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Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Net Worth$8,000,000
Full NameParker Schnabel
Date of Birth/AgeJuly 22nd, 1994
25 y.o.
Source of wealthGold Miner, Television Personality
Country of originUnited States
State/City of originHaines, Alaska
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth is $8 million dollars, He has acquired his fortune due to his gold mining operation. His grandfather operated The Big Nugget mine based out of Alaska and Parker had been introduced into the lifestyle from an early age.

He sought out to improve his skill in mining at the age of 16 when he ventured completely into the profession. Using his college savings to finance his own mining operation.

How He Made His Fortune

As of 2018 Parker’s net worth had climbed to a staggering $8 million USD. His mining operations have been said to of yielded $13 million USD worth of gold. Making Parker a very successful wealthy individual considering his age.

Yearly earnings

Parker’s wealth is not the sole result of mining, he has been part of a remarkably well known Discovery Channel Television show, “Gold Rush”. The show; currently in its 9th season has taken the world by storm, leaving a trail of fans and merchandise in its wake.


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Reports indicate that Parker makes approximately $25,000 per episode of the show, his main fortune is made from his mine but one cant argues that $25,000 is a hefty payday. Other reports suggest he makes a whopping $500,000 per season.

Parker’s Largest Scores

In the 4th season of the show, Parker and his team of men un-earthed 1029 OZ of gold, which is slightly more than $1.3 million USD. The 5th season was even kinder to Parker and his team, bringing in 3362 OZ of gold, which was estimated at $3.7 million USD.

This has been some of the events young Parker has had come to fruition, he has been described as being a professional in his field of work and rightly so.


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Much of his success has been hard worked for, and with knowledge being instilled upon him from a young age, there is no question that he deserves the title of professional.

Alaska can be a rough and unforgiving land but Parker has made thriving in the state and his success just continues to grow exponentially.


Parker Schnabel is a self-made businessman. Being raised in Alaska is a tough environment, it offers wild animals, rough terrain, long nights and long days and let’s not forget the extreme bitter cold. To live in a land such as this requires the inhabitants to be equally tough and enduring.

Parker Schnabel is such a man. Alaska is known for many things, beauty, isolation, snow, and Gold Mining. Parker was raised around gold mining practices, his grandfather owned and operated his own Gold Mining right and taught young Parker the ropes.

Parker excelled at the profession and has gone on to own and operate his very own Mining operation. Bringing in several thousand OZ of gold, making Parker one of the richest self-made men in the state.

Early Life

Parker Schnabel: born July 22nd, 1994, birthplace Haines Alaska. He is currently 24 years of age and stands at 5 Ft 9 In. Parker was always a talented individual, during his High School years;


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Parker played for his school’s varsity basketball team. Parker was always an outdoorsy kind of individual, He has shown a particular interest in Geology and mining.

Intending to study them in college, Parker success only grew as his age progressed. At the age of 16, he took over the family business, operating his own gold mining operation.

His success is due in part thanks to his grandfather who operating The Big Nugget gold mining operation when Parker displayed skill in the field, his grandfather decided to step down; leaving Parker in charge of the family operation.


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Parker’s appearance is that of a slender man, standing tall with brown hair and an innocent smile. When he sets his mind to accomplish something, he goes after it full force.

During his early carrier as a gold miner, he showed incredible skill and knowledge for the trade and continues to impress. His early life was riddled with success and that has not ceased with age, only improved for the better.

Personal Life

Parker Schnabel was born to parents Roger and Nancy Schnabel. He has one sibling, his brother Payson Schnabel. His father Roger was also in the gold mining field of work, working alongside his dad on The Gold Nugget Mining operation.


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Roger Schnabel also owns his own construction company and is responsible for the making of roadways for over 40 years.

Roger Schnabel’s net worth is estimated at $6 million, his main source of income is construction. Not much is known of Parker’s mother Nancy Schnabel.

His Brother is into the Gold Mining industry as well but is not as popular as Parker, much of Parker’s success in the limelight is due to his role on Discovery Channels Television show “Gold Rush”.


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Parker Schnabel does have a current girlfriend which puts an end to all of the rumors surfacing about him being homosexual. Parker’s Ex-Girlfriend; Ashley Yule is of Australian origin, She appeared on “Gold Rush” during the Seventh and Eighth seasons.


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The relationship was doomed to fail from the start though, Parker comments that it was his own doing why the relationship failed. He states that he could not give her everything she deserved due to his responsibilities on the job.

He speaks very highly of Ashley and shifts all blame onto his own failure to juggle the relationship with his work responsibilities.

Parker has not openly admitted to being in a new relationship but there are speculations as to his relationship with Brit Sheena Cowell.


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There is not much known about her but it is believed she is a Gold Minor and could possibly be Parker’s new love interest.

Parker Schnabel currently is not married and has no kids, this is of no surprise when accounting the tremendous effort and time it takes to successfully mine Gold in Alaska.


Even those who might not know his name will recognize his face. He rose to fame following his appearance on the popular television show “Gold Rush” which has run successfully for over a decade.

Parker started out young, working for his grandfather on The Big Nugget mining operation. After Parker began to show promise, his grandfather retired and left the operation in Parker’s capable hands.


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Parker rose to the occasion and has made a successful name for himself. He went as far as to set up his own operation and hire his own personal crew.

Parker has made headlines in the past due to the amount of gold he has pulled from the earth during a season. He has brought in several thousand OZ’s and has been declared one of the most successful minors in Alaska, despite his young age.

Parkers success is due in part to the legacy his grandfather built. His grandfather was a very successful minor and taught Parker everything he knew up until his passing.


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Parker has credited his success to his grandfather, stating he would not be where he is today if it hadn’t been for his grandfather helpful guiding hand. Though finding Gold is not uncommon for Minors, finding large chunks of gold is rare.

Parker has managed to do just that, he found a gold chunk that is estimated to bring about $500 for the single piece, it is estimated to weigh in at a quarter of an OZ.


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Informative Facts

Parker Schnabel is an Alaskan born native, born into mining and raised fa away from the big city’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. Parker is a very wealthy man, having made over $13 million USD through his mining efforts. Parker is a multi-millionaire with fortunes ever growing. He was a college attendant but used the money from his college savings to start his own family branch of mining.

He has had a Girlfriend in the past but due to uneasy working conditions, found it difficult to maintain a healthy balanced relationship and inevitably had to call it quits. He is one of the biggest Gold Minors in the state of Alaska and his wealth was built on hard work and restless days. He took over the family business after his grandfather stepped down and is now in charge of one of Alaska’s finest Gold Mining sites. Leaving the competition in the dust; Parker always strives to move forward.


  • Parker had a rare find while Gold Mining, he un-earthed a quarter OZ gold nugget that can easily bring in $500 for the single piece. He is a Self-made businessman and the sole owner of his mining operation. Parker has had relationships in the past but is always focused on the future and finds it hard to juggle both personal life and business life.
  • Parker is one of the youngest multimillionaires in the State of Alaska. Parker Schnabel’s family life consists of his parents and brother, his grandfather was an important man in his life up until his unfortunate passing. He Led a team to the jungles of Guyana in an effort to see how the gold intake proceeded.

Parker Schnabel Quotes

“My advice is that you need to start small”

“Start off with a gold pan and a tiny sluice box. Don’t go huge where you’re hurting for money and your wife gets mad.”

“The Key to success is the team you work with, surround yourself with good company and good things are bound to happen.”

Tips for Success

The college has its purpose but if you know what you want and have the means to achieve it, college does not have to be an obstacle in your way. Set your sights on a goal and work towards achieving that goal.

Age does not define a person success, an individuals attitude and willingness to move forward defines greatness.