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Lil Dicky Net Worth

Lil Dicky net worth salary source of income and more
Net Worth$8,000,000
Full NameDavid Andrew Burd
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 15, 1988 (age 31)
Source of wealthRapper, Songwriter, Comedian
Country of originU.S
State/City of originCheltenham Township, Pennsylvania
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Lil Dicky’s net worth is 8 million dollars. In the span of just a few years, Lil Dicky went from advertising executive to big-time rapper and is rolling in cash now!


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How Much Lil Dicky Make a Year?

Lil Dicky makes over a million dollars each year from his music career.

How does Lil Dicky make his money?

Lil Dicky makes the majority of his money from his rap career. His music videos have made his Youtube channel wildly popular. He gets thousands of dollars for his appearances on other rapper’s tracks, like Chris Brown and T-Pain.

He’s made money from tours and concerts. He now will be making money from the FX TV show that is centered around his life.


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Lil Dicky will tell you himself that his career started out as a joke. Growing up in an upper-middle-class Jewish neighborhood, he knew that he had the talent to be a rapper, but thought he’d play it safe.

After working for just a short time at an advertising agency, Lil Dicky’s decided to start creating his own mixtape. It took him over two years but once he released the video for “Ex-Boyfriend,” Lil Dicky became a household name.

Early Life

David Burd, better known as “Lil Dicky,” was born on March 15, 1988 in the Elkins Park Neighborhood of Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He was born into an upper-middle class Jewish family.


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Lil Dicky went to Cheltenham Township High School, where he said he was not a standout. Apparently, he was actually very nerdy, got good grades and was focused on being the class clown. He always had dreams of being a rapper but thought it was a far-fetched dream for a young, wealthy Jewish kid.

He started rapping when he was in fifth grade, opting to rap a history report on Alexander Pushkin instead of just standing up and presenting it.

After high school, he attended and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Richmond in 2010. After graduation, he moved to San Francisco and got a job at an advertising agency. After creating a rap video from his monthly progress report, he was transferred to the company’s creative department.


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Personal life

While Lil Dicky calls himself a “hopeless romantic,” he is not currently dating anyone. He said he made out with a few girls when filming his music videos but those never became anything more.

His song, “Molly,” is a direct reference to a relationship that he had with an ex-girlfriend. In fact, it is rumored that she is the woman featured in the video. Apparently, the two dated for two years before ending things.

However, though Lil Dicky isn’t currently in a relationship, he’s definitely staying active in the dating world. He claims to have gone on more than 85 dates thanks to dating apps. He’s made it very clear that he’s looking for a woman with a thin body type who is fun and able to deal with his sometimes “selfish” behavior.

If women are interested in Lil Dicky, they don’t have to be famous to have a chance. He’s made it clear that he’s very active on the dating app, “Tinder” and will converse with any woman who catches his attention.


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Lil Dicky started his rap career while he was working at an advertising agency. He says that he started writing raps just to be funny and ironic. His main goal was to achieve some fame so that he could write and star in movies and television shows.


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However, the more Lil Dicky was rapping, the more he realized he liked it. While still working at his day job, Lil Dicky created his first mix tape in 2011. It took him more than two years to make it, using his own MacBook Pro and a cheap microphone. In 2013, he started releasing one single a week for five months.

At present, Lil Dicky net worth reached $8,000,000.

One of those singles, “Ex-Boyfriend” had a music video that went viral, garnering one million views within one day of being posted to YouTube.

After releasing 32 more songs and 15 more music videos, Lil Dicky told his fans that his money had run out and he needed $70,000 to keep producing music. Quickly, he raised $113,000. He released his first studio album in July of 2015.


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Since then he’s released another EP and been featured on a number of artist’s tracks, including “Freaky Friday” with Chris Brown, which went viral.

Interesting Facts

  • This artist is known by many names besides Lil Dicky. These include “The Independent Variable,” “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” and also the “Firm Handshake.”
  • Kevin Hart is behind the production of a new FX television show that will be based on Lil Dicky’s life.
  • Lil Dicky spent nearly his entire life savings on his rap career, ensuring it would get off the ground.
  • Lil Dicky had a brush with fame very early on. He opened up for the rap group 112 when he was just 14 years old.
  • He has said that he wants to be an ironic rapper. Specifically, Lil Dicky says he wants to be the Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld of rap.



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  • Lil Dicky came from an upper-middle-class Jewish neighborhood that is just north of Philadelphia. He admits that a rap career seemed highly unlikely.
  • He started out working for an advertising agency, but when he rapped his monthly progress report, they moved him over to the creative department which started his path to fame.
  • His song, “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral and started his career. After that, fans helped fund Lil Dicky’s career and musical a Lil Dicky ambitions.
  • In April 2018, Lil Dicky performed all across Australia for his first big tour gig.
  • This artist’s career is far from done. He’s in the studio working on his next album as we speak!

Favorite Quotes from Lil Dicky

“I woke up in Chris Brown’s body. Somehow this stuff turned into Freaky Friday. But we got no choice but to turn this thing sideways — (oh yeah, oh yeah). I can’t believe that it’s Freaky Friday; yeah, it’s Freaky Friday, I’m in Chris Brown’s body.”

“Well, I don’t know if they can run it like that. But ain’t nobody else doing funny type rap. What’s that?”

“The world is falling apart in so many ways.”

“Whoever is the DJ for the Sixers home games, every time you play my instrumentals during gameplay, I feel like an excited child. Thank you, I see you.”

Tips for success from Lil Dicky

Even if a dream sounds crazy, just go after it. Something that sounds impossible is actually within reach if you pour your heart and soul into it.

Only put your name on something you truly believe in. As an artist, plenty of people want me to rep their brands. However, I only show public support for brands that I personally believe in. You don’t want your name attached to a company that doesn’t align with your values.

Save your money. Everyone is always talking about how you should buy things once you’re successful but saving your money and building for the future is a true key to success. Take pride in the amount of money you’ve saved!

Humor can make or break you. If you do it well, humor can ease a tough situation or soften the blow of tough news. It can show who you are as a person. However, if you tell a joke that’s out of line, it can ruin your reputation for years. Choose wisely.