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Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth
Net Worth$600,000
Real NameDieuson Octave
Date of Birth/AgeJune 11th 1997
21 y.o.
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originUSA
State/City of originPompano Beach, Florida,
Last updated2019

Net Worth

Because of how much money he has accrued through being a successful rapper, we are going to take a closer look at his net worth to determine how much the artist is worth:

Kodak Black has a net worth of $600,000. This makes sense given the amount of music he has released to critical acclaim—with celebrities such as Drake even filming videos of himself dancing to Kodak Black’s music, it makes a lot of sense that the young artist would not only skyrocket to fame but make some money along the way.

Though Kodak Black released his first mixtape on December 26th, 2013, this would not make him much money. This is because the nature of mixtapes involves artists giving them away for free, resulting in no profits.

Kodak Black would release two more mixtapes before he would receive profit for his music, first surprising the market with an impressive 500,000 copies sold of his 2016 single “No Flockin”. This success would only grow with multiple singles, mixtapes, and two albums later.

It should be noted that Kodak Black is also well-known for making smart investments, even involving himself with a youth football league called the Pompano Gators.


One of the most promising figures from this new group of rap artists is Kodak Black, a 21-year-old rapper that has made a name for himself in the past few years. Despite being incredibly young, he already has amassed an impressive following for his music that seems to be giving him an incredible amount of money as well.

At least, if the video of him stepping on $5 million is worth going by! Though he has also brought with him a handful of controversies, including multiple criminal charges, his music has somehow caught on and continued to influence the rap scene.

Early Life


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Kodak Black (born on June 11th, 1997) is an artist who truly came into their own from a young age. The rapper began his career at the age of 12 when he joined the rap group Brutal Youngnz in 2009. This group would give him his first opportunities to truly rap, giving him the initial audience necessary to jumpstart his career.

Though his friends would call him Lil’ Black while growing up, it was not until Instagram launched that he would begin using the moniker that he is most-known by today. The name Kodak Black was his Instagram handle at first, referencing the photographic element of the social media platform being tagged onto his nickname of Black.

While growing up, Kodak Black had some trouble with the law, landing in multiple youth detention services and getting in trouble frequently. He would continue to pursue his high school diploma, but this was eventually thwarted by the rapper having to go to prison. However, he would eventually finish his GED in prison!

Personal Life


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In order to have a nuanced understanding of Kodak Black’s personal life, it’s important to understand the rapper’s darker side as well. The rapper has had significant trouble with both the law and other ethical disputes, frequently involving himself with violence and situations involving illicit substances.

For example, the rapper has been involved with at least 11 court cases and has had multiple counts of incarceration.

Some of the charges that the rapper has faced are:
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Battery
  • False imprisonment of a child
  • Armed robbery
  • Assault

The rapper was also apprehended and taken to court over sexual assault charges multiple times, only adding to the questionable behavior surrounding the rapper’s various controversies.

While in prison, Kodak Black became interested in Judaism and changed his name to “Bill Kahan Blanco” in order to represent his interest in the religion (Kahan means priest in Hebrew).

Kodak Black’s family still lives in Pompano Beach, Florida, where he also still lives to this day. As of right now, the rapper does not have a girlfriend and is not involved in any relationship.


After a few years of releasing mixtapes, Kodak Black would find his first big breakthrough when Drake uploaded a video of himself dancing to the rapper’s song “Skrt”. This would blast Kodak Black’s career from a relatively unknown rapper to an American superstar, eventually landing him a deal with Atlantic Records and giving him more exposure than he had ever had before.


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In 2016, the rapper was also included in the elusive “Freshman Class” from XXL magazine, further increasing his popularity. This trajectory would continue to grow, following him over the release of multiple singles and albums.

His most recent album, the sophomore effort Dying to Live was released through Atlantic Records on December 14th, 2018. This album found critical acclaim, even reaching the #1 position on the Billboard 200 chart shortly after its release.

The album also features contributions from other well-known artists such as Juice Wrld, Travis Scott, Offset, and Lil Pump. The lyrical content shows Kodak Black at his most dynamic, offering incredibly vivid raps and descriptions of his life.

Kodak Black’s career can largely be traced to his self-admitted influences of Boosie Badazz and Chief Keef, two rappers that are now his colleagues. Their noted stylistic approaches to rap often involve stories about their lives, focusing on involvement in criminal activities.

Kodak Black expands upon these styles, though, making even bolder statements than his influences about what it means to be a black man in American society.

As a performer, Kodak Black has built his reputation upon incredibly engaging live performances that engage the audience from the get-go.

Audience members who have been to the rappers energetic performances are frequently impressed by the way he takes hold of the stage, injecting presence into each of his songs with ease.

As Kodak Black’s music continues to climb the charts, it’s unlikely that his streak of success will be stopping anytime soon. Even his most recent music video for Testimony is still making the rounds in online and offline music communities alike, showing how Kodak Black is not only a part of the new and innovative wave of young rappers, but he’s leading the pack with fierce confidence.

Kodak Black net worth reached $600,000 by 2019.