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Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Tana Mongeau Net Worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NameTana Marie Mongeau
Date of Birth/AgeJune 24, 1998 (age 20)
Source of wealthInternet Personality, Rapper, Model
Country of originU.S
State/City of originLas Vegas, Nevada
Last Updated2019

What Is Tana Mongeau’s Net Worth?

Tana Mongeau’s net worth is $1 million.

How Did Tana Mongeau Make Her Money?

She is a successful professional YouTuber. She is also an aspiring singer who has released a handful of singles. She was recently offered a reality TV show, which is certain to boost her fame and earnings even more.

Mongeau is what’s known as a “storytime” YouTuber. This refers to videos that feature the YouTuber relating a personal story that is funny, scary, embarrassing or unique. Typically, the YouTuber uses the story to illustrate a point about relationships, work or life in general.


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Wide-Ranging Videos

Mongeau quickly grabbed attention for her blonde bombshell looks, her foul mouth and her willingness to talk about anything.

Mongeau’s videos generally cover a wide range of subjects, from how to choose a lipstick color to ruminations on school shootings and bullying.

She is also known for playing pranks on her fans. In 2018, for instance, she sent out a Twitter announcing that she was pregnant. Most of her fans and followers knew that it was a joke right away.

Mongeau has built a fanbase of people who praise her for being “real” and honest. She talks openly and frankly about her crushes, her sex life, her diets, and her struggles to figure out her feelings.

All of this has made her extremely popular with an audience going through similar struggles.


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Social Media

Fans have sometimes pointed out that her stories are sometimes too far-fetched to be real, but that hasn’t seemed to dim her popularity.

Mongeau has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.4 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million Twitter followers.

She has also appeared as an actress in the movies Minute Match-Ups (2015), Escape the Night (2016) and Merry Christmas from Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau (2018).


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Tana Mongeau Early Life

Mongeau was born and raised in Las Vegas. She has described her upbringing as poor and dysfunctional. She has spoken openly about being raised in an unhealthy environment where drugs and alcohol were rampant.

She has said that she was followed by a stalker when she was just a child. In a series of YouTube videos, she told her viewers that the stalker had been released from prison and wondered if he would be able to find her.

Mongeau began posting YouTube videos in 2017. Her first famous video, “The N Word,” was an angry response to a popular YouTuber who consistently used a racial slur in his comedy routines.

Mongeau took him to task for harassing her in public because she had criticized his use of the word. The video garnered her instant attention. It has been viewed over 6 million times. The two later became friends, and Mongeau posted an “apology” video that was viewed over 3 million times.


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Recording Career

In November 2017, she released the single “Hefner.” The video for the song featured the actress Bella Thorne.

Mongeau also recorded the song “Deadahh” with Lil Phag and Dr. Woke. In 2018, she released the singles “W” and “F**k Up.”

Tana Mongeau net worth reached $10,000,000 by 2019.


In 2018, Mongeau was slated to appear at the VidCon gathering of YouTube performers. The annual convention brings together YouTube stars and fans in a huge, two-day event.

In a video, Mongeau explained that she had not enjoyed her experience at the 2017 VidCon and would be hosting her own, an alternative convention called TanaCon right next door and at the same time.

The event drew 20,000 people to a convention hall that was only designed to hold 5000. In addition, Mongeau had failed to properly organize the convention and the registration process, leading to thousands of people waiting in line for a hotel for hours to register, without food, water or any shelter from the elements. The few people who did get in blasted it as a boring, empty convention with nothing to do.


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The overflow conditions caused security officials to shut the whole thing down the next day. The disastrous event got so much bad publicity that many YouTube fans were calling it the VidCon equivalent of the “Fyre festival” that was the subject of an HBO documentary.

Afterward, Mongeau apologized to her fans and said, “I take full responsibility. I shouldn’t have thrown a convention in two months. It was dumb and compulsive, but I wanted to make change in this industry and create a better space.”

Famous YouTuber Shane Dawson later produced a three-part documentary about the TanaCon debacle that he posted to his own channel.


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Reality Show

In April 2019, MTV announced that Mongeau would be starring in her own reality show, Tana Turns 21. Mongeau made the announcement to her fans and promised that she would continue posting YouTube videos.


Mongeau has come out as bisexual. She was in a two-year relationship with actress Bella Thorne, who starred in the TV shows Big LoveShake It Up and Famous In Love. The relationship ended in April 2019.


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A few months later, Thorne and Mongeau were seen spending time together in public. Both insisted that they were not getting back together but were just good friends.

In May 2019, Mongeau and singer Noah Cyrus exchanged a series of twitter posts about the singer Lil Xan. Mongeau had a brief relationship with the young rapper.

Cyrus had also dated him and had chronicled their breakup and his subsequent marriage to a new, pregnant girlfriend in excruciating detail.

The flare-up between Cyrus and Mongeau started when Mongeau claimed that Cyrus was rude to her when they met each other at the 2018 MTV Awards show.

Mongeau posted a 40-minute video to her channel where she described talking with the singer while Cyrus watched.

She complained that Cyrus hated her because she was being friendly with Lil Xan, saying, “I hear from a bunch of other people that she just, like, hates me. It hurt. It still hurts.”

In response, Cyrus tweeted back that Mongeau had misread the situation and that there were no hard feelings between them.

In 2019, Mongeau dated fellow YouTuber Brad Sousa for about six months. She broke up with him after discovering that he had been exchanging erotic pictures with other women.


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Favorite Quotes From Tana Mongeau

“I’ve always been talentless, but to finally be talentless on an MTV reality show is such an honor for me.”

Tana Mongeau Success Tips

  1. Life progresses. Life moves on. Whatever you’re sad about, you’re going to be able to grow from it if you put your mind to it. Everyone wouldn’t say the phrase ‘It gets better’ if it didn’t get better.
  2. Bleach and tone.