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Blac Youngsta Net Worth

Net Worth$1,500,000
Real NameSamuel Benson
Date of Birth/AgeApril 8th 1990
28 y.o.
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originUSA
State/City of originMemphis, Tennessee,
Last updated2019

Net Worth

Blac Youngsta net worth is $1,500,000.

He has accumulated a yearly salary of approximately $200,000, not including the money he receives under Yo Gotti‘s label CMG and Epic Records.

He currently has investments in two separate properties-one for his grandmother, and the other being his own villa-style mansion in the high-end area of Los Angeles which is valued at over $3 million.


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How does Blac Youngsta make his money?

Blac Youngsta Net Worth by Years

In addition to the earnings he receives from two very prestigious labels, Blac Youngsta has a number of endorsements totaling up to an estimated $20,000 annually.

He has an array of self-released tracks that he profits from. It can be assumed that Youngsta’s Youtube channel has been monetized as his channel boasts 436k subscribers.

He has been paid for a number of notable features such as his appearance in “Get Whacked,” one of Waka Flocka‘s videos, or Snootie Wild’s “Problems” video.


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With such a large number of rappers currently dominating the charts in the last few years, it can be difficult for artists to find the right fit for themselves in the industry.

Blac Youngsta seems to have settled in quite well, producing a number of songs in collaboration with artists such as Migos, Yung T, Gutta Child, and of course the prestigious individual that signed him to his own collective, Yo Gotti. Though Youngsta has developed a reputation for controversy both on and offline, his contributions to the present rap scene are undeniable.

Blac Youngsta’s net worth is growing up with his endurance and incredible passion for his loved ones shine through in his music as well as his involvement with the community he grew up in.

In true Memphis fashion, Youngsta demonstrates a style of his own that pays homage to his past while still remaining fresh and innovative.

Early and Personal Life

Black Youngsta’s music has always reflected an immense amount of pride and respect for his origins.

While his early life proved heart-rending and tumultuous, Youngsta makes it a point to illustrate how these tragic experiences and losses shaped the person he is today.

This success is prologued by an enduring financial hardship that forced Samuel Benson (Blac Youngsta’s birth name) into working before his teens, a mere eight or so years after his birth in 1990.


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Benson got involved in the everyday dealings that would transpire on McMillan Street, the place where he and his grandparents once resided. He channeled his energy into music, releasing the first chapter of his Fast Brick trilogy in 2012.

The loss of his brother in 2014 created a drastic shift in the tone of his music, producing dark and emotive tracks such as “I Swear to God” and “Heavy.” This was a grueling time for Benson, as he struggled with thoughts of suicide and immense loss.

This sincere display of emotion launched a turning point in Benson’s career, gaining him the attention of the prestigious hometown legend Yo Gotti.

Blac Youngsta’s hard-hitting themes coupled with his lyrical capabilities reflected a true musical potential, inspiring Yo Gotti to bring him on tour for a two month period.

Obviously satisfied with his performance, Yo Gotti signed Benson to CMG following his feature on Gotti’s 2015 hit “Wait for It.”

Youngsta secured a house for his grandmother following his success and still talks about the loss of his brother and difficulties growing up in songs like “One Bedroom House”.

In honor of his friend who was murdered, Blac Youngsta has been hosting the South Memphis Block Party since 2011. Though he has achieved a vast amount of success, Black Youngsta never forgot to honor the people of his past.

Favorite Quotes from Blac Youngsta

No matter how much success Benson has achieved on the road to fame, he pays respects to artists that have come before him. Take for example his thoughts on Lil Wayne at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Upon asking what Youngsta thought of Lil Wayne earning the “I Am Hip-Hop” Award, Youngsta replied that “he is “the G.O.A.T”, he “deserves it”, and “he should get it every year.”

Benson takes great care to show appreciation for his fans too, as evidenced on his twitter post from Nov 2018 that reads “I HAVE THE BEST FANS. I LOVE Y’ALL!!!!!” It seems that Blac Youngsta keeps the spirit of hope alive and never forgets to show appreciation to others or to his past.

This is made even more obvious with lyrics like, “But I Still Love The Hood imma real OG
I done made it out the hood I done made it out the m*therf**kin Streets,” as quoted from his song “One Bedroom House.”


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These reflections on his former life in combination with the gratefulness he shows to others demonstrate a humbleness that you would not expect from his online persona. “You know, everybody in the M got some stripes,” reads a line off of “Who Run It,” a song featuring a remix of a classic Three Six Mafia beat.

In every aspect of his music, Blac Youngsta perfectly embodies the spirit of southern rap, a quality that makes his musical stylings a true treasure.

At Present, Blac Youngsta net worth reached $1,500,000.

As a person whose personality has the ability to shine through in both his music and online, Blac Youngsta has amassed an extensive fanbase, winning the affections of thousands over his music career.

There is something undoubtedly endearing about Samuel Benson’s persona, a warming sincerity coupled with the outlandish sense of humor he demonstrates on his platform. Though he has seen his share of ups and downs throughout his life, Blac Youngsta is forever showing his gratitude, both to his fans and loved ones.

With a presence unlike any other, the name Blac Youngsta is sure to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue for years to come.


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