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Tory Lanez Net Worth

tory lanez net worth
Net Worth$2,000,000
Full NameDaystar Peterson
Date of Birth/AgeJuly 27, 1992 (age 26)
Source of wealthRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Country of originCanada
State/City of originBrampton, Ontario
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Tory Lanez net worth is $2 million dollars.

How Much Tory Lanez Make a Year

Tory’s annual income breakdown has not been published.

How does Tory Lanez make his money?

Tory Lanez makes his money from concerts, songwriting, record production sales, and mixtape sales.


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Tory Lanez is a famous Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, and rapper that has brought his own sound to the music industry.

Let’s take a closer look at Tory’s personal life, bio, net worth and career history.

Early Life

Tory Lanez’s real name is Daystar Peterson. He was born on July 27, 1992 in Ontario, Canada. He has immigrant parents.

His mother’s name is Luella Peterson and his father’s name is Sonstar Peterson. His dad was from Barbados.

He has a brother named Orane Forrest. His family started out in Montreal, but eventually relocated to Miami.

When Tory Lanez’s mother passed away his life changed a lot, mainly because his dad had to change jobs and that causes them to move frequently.

Later on, his father remarried and they settled down in Atlanta. Even though Tory wasn’t a fan of the constant moving around, he was grateful for the move to Atlanta.


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While living in Atlanta he made a friend named Hakeem. Hakeem gave him the nickname Lanez which he loved.

In 2006, Tory moved to NY to live with his sibling. He was trying to get away from his personal problems that developed when his dad remarried.

He later had to move to an apartment in Toronto, but his grandmother didn’t want to live with him. Tory was forced to take care of himself. He started working before he became legal.

Ultimately, Tory found a home with a few roommates. It was a very stressful situation and it was hard for him to maintain his sanity.

He decided that Tory was going to be the other part of his stage name. He kept Tory because he loved Notorious B.I.G. Once he finalized his stage name he left school.

He started singing, but he never had a teacher, and had no idea what he was doing.

As a young kid Tory always wanted to follow his dreams. Even at a young age he would write songs on a daily basis.


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Personal life

Tory Lanez used to have a Jamaican girlfriend but they had a trouble filled breakup.

She reportedly suffered abuse in that relationship and says Tory would make her feel pity publicly and she was scared because she didn’t know what action to take and how to get out of the relationship.

Later on she posted pictures of their messages which exposed him threatening her. He seemingly would apologize every time he hit her, but the abuse continued.

She says that he would treat her like his property and she couldn’t look at anyone else.

Tory never reported any information regarding his dating life or family outside of the relationship drama.

No one has heard anything else from his ex-girlfriend so it is rumored that he payed her to be quiet about the matter.


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In 2009 Tory released his initial mixtape called “T.L. 2 T.O.” While he was in Florida he was already making some music videos and he finally began uploading them to the internet.

He created a YouTube channel and started frequently posting there as well.

Before long Sean Kingston noticed him and felt like Tory had potential. He requests that Tory come to a Justin Bieber performance so something could be arranged.

In 2010 Tory put out new mixtapes called “Just Landed”, “Playing for Keeps”, “One Verse One Hearse”, and “Mr. 1 Verse Killah”.

In 2011 Tory did get into a deal with Kingston, but he ended the partnership because he wanted to sing solo.

In 2012 he put out a new mixtapes and then released a few videos he and G-Eazy made. Those videos went viral.


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At one point Tory made a song called Teyana to honor the Teyana Taylor singer. Instead, she found the song offensive and responded with track shaming Tory.

In 2014 Tory started a series he named Fargo Fridays which were used to publish songs and interviews.

During the series he wrote the songs “Talk On Road” and “I’ll Be There”. His very first tour was named “Lost Cause Tour” in honor of his “Lost Cause” mixtape. It was supposed to be published in September, but it came out two months later.

In 2015 he announced a new project which was an EP he made while working with WeDidIt Records. In June of the same year he mentioned his EP would be called “Cruel Intentions” and then posted a new song labeled “Karrueche”.


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The intro single to the album was titled “Say It”. Later on he got into a contract with Mad Love Records and Interscope Records. Also in 2015 Tory made two more mixtapes and they gained lots of attention because he had a more serious fanbase.

Eventually, he was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show and started receiving recognition from other artists.

In the spring of 2016 he announced he would be going on “The Level Up Tour” which consisted of him and ASAP Ferg.

His last works were remixes of a few famous songs other hip-hop artists made. Later on he had a tour titled “I Told You”.

His album released on August 19, 2016 was also called “I Told You”. It featured the singles “Luv” and “Say It” which reached number 23, and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.


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Interesting Facts

  • The Freshmen class of 2016 was set to feature Tory, but he didn’t want to be in it because he felt that he was better than the other artists set to be featured.
  • Lanez wrote various songs for other artists and the ones he likes best are the songs he wrote for Akon.
  • Tory refers to his music style as swacey. It combines rapping, singing, and a little rock.
  • Tory says his biggest role model is R. Kelly. He finds him extremely influential, independent, and strong.
  • Tory Lanez is said to have gained fame because of Drake and they were rumored to have been cousins. Tory shared his songs with Drake and promised to pay if he didn’t like them. It turns out that Drake liked the mixtape and made it popular. Later on Tory failed to maintain proper respect and the two addressed each other in songs.
  • Tory ran into some legal problems because of his concert in Texas. He provoked violence by telling crows to “turn up the heat”. A huge fight broke out as a result and security blamed the singer. He refused to take any responsibility.


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Favorite Quotes from Tory Lanez

“I’m thankful to God that my life changed, but I’m also still on my grind.”
“If you try to be better every day, more miracles happen in your life.”
“Every time I do something in life, I try to outdo myself.”