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Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss Net Worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameBarry Weiss
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 11, 1959 (age 60)
Source of wealthTelevision Personality
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originDemarest, New Jersey
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Barry Weiss net worth is 10 million dollars. Although Weiss has made money through the collectibles that he discovered on “Storage Wars,” his actual paycheck for appearing on the show is only 10,000 dollars.

His vast wealth has come from his produce company and the money he has earned from selling his antiques.

Weiss was able to earn a significant fortune on “Storage Wars” due to his ability to recognize and seek out valuable antiques.

During the show, Weiss would travel the continent, seeking out valuable assets that people had left behind in storage lockers.


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But Weiss was already wealthy before he ever appeared on the show, thanks to his previous professional career as a co-owner of Northern Produce, alongside his brother.

Weiss has earned the nickname “The Collector,” due to his desire to collect and sometimes keep the most valuable assets that he came across.

But that did not keep Weiss from profiting from the collectibles that he discovered on the show. As he was earning his millions of dollars from the antiques he discovered, Weiss was also building an impressive lifestyle that reflected just how much wealth he had accumulated.

His prized car collection is one that Weiss likes to show off during “The Storage Wars.” Some of the cars were discovered during the show, while others were part of Weiss’ collection before the show began. His car collection alone is worth an estimated half a million dollars.

During the show, he was most known for appearing in his 1947 Cowboy Cadillac. He also owns a home worth 2 million dollars in Los Angeles.


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Early Life

Weiss was born on February 11, 1959. He has one brother, Joe Weiss. The two brothers were fortunate to have a grandfather who had already started a successful production company, Northern Produce.

Together, Joe and Barry Weiss would take over Northern Produce from their grandfather and run the company. After a successful 25 years, Barry and Joe sold the company. The profit of the sale was enough to allow both of them to officially retire and live comfortably.


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After retiring from the produce world, Barry found love of traveling. He indulged in moving to exotic places all over the world. When he returned from his trips around the world, he sought out a new form of entertainment: returning to his love of collecting antiques.

Although Weiss claims to have discovered a love of antiques when he was only 15 years old, it was not until “Storage Wars” debuted that he became a well-known collector.


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Personal Life

Very little is known about the personal life of Weiss. He enjoys fame due to his wealth and knowledge of collectibles, but he does not like to discuss his dating, family or romantic history.

Even though Weiss is notoriously quiet about his personal life, he has revealed that he has a daughter named Julie and a son named Jack. Both of his children are adults. He also has a grandson named Oliver, who is four years old. Reality TV star Jesse James is the godson of Weiss.


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Weiss also revealed that he has previously been married, but that the marriage ended in divorce. In 2012, he revealed that he’s been single for “probably the last 28 years.” But he has since claimed to have a girlfriend.

Even when Weiss is single, he denies being lonely. He has stated that he has friends and a number of wedding proposals from fans.


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Weiss made his debut on “Storage Wars” in 2010. During the show, Weiss developed quite a following. Among people who liked the show, Barry was well-known for his ability to be laid-back while also being an expert in antiques.

Unlike other highly competitive participants, Weiss was more interested in finding certain objects that he was interested in than in turning a profit. But that didn’t mean that Weiss was without a method when it came to looking for new items to add to his collection.


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Throughout “Storage Wars,” Weiss utilized all of the following methods:

  • A psychic’s reading to predict storage contents
  • Night vision goggles
  • Remote controlled helicopter
  • A spy on stilts to view the contents of a unit

Viewers of the show were also highly entertained by Weiss’ personal style, which included a chicken car and custom skeleton gloves.

While both Weiss and his fans enjoyed the experiences and antics that Weiss brought to “Storage Wars,” Weiss left after only four seasons.

He told interviewers that he wanted to leave while the show was still popular with viewers and that he was interested in going back to being a professional slacker.


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Despite his stated desire to retire from reality television, Weiss did come back for two additional specials of his own. The first, “Barry’d Treasure” debuted on A&E in 2014.

During the show, Weiss simply traveled all over the country on his own looking for collectibles that caught his eye.

“Barry’d Treasure” lasted only eight episodes. In 2015, Weiss had another show on the A&E network called “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back.” But that show was simply a special, not an ongoing television series.

In discussing what the future might hold, Weiss has expressed interested in doing a motorsport show. He claims to be an expert in all types of motorsports, and considering his interest in vehicles, that claim is one that is easily believable.

In 2019, Weiss became the spokesperson for Sherwood Valley Casino.


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Interesting Facts

In early 2019, Weiss was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident. Weiss was reported to have several broken bones and internal injuries. After several weeks in the hospital, Weiss was released in June of 2019.

Weiss has a huge social media following. He has had a Twitter account since 2012 and currently has more than 62,000 followers. His Facebook account has more than 101,000 followers.


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Weiss was an entrepreneur specializing in product management and spent his early professional carer in the family business. After he was able to sell his company, he decided to devote the rest of his life to enjoying antiques, collectibles, and starring in reality television programs.

Favorite Quotes from Barry Weiss

“I don’t have a strategy. But even if I did, I’m not sharing it.”

“I don’t care how old this lady is, I’m not going easy.”

“I just had to have that pink scooter. It’s going in my own personal collection.”

“Can a singer have too much woozum? I think not.”


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Tips for Success from Barry Weiss

1. Don’t be afraid to invest your money into a new adventure. Weiss could have paid it safe after retiring from the produce industry. Instead, he sought out a new career in antiques and buying storage contents. This gave him additional wealth and fame. 
2. Follow your passions. Although Weiss spent much of his professional career dealing with produce, he eventually found much greater personal and professional fulfillment through a hobby that he had loved since the age of 15.