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YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth

ybn almighty jay Net Worth
Net Worth$300,000
Full NameJay Bradley
Date of Birth/AgeAugust 6, 1999 (age 19)
Source of wealthRapper, Singer, Songwritter
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originGalveston, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

YBN Almighty Jay net worth is $300,000 dollars.

But don’t get too comfortable with those numbers as this prominent rapper shows a lot of promise and was recently signed to a label; therefore, expect many good things to come from YBN Almighty Jay in the coming months ahead.

YBN Almighty Jay earns a lucrative income from his YouTube channel alone, which is named after him, “YBN Almighty Jay”.

YBN Almighty Jay is an African American Hip-Hop rapper and one of the founders of YBN collective.

He is best known for the tracks “Chopsticks” released in November of 2017 that took off on Sound cloud with 7 million plays, the single “Takin Off”, released January of 2018 that is currently up to 2 million views, and more.

Other songs include; “Off Instagram”, “2 Tone Drip”, “Birth of a King” released in 2015, “The Vape God” released in 2016, and “Million Dollar Kid” also released in 2016.

The hip-hop artist collaborated with artists like “Rich the Kid” and “YBN Nahmir” and has numerous followers on his social media channels; On Instagram, he has 1.1 million, Twitter, 38.3k, and on Facebook, he has 1.9k fans following his music.


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How Much YBN Almighty Jay Make a Year

His current earnings from YouTube are $3.5k to $56.7k annually. Jay earned $3k from his single with Lil Skies and YBN Nahmir called, “Think Twice” and $28.5k from YouTube for the track, “Chopsticks”.

The rapper also generates $2325 to $3876 per post from social media endorsements. So far on Instagram, he has more than 1.1 million followers and posted more than 17 times. In addition, from Sound Cloud — where Jay has over 8 million streams — he earned $32k.

How does YBN Almighty Jay make his money?

Almighty Jay makes most of his money from the tracks he released. The artist is also well-known for the several collaborations he has taken part in over the years, such as him and Rich the Kid” made the song “Beware”, and with YBN Nahmir he produced the track “No Hook”.

Aside from the tracks he released, the hip-hop rapper also earns a nice amount from performing at public events throughout the country including in California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The rapper was reported to have made $100,000 from his hit singles so far. The song, “No Hook” that resulted from collaborating with Nahmir earned $41.5k, and while singing for the World Star Hip-Hop (WSHH) label, Jay earned $50k.


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There’s meaning to the name, “YBN Almighty Jay”. YBN stands for “Young Boss N-as”, which was adapted by himself and good friend, “YBN Nahmir”. They also formed the rap collective and have performed together many times.

For instance, Jay was featured on YBN Nahmir’s track, “No Hook” which they received 715,000 daily plays on, and we will probably see more where that came from in the near future.

Early Life

YBN Almighty Jay was born August 6, 1999, in Galveston, Texas as Jay Bradley. He and his brother were raised by their mother who was an only parent. Jay claims he was a bad boy in school, but managed to get through it and graduated from The Texas City High School.

While growing up, along with listening to his mother’s gospel music, Jay also listened to some legends of his time, such as Chris Brown, Chief Keef, and Weezy, but his true inspiration came from Soulja Boy.

He began writing his own rhymes for rap when he was just 9 years old and in his teens, Jay was aspiring to be a YouTube personality. Jay also spent a lot of time playing XBOX games which is how he met Nick Simmons aka YBN Nahmir, together the two would start the YBN Crew.

The 19-year-old (soon to be 20) hip-hop artist is already living a life of luxury cruising around town in a decked-out BMW and hanging with some of the top hip-hop artists, such as Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, and Kodak Black, among others.

Almighty Jay is 5’ 9 inches tall.


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Personal life

YBN Almighty Jay was previously dating “Vixen Blac Chyna”. First, there was talk about him proposing to the model and previous stripper, then rumors began to spread about her being pregnant by Jay, but was found later not to be true.


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Chyna has also worked as Nicki Minaj’s stunt double.

Chyna has had a lot of drama in her life and — not only is she 10 years older than Jay (he is 19 and she is 29) — but she also has two kids from two different men.

Her son, King Cairo is from the famous rapper known as Tyga and her daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian is from Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian.

The couple was first seen at the beginning of March at a bowling alley in Los Angeles. They supposedly met at a Christian dating platform online. However, after seeing each other for 8 months, the couple split up.

Jay also dated “Dailyn Scott” for three months whom he met during a music video production and the two have a son together named, “Sir Lucious Scott”. However, Almighty Jay is currently reported to be seeing the hip-hop artist “Tabatha Robinson” a.k.a “DreamDoll”.


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In January of this year 2019, Rich the Kid signed Jay to his label known as, “Rich Forever Music”, so expect good things to come real soon from the young rap artist.

His single, “Rubbin’ off the Paint”, was an overnight success and was certified platinum. What’s more, is, Jay, assembled a diverse hip-hop collective, YBN, with some friends he met while gaming online, who have also become successful.

Jay began posting his songs on YouTube in September of 2017. Later it was the song Chopsticks that went viral and got him noticed. Within the first month, the song gained 4 million views on YouTube and the video had over 10 million hits on Sound Cloud.

Also, Almighty Jay has already performed in many locations, such as Los Angeles, Alabama, Chicago, and Birmingham, and will continue to remain an active hip-hop performer.


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Interesting Facts

On his Instagram page, Almighty Jay has photos of him with the celebrities Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rich the Kid, Christian Combs, Kodak Black, Sage the Gemini, and P. Diddy’s son.

The oldest rap artist Jay listened to is Lil Wayne.


The YBN crew’s first full-length project was, YBN: The Mixtape.

While appearing on “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” Jay admitted that he can’t name any of the members of “Wu-Tang Clan”, in fact, he didn’t even know who they are.


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Favorite Quotes from YBN Almighty Jay

“What makes it better is having my girl by my side wit me enjoying life with me”.
– YBN Almighty Jay

“nobody ever know how I feel about it, ‘cause I never say shit about it”.
– YBN Almighty Jay


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Tips for success from YBN Almighty Jay

  1. “Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality”.
    – YBN Almighty Jay
  2. “I feel like people will open their eyes up more to the situation. ‘Cause at the end of the day, shit, we are people”.
    – YBN Almighty Jay