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Sommer Ray Net Worth

Sommer Ray Net Worth 2019 | Sources of Income, Salary and More
Net Worth$5,000,000
Full NameSommer Ray
Date of Birth/AgeSeptember 15th, 1996 (Age: 22)
Source of wealthInstagram, YouTube, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Product Endorsements
Country of originU.S
State/City of originDenver, Colorado
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Sommer Ray’s net worth is 5 million dollars.

How Much Does Sommer Ray Make a Year?

Sommer Ray is said to make upwards of $3 million a year.

How Does Sommer Ray Make her Money?

Sommer Ray is rumored to make $26,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Each post is sponsored by a company, and she has many endorsement contracts.

As she posts constantly for her 20 million followers, this adds up per year.

She also makes her money from YouTube advertising revenue, up to $40,000 a month depending on views.


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Her YouTube videos feature her fitness routine, fashion, and reviews. She has over 1 million subscribers.

She also earns money from product endorsements on her channels, including, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and the Myokore portable training system.

She also has a shop to sell her line of merchandise and fitness wear.

She also has a second Instagram for more natural and down to earth photographs. This account has over 3 million followers.


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Sommer Ray is best known as a fitness model and online celebrity. She is very active on YouTube and Instagram, posting fitness inspiration as well as fashion posts.

While her photos are often sexy, she also likes connecting with her followers as fun, down to earth personality and fitness inspiration.

She has branched out from modeling into entrepreneurship, launching her own fashion line and phone apps.

Early Life

Sommer Ray was born on September 15th, 1996, in Denver, Colorado. She grew up on a ranch with horses outside Denver.

Her mother owned a horse boarding business, while her father was a competitive bodybuilder. She grew up participating in rural activities, like raising animals and participating in the rodeo.

She began lifting weights and following in her parents’ footsteps when she was 14. She attended Castle View High School in Castle Rock, Colorado.

She dropped out after one year because she was being bullied. She was homeschooled afterward.


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Personal Life

Sommer Ray’s mother is a competitive bodybuilder as was her father, who passed away in 2015. She has three siblings, Savannah, Bronson, and Skylyn.

Savannah and Skylyn are both also Instagram models. Her family has always supported her career, and her dad was her personal trainer. Her mother continues to appear in Sommer’s videos.

Sommer Ray’s boyfriend is Max Ehrich, an actor from “The Young and the Restless.” She has been previously romantically linked to fellow YouTube star RiceGum and musician Justina Valentine. She has no children.


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She says she has “80s style” and prefers clothes that reflect this, like designer Sophia Hodes.
Sommer Ray now lives in California with the rest of the YouTube “Clout Gang.”


Sommer Ray started her internet career on Vine in 2013. Her short fitness videos were hugely popular, and when Vine closed, she moved to YouTube and Instagram.

She started posting pictures of her fitness routine, but now also posts sexy photos, often in bikinis or lingerie.

In 2015 she won a Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D award at the local Colorado National Physique Committee championship. She also won an award at the USA National Physique Committee championship that same year.


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She currently has millions of flowers on YouTube and Instagram. She is part of the Clout Gang on YouTube and collaborates often with them.

As she became more famous, brands began flying her out to California for photoshoots. Swimwear brands like Cristalina have hired her to write blog posts and model bikinis for their websites.

She has also moved into television, having appeared on “Wild ‘n Out”, on MTV.
She has a fitness phone application called Evolve Fitness and has launched a website to sell her own line of fitness wear.

Several other apps and clothing lines are rumored to be in progress.

At present, Sommer Ray net worth reached $5,000,000.

Interesting Facts

  • She has appeared in several television shows, including Nuclear Family and King Bachelor’s Pad.
  • She has a Pomeranian named Mazi.
  • She is against plastic surgery.


  • In 2016, she was featured as “Lovely Lady of the Day” on the Sports Illustrated website.
  • She was featured in Business Insider as one of the eight highest-paid Instagram stars in the world.
  • She was featured in Forbes magazine in 2018.


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Favorite Quotes from Sommer Ray

“I want girls to know that I’m for them. I want to show them my personality and show them that I’m not just a dumb bimbo.

Because that’s what you think. You see a girl on Instagram, showing her body, and it’s just substance less.”

“I grew up on a ranch in Colorado, in the middle of nowhere. I raised chickens in 4-H. I was really good at it! I have all blue ribbons.

I was a rodeo princess. I’m a country girl, not a fake one. When I go to Country Jam, and I’m in cowboy boots, people always say, ‘She’s fake.’ I’m like, ‘No. I was in 4H!’”



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Tips for Success from Sommer Ray

  1. “I just want to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle. I’m really against plastic surgery and all that stuff. I’m also trying to grow my business. I’m trying to become a businesswoman.”
  2. “I want younger girls to see I’m an actual human. I think more girls need to do stuff like that because when I first started at like 17, 18, and moved out to Cali I thought all of these girls were going to be picture perfect and I’d be nothing compared to them.
  3. Then I realized wow, you’re just a normal person. When little girls see stuff like that there will be less of them hating themselves. We all have flaws. Our whole role in life after being given this power is to motivate and inspire so that’s what I want to do.”