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Shroud Net Worth

Shroud Net Worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NameMichael Grzesiek
Date of Birth/AgeJune 2, 1994 (age 25)
Source of wealthProfessional Gamer
Country of originU.S
State/City of originToronto, Ontario
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Shroud’s net worth is $1,000,000.

He’s made all of his money by winning various video gaming competitions.

How Much Does Shroud Make a Year?

Shroud makes between $100,000 to $500,000 a year. It all depends on how many video gaming competitions he’s won.

He makes thousands of dollars each month from the streaming videos on his YouTube channel as well.

How does Shroud make his money?

Shroud mainly makes his money from the gaming competitions that he’s won. For example, in 2017, he won second place in the ESL One: Cologne 2017 competition, earning him $40,000.

Some competitions earn him far more money than others, however. At the ESL Pro League Season Four finals, he won first place and that earned him $200,000.

Besides earning tons of money from gaming competitions, Shroud makes a good deal of money from endorsements and sponsorships. He also makes quite a bit of money from his YouTube channel.


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He’s known to the internet gaming world simply as “Shroud,” but this famous Polish-Canadian Counter-Strike player was once just simply known as Michael.

He is a legend in the online gaming world, known for his incredible skills playing “Call of Duty Black Ops 4,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” and even “Apex Legends.”

He’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his gaming and with the incredible skill that he shows on a daily basis, there’s no question that his success will continue to grow.

Early Life

He’s known now as Shroud but that’s not his given name. Shroud’s real name is Michael Grzesiek. His parents are Polish, but he was born in Mississauga, Ontario, which is in Canada.

Interestingly, since his parents moved to Canada, they chose to teach Michael English instead of Polish, so he’d fit in better with society.

Because of that, Michael doesn’t speak Polish very well at all and has to use a translation app when speaking to his family that still lives in Europe.

His family says that he’s a quiet but brilliant person and that he’s always been interested in video games.

They say that though he did quite well at school, he’d often try to get out of doing his homework and play video games instead.


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Personal life

Shroud moved from Ontario, Canada to Orange County, California to not only find a more exciting life but also to advance his video gaming career.

He is a quiet man of small stature, only standing 5’6’’ tall! He’s a man who is known to like to sleep in and his parents say that he is a heavy sleeper.

He’s also very healthy, choosing to eat fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, which is odd for most gamers.

Shroud also is known to be a bit of a neat-freak. He likes to sanitize his keyboard and controllers, especially if someone else has used them.

The twenty-four-year-old has a longtime girlfriend who is also a gamer. Her name is Jessica Rago, but she’s known in the streaming world as Dacchei.

The couple was seen together in Las Vegas at the Dreamhack Las Vegas conference.


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Shroud started his career by simply playing video games as a teen. He became so good and so well known due to video streaming services that certain video game teams took notice and asked him to join.

He is known to be a great player of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” and was part of a number of ESEA teams, like Extertus.

Shortly thereafter he joined the CompLexity Gaming as a freelance member of their team. It wasn’t long before CompLexity Gaming was bought by the company Cloud9.

Following suit, Shroud joined Cloud9’s team.

This was an incredibly smart move on Shroud’s behalf. While he was a part of Cloud9’s team, he helped them win first place in 2016 at the ESL Pro League Season Four competition and second place at the ESL One Competition in 2017.

Hoping to advance his career, Shroud announced that was retiring from Cloud9’s team but would still fill in on the team from time to time. This was short-lived, as in April of 2018 he parted ways with Cloud9 entirely.

Currently, he streams full-time on Twitch and participates in things like the “Twitch Rivals” tournament.

He also is known to be smarter than hackers and has fought against some who tried to break into his accounts.

Shroud net worth reached $1,000,000 by 2019.

Interesting Facts

  • As a child, Shroud did very well in school. He’d often try to get out of doing his homework and play video games instead.
  • His parents are both Polish and speak Polish fluently. However, they wanted their son to assimilate into Canadian culture, so they taught him English as his first language.
  • Because his parents didn’t teach him Polish, he doesn’t know how to speak with many of his relatives who still live in Poland.
  • His game of choice is “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”
  • As much as he loves the game “Counter-Strike,” he announced in 2018 that he was retiring from ever playing the game again.
  • While Shroud still live-streams on the platform “Twitch,” he no longer represents the company Cloud9.


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  • Shroud was born in Canada to Polish parents, but he doesn’t speak any Polish.
  • As a young child, he enjoyed playing all kinds of video games, but he never thought that he could make it into a career.
  • He started out gaming in his own home and made such a name for himself that huge gaming teams started to take notice.
  • He made most of his money by winning gaming competitions.


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Favorite Quotes from Shroud

“I always forget when I press ‘start streaming.’ It can lead to some embarrassing moments.”

“I don’t think we’re streaming today boys. Too much demo action going on inside my house. GGWP games tomorrow??”

“I have to go to physical therapy, but I will also still make time for gaming.”

“I haven’t decided what to do with life, but I’m here.”

“I really enjoy doing podcasts. I once did a World of Warcraft podcast, and it was incredible.”

“We’re not streaming today because I’m off doing some super-secret fun stuff…but there’s some cool new gear coming soon!”

“Well I’m down, but not down to waste too much time in the beta. I’ll mess around here and there. No stream tomorrow. Cool beans.”


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Tips for success from Shroud

  1. Always go after your dreams, even if people tell you that they’re stupid. People always told me that gaming was a waste of time. They told me it couldn’t be a career. Look at me now, though, making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
  2. Make time for what is important to you. I might spend a good deal of time on things outside of gaming, but I’m never too far away from my computer. It is important to me, so I make it a priority.
  3. Just because you choose one path in life doesn’t mean that it is the one you have to stay on forever. That’s why I’ve retired from certain kinds of gaming. Things are constantly changing in the gaming world, so I’m always changing my path. Who knows, maybe someday I won’t be gaming at all.