She also has many major endorsements, as she represents major brands such as Gucci, Fashion Nova, and Moschino. Altogether, Remy brings home on average $3 million dollars each year – not bad for a woman who basically had to start over from the bottom and work her way back up.


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Between her music, tv appearances, and brand endorsements, it’s certainly looking positive for Remy’s earning potential as she continues to capture the attention of her fans all around over the globe.


Fans all over the world have fallen in love with the 38-year old rapper who turned her life around after serving a prison sentence for shooting a person she believed was robbing her. Remy Ma is one of the few highly successful American female rappers in the history of music, with her catchy lyrics and highly successful collaborations with other artists.

She has gone on to win several awards, including three Grammy nominations. Let’s take a look at how this star triumphed over a rough childhood and a long prison sentence to make a comeback you wouldn’t believe.

Early Life

Remy Ma’s real name is Reminisce Mackie (Smith was her maiden name) and she was born on May 30, 1980 (currently 38 years old) in the Castle Hill Projects, Bronx, New York.

Engulfed by her family’s addiction to drugs, Remy became the responsible caretaker for her siblings. To help cope with having to be a responsible adult at such a young age, Remy began writing and discovered her love for poetry and rap.

In high school, Remy participated in rap battles with her classmates and eventually professional rappers. She also began making mixtapes, which were played in local nightclubs throughout the Bronx.

Soon afterwards, Big Pun discovered her talent and took her under his wing as her mentor.

Remy Ma’s Career


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After Remy Ma was featured on Big Pun’s album, “Yeeeah Baby,” she stayed under his mentorship until his death in 2000.

Fat Joe then took over the responsibility and signed her to his record label SRC, where she also became a member of Terror Squad. In 2006, she released her first album, “There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story”. She saw immediate success, selling over 35,000 units in the first week of its release alone.

Things took a turn for the worse in 2007 when Remy was sentenced to eight years at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women when she was found guilty for shooting a woman outside a New York restaurant and bar. However, she only served six of the eight years and was released in August 2014.

After her release, she returned to her rapping career and is currently signed with Columbia Records. Since her time in prison, Remy has collaborated with other artists such as DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, and Rick Ross.

She has also won numerous awards within the last three years, such as the BET award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. In 2015, Remy Ma was featured in VH1’s tv series, “Love & Hip Hop: New York” with her husband.

At present, Remy Ma net worth reached $4,000,000.

Personal Life

Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, she is a force to be reckoned with on stage and at home with her four children (Jayson, born in 2000, and three stepchildren) and husband, Papoose (whose real name is Shamele Mackie and is also a rapper and songwriter).


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The couple shares an interesting love story that almost didn’t happen. They had planned a yacht wedding in 2008, but with Remy’s problems with the law, that dream couldn’t come true. Instead, Papoose decided to marry her in prison on March 27, 2008.

In his attempt to help her escape, the prison wardens found a universal handcuff key on him the day before her sentence was supposed to begin. Although they were still able to wed, Papoose was banned from seeing Remy for six months.

After her release, the two had a beautiful ceremony in February 2016.

With her lessons in the life of staying humble, being real and practicing gratitude, Remy has what it takes for a long and successful career. What is most admirable about Remy Ma is her ability to take a seemingly impossible circumstance and turned it around for her own good.

Her childhood proved stressful and hard as it was, yet she found a way to keep herself together through her writing. Her time in prison taught her how to appreciate even the little things and to not take any day you have for granted.

The dispute between her and Nicki Minaj gave her an opportunity to show grace in the end. Her continued drive and dedication to her music allows her to keep her fans addicted, but also lets her stay true to herself.

With her family support and her continued success in music, Remy is redefining what resilience looks like. She has made sure that the name she wants people to know her by is what they call her.


  • Won nomination “Bet Awards Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” (2005)
  • Nominated “Bet Awards – Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” (2006)
  • Nominated “Bet Awards – Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” (2016)
  • Nominated “Bet Awards – Best Duo/Group” (2017 with Fat Joe)
  • Nominated  “BET Hip Hop Awards” Best Hip-Hop Video and People’s Champ Award (2016 with Fat Joe)
  • Won nomination “BET Hip Hop Awards – Best Collabo, Duo or Group” (2016 with Fat Joe)
  • Won two nominations  “Soul Train Music Awards” – “Rhythm & Bars Award” and “Best Collaboration” (2016 with Fat Joe)
  • Nominated  “Grammy Awards” – “Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group”(2005)
  • Nominated  “Grammy Awards” – “Best Rap Song” and “Best Rap Performance”(2016 with Fat Joe)