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Inky Johnson Net Worth

Inky Johnson Net Worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NameInquoris Johnson
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 12, 1986 (age 33)
Source of wealthMotivational Speaker, Football Player
Country of originU.S
State/City of originAtlanta, Georgia
Last Updated2019

What Is Inky Johnson’s Net Worth?

His net worth is $1 million.

How Did Inky Johnson Make His Money?

He is a motivational speaker, self-help author, and inspirational figure to people struggling with all types of obstacles. Johnson turned a debilitating injury that derailed his dreams into a new opportunity to change people’s lives.

Johnson regularly travels throughout the country, speaking at schools, community centers and ceremonies. He was the keynote speaker at the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

He is the author of the book, Inky: An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance.

Inky Johnson Early Life

Johnson was born in Atlanta and raised by his grandparents. He has described his upbringing as very poor, with 13 people sharing a small house in a crime-ridden neighborhood. He has also said that his grandparents insisted that he focus on schoolwork and sports and try to better his life.

Johnson determined at an early age that he would avoid the drugs, violence and prison terms that afflicted many of men in his family. He decided to focus on sports and schoolwork to find a way out of poverty and crime. He and a cousin began running together every day.


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When Life Changed

As a child, Johnson showed great talent for sports. One day, while he and his cousin were practicing football moves, a man from the local football program approached them and invited them to join the team.

The man’s name was Trey Herschel. Johnson said his family couldn’t afford it, and Herschel told him he would pay for it himself. Herschel also offered to pay for three of his cousins to join the program.

All four of these Johnson family members were able to go to college on football scholarships because of Herschel’s generosity. Years later, Johnson would state that they were the only ones in his family who were able to go to college.

Johnson later described his gratitude towards this life-changing event. He said that if he ever had the chance to help other people the way Herschel helped him, he would.


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Off to College

In a 2018 speech to a women’s organization, Johnson described how life-changing his college years were.

Johnson told his academic advisors that his plan was to graduate in three years rather than four. He also wanted to be drafted into the NFL. As he was approaching his graduation date, his coach Larry Slade showed him two documents. One was a document showing that he was on track to graduate on time.

The second was a letter stating that he was being considered for a first-round draft pick at the NFL.

Johnson said that he wasn’t interested in the glamour of a career in football. He just wanted a way to ensure a decent life for himself and his loved ones.


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The Injury That Changed Everything

But then everything changed. It happened during a game against the Air Force Academy in September 2006. While trying to make a tackle on an Air Force player, Johnson landed hard on the ground and was unable to get up.

He was taken to the hospital. A surgeon told him that he would have to have surgery. He also told Johnson that his right arm and hand would be permanently paralyzed.

The injury put an end to his dreams of an NFL career. Johnson persevered, however, going on to continue his studies and get a master’s degree in sports psychology.

Faith and Perseverance

After the injury, Johnson had a long recovery. He had to learn how to do everyday things like showering and brushing his teeth with just his left hand and arm. He also felt that he had let down the people in his life.

In his motivational speeches, he talks about this dark time in his life and how the support of his wife, family, coaches, and friends helped him stay on course. He also credits his faith in God.

Johnson decided to change his focus from sports to helping others. He began working as a counselor to athletes who were struggling with personal issues. He wrote the book about his life as a way of showing other people that it’s possible to overcome huge obstacles.


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A Revealing Interview

In an in-depth 2016 interview with the Midland Reporter-Times, Johnson explained that he was raised in a religious home but did not really embrace his faithfully until the accident.

“I’m a husband, a father and a servant of God. I was raised in a church, but my faith definitely got stronger and fortified after the injury. It was a test of my faith, a test in what I believed. I had to really live what I was reading and studying. I’ve always been religious, but my injury made me lock in on that much more.”

He also said that he feels he has always had a mission to help others.

“I never wanted to go around and share my insights and experiences. When my career changed, I fell into it. My job changed, but my mission didn’t. My mission was always to inspire people and change people’s lives. When I speak, someone in that audience needs me. Nothing happens by accident. I’m fulfilling God’s plan.”

When asked if he blamed football or had bad feelings about the sport, Johnson said he did not.

“If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen. It’s not about what happens, it’s about how you deal with it. I don’t blame football one bit. I think the game is a direct correlation of life because it taught me so much. I have a son and I’m not going to force it on my son, but If he wants to play, let’s go.”


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Inky Johnson is married to his high school girlfriend Allison. They have two children and live in Atlanta. He devotes much of his time to mentoring athletes and underprivileged youth in the Atlanta area.


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Current Status

Johnson continues touring the country as a speaker. He visits around 250 places each year to deliver his message of inspiration.

The hard and difficult path, Inky Johnson, reached net worth by 2019 is $ 1,000,000.

Favorite Quotes From Inky Johnson

“Sometimes your prayers aren’t answered because you’re worth more than what you’re asking for.”

“I need you to understand the concept that there is another person on the inside of you, because one day in your life, you will face something that’s a lot tougher than you, and your strength, and your drive, and your commitment, and your work ethic won’t do it. You will have to realize that it’s something on the inside of you that’s greater than anything that life can throw at you.”

Inky Johnson Success Tips

  1. “The longer it takes to happen, the more you’ll appreciate it when it finally does.”