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Stitches Net Worth

Stitches Net Worth 2019 salary source of income
Net Worth$500,000
Full NamePhillip Nickolas Katsabanis
A.K.ALil Phill
Date of Birth/AgeJune 17, 1995 (age 24)
Source of wealthRapper, Songwriter
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originMiami, Florida
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Stitches net worth is 500 thousand dollars. Although this amount may not seem like very much compared to the type of rap income of millionaires such as Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar, Stitches is still an up and coming rapper.

Considering that he has made such a considerable amount of wealth in such a short time, the controversial rapper is sure to develop an even wealthier net worth in the coming years.

Stitches have made the majority of his wealth so far from his online presence and viral videos. His first successful online video was “Brick in Yo Face,” and this became the standard for the method that Stitches would use to promote himself.

Stitches have built quite the online following as a result of his viral presence. He has more than a million Instagram followers and more than half a million subscribers on YouTube.

Through Stitches’ online videos have more than one million views. The high number of views each of these videos has definitely contributed to his overall wealth. YouTube creators stand to make between two to five dollars for every 1000 views on their videos thanks to ad revenue.

The videos with the most views can earn even more money.

Since 2015, Stitches has been signed with the major record label, TMI Gang Entertainment. He now earns additional revenue from the sale of CDs and his music on iTunes.


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Early Life

Stitches were born with the name Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis on June 17, 1995. His parents were Esther and Alexander Katsabanis. The family lived in Kendall, Florida, which is a nearby suburb of Miami.

Many articles make note of Stitches’ olive skin and wonder about his ethnicity. The Katsabanis family is a mixture of Greek and Cuban heritage. Stitches are the youngest of three sons.

Stitches’ parents would divorce when he was only a year old.

Both parents had successful careers as beekeepers. In fact, Alexander and Esther Katsabanis have actually published papers on the art of beekeeping.

But the divorce was a bitter one, and Esther eventually won a restraining order against her husband.

Financially, neither of Stitches’ parents struggled for money when he was a child. His father had a waterfront estate, and his mother had a townhouse.

Despite this considerable affluence, Stitches would claim that he would start selling cocaine for money as a teenager.

In addition to supposedly turning to a life of drug dealing as a teenager, Stitches claimed he was kicked out of school for punching a principal.

The principal denies that the story ever happened, and there does not seem to be much evidence in Stitches’ favor.


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Personal Life

One of the most common personal features that Stitches is known for is the number of tattoos that he has on his face.

Each of these tattoos is designed to make a personal statement, and many of them are designed to put forth a cultivated image about the rough lifestyle that Stitches has lived or is currently living.

But some of them reveal a softer side to the rapper.

Examples of his tattoos include:

  • AK-47s
  • Teddy bears
  • The word “cocaine”
  • His son’s face
  • Joker-style stitches around his mouth

Stitches are currently divorced from his first wife, Erica Duarte. Erica married Stitches when he was only 17, and she was 28.

It is unclear how they met, but their fateful meeting may have occurred while Erica was filming a reality show.

Stitches and Erica married in 2012 and divorced in 2017. In that time, they had three children together: Rex, Rocco, and Evelyn.


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Stitches list several artists as his musical influences, including Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. After listening to these artists, Stitches began to perform under his first stage name of “Lil Phill.” In fact, his first track was called ‘My Name is Lil Phill” which was recorded in 2012.

But by the age of 16, Stitches took on the now-famous stage name that he carries to this day. His first mixtape was released only two years later under the title of “No Snitching Is My Statement.”

For his first mixtape, Stitches had some impressive help. DJ Cinemax and DJ Ace both participated on the mixtape, which included such hit songs as “Brick in Yo Face” and “I’m Just a Gansta.”


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In 2015, Stitches released two additional mixtapes: “Brick Bible” and “Supple and Demand.”

After signing with TMI Gang Entertainment in 2015, Stitches released the following albums:

  • “For Drug Dealers Only” in 2015
  • “Tales of a Drug Lord” in 2016
  • “Cocaine Holiday” in 2017
  • “I Need Rehab” in 2017
  • “Bipolar” in 2018
  • “Time for Murder” 2018

Stitches’ sound has been heavily criticized. One review called listening to Stitches’ music as the sound of mainlining 12 Redbulls. Much of his musical career has featured songs about his lifestyle as a drug dealer. In concerts, he has been known to include cocaine as part of the act.


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Interesting Facts

Stitches have been a fountain of almost never-ending controversy in the few years that he has been working as a rapper.

One of the common controversies is over the image that Stitches promote as a hardworking gangster and former drug dealer.

It has been alleged that his career as a drug dealer never happened. The cocaine that he supposedly gave out at a concert was alleged to be flour instead. His shows typically end early.

One of his more infamous stunts involved giving a fan 10,000 dollars in front of a camera and then taking it back and giving her only 100 dollars.

Even a fairly neutral review in the New York Times stated that “maybe Stitches… is telling the truth about his life, maybe he is a master of character.”

One aspect of his life that is not a fraud is his 2017 felony drug charge. Stitches were arrested after offering an officer a joint during a traffic stop.


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Stitches began his professional career the way many aspiring rappers do in the 21st century. He began with a YouTube channel and a lot of attitudes.

Over the years, he has cultivated an image that may or may not be true. Most of his devoted fans do not care whether the details of his career can be fact-checked or not, because they are loving the hype. As a result, Stitches continues to earn money and see his career rise.

Favorite Quotes from Stitches

“The only thing I’m ever gonna trust is my AK-47, bruh.”

“Rest in peace to a hater.”

“I was everywhere, man. I was doing my thing everywhere. Thuggin it out.”

“Just listen to my music, I can tell you right now ain’t nothing in my music fake. I guarantee you that.”


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Tips for success from Stitches

  1. Decide what image you want to promote yourself and stick with it. No matter what anyone has to say about him, Stitches has promoted a single image of himself from the beginning, and it has brought him wealth and fame.
  2. Believe in yourself over the “haters.” Stitches have very little time to listen to his critics or even to respond to them. His ability to ignore the haters has garnered him continued respect from his peers and allowed his career to soar.