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22 Savage Net Worth

22 Savage Net Worth 2019
Net Worth$500,000
Full NameMacArthur Johnson
A.K.AFunny Mike, Young 22
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 8, 1996
Source of wealthComedian, Rapper
Country of originUnited States
State/City of originBaton Rouge, Los Angeles
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

22 Savage net worth is 500,000 dollars. He also now lives in a new house with girlfriend Jaliyah, and he has a Mercedes Benz worth at least $25,995. Some reports indicate that he may actually have a net worth of at least $1 million, but that is under review as of 2019.

How Much 22 Savage Makes in a Year

This man of many monikers is now known as either Funny Mike or Young 22, and he has income from more than one YouTube Channel. His revenue ranges anywhere from 23 thousand dollars to nearly $400,000 on one YouTube channel and up to almost 200 thousand on the other.

How does 22 Savage make his money?

It’s hard to say how 22 Savage really makes his money – rapping or just being funny? His income comes from his own FunnyMike YouTube channel that makes up to more than 378 thousand dollars annually.

This same channel usually makes a minimum of usually at 23 thousand per year. He also makes anywhere from more than 12 thousand to more than 200 thousand dollars on the FunnyMike&Jaliyah YouTube channel


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Despite millions of hits on some of his YouTube songs, which were reportedly an imitation of the more-popular 21 Savage, not much public information is released about how much he makes on music.

He likes to flaunt wads of cash in his videos though. Some of his videos are on his FunnyMike channel, so this may be income included in his YouTube revenue report.

He also may earn some of his money on the clothing and other merchandise he sells on a website linked from his YouTube descriptions.

Early Life

22 Savage was born in 1996 and given the name MacArthur Johnson. He grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in a low-income household and went to Tara High School.

He apparently has a half-brother known as Wings, and he still has what seems to be a decent relationship with his mom. Not much biographical information about his dad or the rest of his family is available.

However, he appears to be having fun (ex: at Mardi Gras) with Mama Jones in some videos, especially after baby Londyn was brought into the world.


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In high school, he began his career as a comedian, and Wings often joined him in his acts. This occurred around the time that he started posting memes, impressions and skits on social media, of which Vine was his favorite.

However, he also established a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other networks. Before gaining a moderate but loyal online following, he was always known as the jokester within his circle of friends.

There is some speculation of gang affiliation in his youth. He began a gangster rap career in 2016 being heavily influenced by rapper 21 Savage.

Personal Life

As of 2018, 22 Savage is reportedly in a relationship with Jaliyah Monet, who is a YouTube hit right now. In February 2019, an update revealed that the couple just gave birth to baby girl Londyn.

Before Young 22 and Jaliyah officially became an item, he noticed Jaliyah on both Snapchat and Twitter. He and his girlfriend now run a YouTube channel together.


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He became quite popular in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas as a comedian before turning into an aspiring rapper.

He is known for his impression of Kevin Gates, which he reportedly used to perform quite well. His mom, who people call “Momma Jones,” also has her own channel now called “FunnyMikeMom.”


In 2017, he decided to change his stage name from 22 Savage to Young 22 to start creating his own identity.

In addition to continuing the rapping, he still performs humorous pranks on video blogs along with his girlfriend Jaliyah.

The couple appear on the “Funny Mike and Jaliyah” channel with Young 22 as Funny Mike. Stunts they pulled on one another include Funny Mike trying to get his girlfriend to believe he has an STD, and his girlfriend played a period prank on him while she was pregnant.

At present, 22 Savage net worth reached $500,000.

All humor aside, he now seems to be gravitating toward being a devout family man in his videos after the birth of his new baby girl.

Before branching out into the more “serious” music world, 22 Savage pursued comedic rapping. This was before he signed a contract with the independent record producer Travis James Entertainment.

During this time, he went by the name of “Mighty Mike” and landed a hit called “Hit that Big for the Gram.” This song received about 400,000 YouTube views after its release, which is one reason why it left some reviewers reportedly wondering why he had the need to imitate 21 Savage so much.


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Before changing his name to Young 22, this man also known as “Funny Mike” reportedly took advantage of the fact that he looks and sounds similar to 21 Savage.

He is said to have even titled the song “No Heart” and the album “Savage Mode” after 21 Savage.

Interesting Facts

In addition to 22 Savage, he has had probably more names than most rappers and comedians – going by MightyMike, GirlHeFunny, FunnyAssMike, FunnyMike and Young 22.

22 Savage challenged 21 Savage to a boxing match to see who should keep the name “Savage.”

He did “Black Opps,” which was a parody of 21 Savage’s “Red Opps.”

As Mighty Mike, his song “Hit that Bit for the Gram” made it up to 288K views by 2019.

In response to accusations of being too similar to 21 Savage, 22 Savage reportedly made comments that portrayed him feeling as if he is better than 21 Savage.

His second hit “Jumpin’,” which was another song he is said to have possibly stole from 21 Savage, had more than a million hits online in 2018 and 2019 now has more than 3 million views.

The song right now that has the most views is “Ain’t no 21” at more than 5 million views.

Apparently, the only thing 22 Savage did not copy of 21 Savage is the tattoo on his forehead.

Before becoming a rapper 22 Savage, his half-brother Wings was his comic partner.

Legal Issues

At age 19, 22 Savage was arrested for the alleged murder of rapper Richard Phillips. This event reportedly took place after an altercation in a parking lot in Baker, Louisiana.

He was later released on a bail set at $370,000 after pleading it was self-defense.

Rumor also has it that 22 Savage was trying to glean from 21 Savage’s fame. Thus, he picked the similar name. The same is true of identical or close-to-identical song titles and album names.

However, it seems that 21 Savage took 22 Savage’s imitation as a parody, and this may be because of the number 22’s comedy career history.

Favorite Quotes

“What people don’t understand is that underneath this funny, it’s real. We’re in the streets.”

“I’m a street n*gg* just trying to make it anyway I can.”

“This aint 21 b*tch, it’s 22.”

“How rappers tryna sound like NBA youngboy.”

Tips for Success From 22 Savage

  1. Any aspiring musician or comedian may learn more about what not to do versus what to do when starting a new career. At least that may be the case when first trying to be too much like someone he is not – 21 Savage.
  2. However, 22 Savage does show one quality that everyone who has a dream needs: determination. He will not give up, and that is one secret to success that everyone probably needs. He also is not afraid to try a different career if another one does not work out as much as he had originally hoped.
  3. Not only that, but he also did not let his past of growing up with not much money discourage him. He didn’t use money as an excuse to fail, in other words.
  4. Like 22 Savage, who later is known as FunnyMike or Young 22, many people in their 20s may need this time to explore various avenues before settling into a long-term position.
  5. Many people who started out unsure of themselves at this age grew to become an impact all over the world.