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Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth 

Miranda Cosgrove net worth salary income and more
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameMiranda Taylor Cosgrove
Date of Birth/AgeMay 14, 1993 (age 25)
Source of wealthActress, Singer
Country of originU.S
State/City of originLos Angeles, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth is 10 million dollars. It is projected that based on her career and social history, she likely has earned this net worth from childhood acting projects, like her popular Nickelodeon show iCarly.


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Her television show was so popular, that her contract was projected to pay her approximately 200 thousand dollars per episode, plus bonuses.

One noteworthy achievement that Miranda Cosgrove has reached is the fact that she was the highest paid child celebrity in the United States at one point during the year of 2012.


Anybody that watched Nickelodeon in the early 2000s would certainly recognize Miranda Cosgrove from the hit television show Drake and Josh. She was the television sister of two of the most popular figures on Nickelodeonduring this time frame.

Her popularity skyrocketed in the later seasons of Drake and Josh and sparked the possibility of creating her own television show on Nickelodeon after the final season aired.

When the final season of Drake and Josh came to a close, it wasn’t too long before Miranda found herself starring on iCarly. She had finally transitioned from one popular television role to another, co-starring with JennetteMcCurdy for several seasons of iCarly.

Early Life

Miranda Cosgrove was born and raised in Southern California near Los Angeles. She claims to have been home schooled between 6th grade and college so that she could propel her acting career to the next level.


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She started modeling and acting at the age of three, eventually appearing in popular commercials for top brands like McDonald’s and Mello Yello.

Eventually she got her big break, Landing the role of Megan Parker on the hit television show presented by Nickelodeon known as Drake and Josh.

As her character spiked in popularity towards the end of the series, the idea was proposed that she would take the lead role of another Nickelodeon television show in the near future known as iCarly in late 2007.

This role would solidify her success as a child actress for Nickelodeon. Many more opportunities would open up for the rest of her career as she began studying at the University of Southern California in late 2012.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Miranda’s personal life other than the fact that she enjoys hanging out with her former cast mates on her former television shows and that she still loves to pursue her acting career.


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She plans on continuing to be active in the industry, continuing to look for new projects and ideas that could inspire her and advance her career in a positive way.

Interesting Facts

One interesting fact about Miranda Cosgrove is that she actually starred as a voice actor in the Despicable Meseries, voicing the role of Margo in the animated film series.

Another interesting note about Miranda that many people may not know is that she was actually home schooled for acting reasons in 6th grade and beyond.

She never made a comment on whether she liked being home schooled, but she did say that she remained relatively social, but had a limited amount of friends.

She also briefly focused on her music career, releasing over a dozen songs and going on tour in 2011 and 2012. Her most popular song was ‘Dancing Crazy‘, which was released to the public back in 2011.


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Miranda Cosgrove is 5 ft 6, and weight approximately 120 lbs. She loves to go outside with her friends and visit the beach.

She also enjoys bike riding and loves to eat healthy foods. She has a great relationship with her mother and loves to try out new restaurants while balancing her busy schedule.


There are two major career highlights in the career of Miranda Cosgrove. Her first big break came when Nickelodeon hired her to play the role of Megan Parker in Drake and Josh in the early 2000s.

She became extremely popular during her tenure in this role, and her onscreen personality inspired kids across the nation to learn more about her.

After the conclusion of the beloved Drake and Josh television series, she was offered a lead role in another Nickelodeon show in 2007.

This is likely the peak of her childhood career, as she co-starred with Jennette McCurdyfor several seasons of iCarly. She accumulated much of her present net worth during the filming of this show, at times earning 200 thousand dollars for a single episode.


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Tips for Success from Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda has shared a limited amount of information regarding how she believed she reached her success during her childhood acting career.

She didn’t mention in an interview from several years ago that she believed that believing in herself and having faith that she had the ability to get things done was a major factor in her bringing in the success that she managed to.


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She was never afraid to try new things and she believes that that was also something that played to her advantage when looking at roles that may have been outside your comfort zone.

When she got the role to voice Margo on Despicable Me, she wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of voice acting.

As she got more comfortable, she actually became quite good at it and was rehired to voice Margo in all the sequels of Despicable Me.

Where Is Miranda Cosgrove Now in the Year 2019?

Many people might be wondering what Miranda Cosgrove is currently doing presently in the year of 2019. She recently landed the opportunity to host the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards for 2019 alongside Victoria Justice.

At present, Miranda Cosgrove net worth reached $10,000,000.

She has explored the idea of trying to land more voice acting roles in recent months, but there are currently known projects that she is actively participating in the development of.

Her career is far from over in the television industry, and we will likely see her starring in a popular movie or television role again in the very near future.