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Jon Taffer Net Worth

Jon Taffer Net Worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameJonathan Peter Taffer
Date of Birth/AgeNovember 7, 1954 (age 64)
Source of wealthEntrepreneur, Hospitality Consultant, Television Host, Author
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originGreat Neck, New York
Last Updated2019

What Is Jon Taffer’s Net Worth?

Jon Taffer’s net worth is $10 million.

How Did Jon Taffer Make His Money?

Taffer is a restaurant owner, consultant, and entrepreneur. He became famous as the host of the hit reality show Bar Rescue, where he delivers non-nonsense tough love and stern advice to struggling bar owners.

Taffer immediately made his mark as a TV presence with his trademark blunt speech and take-no-prisoners approach to bad bar management.

Unlike some reality TV stars, Taffer was a success before going on the show. The show has certainly padded his net worth and made him famous, but there is no question that Taffer would have been a huge success no matter what.


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A Life in the Hospitality Business

Taffer has been in the restaurant business for several decades. As a young man, he dropped out of college and went to Los Angeles. He began working at the Troubadour nightclub in Hollywood and became the manager there in 1978. In 1989, he opened his own restaurant. He continued to own and run a series of successful nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

In 2010, he was elected president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group, which publishes the leading trade publication Nightclub and Bar. In 2011, Taffer founded his consulting firm Taffer Dynamics. Over the next few years, his company provided consulting to hundreds of bars and restaurants.

In 2013, he wrote the book Raise the Bar, a guide to operating drinking establishments.

Taffer was one of the first people inducted into the Nightclub Hall of Fame.


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Other Successful Businesses

Taffer created the NFL Sunday Ticket. This is an extremely popular offering on various satellite TV packages. Sports bars use the Sunday Ticket to attract football fans.

The Sunday Ticket makes it possible for bars and restaurants to transmit every single football game played on Sunday. This has made it a must-have for any bar that has a sports clientele. It’s also made the package popular among people involved in fantasy football drafts and people who gamble on football.

Taffer sold the idea to the National Football League (NFL) and marketed it to bars and restaurants. His idea placed him on the board of NFL Enterprises for several years.

Taffer developed a management app called the Bar HQ. It allows bar managers to handle everything related to their operation through a simple, dynamic app on their phone or tablet.


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Jon Taffer Early Life and Career

Taffer once explained in an interview that he learned early about the importance of character. He related that he was once involved in a business deal with someone who was known as a player.

A friend warned him not to go into business with the guy. He warned Taffer that someone who cheated on his family would be untrustworthy in business.

“I didn’t listen,” Taffer said. “I did the deal. I lost $600,000. It was every dime I had. I’ve been very conscious about having a partner ever since. That was a serious mistake.”


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Character Counts

Taffer said that this experience opened his eyes to the notion that character counts just as much as knowledge or experience when you’re running a business. That attitude informs much of the way he turns bars around in his business and on his TV show.

He has said that personality traits like honesty, integrity and the ability to get along with people are more important than experience when you’re hiring someone for your business.


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Bar Rescue

The show premiered on the Spike TV network in 2011.

The show was hailed as a hit from its first season. Viewers were immediately attracted to a show that often featured establishments in their own city. They also like the insights and statistical data that Taffer uses to explain why businesses succeed or fail. Taffer explains these facts in an illuminating way.

Spike changed its name to Paramount Network in 2018. The network continues to renew Bar Rescue each season.

Taffer hosts the weekly No Excuses podcast.

Taffer’s Tavern

Taffer continues to innovate and come up with creative business ideas.

In 2019, Taffer announced that he was opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas. He said the idea behind Taffer’s Tavern is to create “a high-volume, small-footprint format that uses the latest technologies to produce high-quality food.”

Taffer expects his idea to become the next big trend in the restaurant business. He is offering Taffy’s Tavern franchises to interested buyers with restaurant experience.

The new concept is “designed to unite a best-in-class beverage program and the most interesting, delicious bar fare with a streamlined kitchen and the latest advancements in food preparation technology, requiring far less space and far fewer employees than traditional casual dining restaurants.”


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Marriage Rescue

In 2019, Paramount Television announced that Taffer would be starring in a new spinoff show, Marriage Rescue. The show features Taffer attempting to use his no-nonsense approach to help people repair their failing marriages.

The show involves groups of spouses who travel with Taffer to a Caribbean beach resort. Some of the couples are newlyweds, some have been married for several years, and some have been together for more than 20 years.

Each episode focuses on one couple. The idea of getting away to a resort is to remove all outside distractions and daily pressures. This lets each couple focus on themselves and their marriage.


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Not a Vacation

On a Fox and Friends television interview, Taffer said that despite the luxurious getaway setting, the show is not a vacation.

“This is hard work,” he says. “There is no intimacy during their time there. There is no making up until they’ve gone through some hard, rigorous work on themselves and each other.”

Taffer said that in business, personality is a key factor. “Business is very personal,” he told Fox and Friends. “Marriage is more like a business. That’s one of the interesting things I’ve learned.”


Taffer has been married to his wife Nicole since 2000. They have one daughter.


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Favorite Quotes from Jon Taffer

“Much of my career has been about saving businesses. When I do that, I am aware that I am saving someone’s dream. Now, ask yourself, what is the biggest dream? For most people, it’s a happy marriage. That is the biggest dream.”

Success Tips from Jon Taffer

  1. “I’ve made stupid investments. I’ve made stupid decisions as an employee. I’ve made foolish decisions as a manager. I’ve gotten fired. I’ve lost businesses. I went through all those things. I think the greatest mistakes have been my greatest lessons.”