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Brooke Payne Net Worth

Brooke Payne Net Worth
Net Worth$2,000,000
Full NameBrooke Payne
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 12, 1950 (age 69)
Source of wealthMusic Manager
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originBoston, Massachusetts
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Brooke Payne’s net worth is $2 million.

Payne is known for being very hush-hush about his finances and personal life. But it is not too difficult to determine where he made his money.

Much of his fortune is likely to have come from managing the R&B band New Edition.

He invested much of the money he made before discovering that band into promoting them. But there was a good return on that investment.


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How Much Brooke Payne Makes Per Year

He is not currently active in the entertainment industry, other than managing New Edition and another band, LSG. That makes it a bit more difficult to calculate his current annual earnings.

Although New Edition is still active and performing, the band is not the cash cow that it once was. LSG has only a sporadic touring schedule, so it does not currently generate much income for Payne, who does their choreography.

It is almost certain that most of his present income is in the form of returns on investments.

Going by his estimated liabilities and what he is known to spend, he probably makes between $100,000 and $175,000 per year.


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How Brooke Payne Makes His Money

Payne is a business executive, and he always has been.

He started out as a choreographer. Even then, he worked for himself and marketed his dance skills directly to hopeful entertainers.

As a manager, he guided the careers of his clients. The better his clients did financially, the more money he made. This is how business is done.

Even though New Edition is no longer as active as it was in the 1980s, Payne still gets paid in the form of residuals from the sale of New Edition albums and merchandise.

Brooke Payne is secretive about his current involvement in the music industry, but it is known that many newer managers ask him for advice on how to build their clients’ careers. He certainly gets paid for this.

As a business executive, he likely has investments in the stock market. This generates varied income and losses.


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Brooke is a very private person. He does not willingly make details of his wealth and personal life known. It has been said of him: “He is a man of much action, but very few words.”

He enjoys a “normal” life with his family.

Although he is best known for managing New Edition, Brooke Payne is a business executive with many pots on the burner, so to speak.

He has been involved in several notable projects and managed the careers of a few notable entertainers and bands.

Early Life

Brooke Payne is his real name. He was born in Boston on March 12, 1950.

He has a sister named Ella. Very little is known about his sister, and nothing is known of his parents.

He grew up in a lower to the lower-middle-income neighborhood. From that, we can surmise that he attended public schools. Private school tuition is prohibitively expensive in Boston today, and it was the same way in the 50s and 60s when he attended school.

There are no records to indicate that he continued his education in college after high school, but he learned the ways of business somewhere. He is likely self-taught.


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The Roxbury section of Boston, where he spent most of his time as a young man, had a high population of African-Americans. But there were still many challenges for people of color at that time in America, especially in that part of the country.

There weren’t many opportunities for African-Americans like Brooke Payne in Boston. He easily could have been lured into a life of crime. But he stayed the course and remained true to the law.

He spent much of his time honing his choreography skills. Most of his skills came from his own love of dance. His magnetic personality drew young people to him.

He taught dance for little or no charge in his neighborhood. This is when and how he began to build his reputation as a dancer and choreographer. He would build his cunning business sense a bit later in life.


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Personal Life

There is no information whatsoever available regarding his romantic life before he married his girlfriend, Amelia.

He is heterosexual, and he certainly had girlfriends as a young man. But he had never been engaged until he proposed marriage to Amelia.

He has no children from any prior relationships.

He and Amelia have two daughters, Keishina and Tangiah, and a son.

His son is even more discreet and camera-shy than he is. The only thing known about him is that he owns a floral design business called “J. Madisson.”

He often bestows birthday wishes upon his wife and children on his Instagram and Twitter profiles. Other than the occasional birthday wish or congratulations on social media, he keeps his family life private.


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Brooke met New Edition shortly after they formed and began managing them in 1978.

The band broke up in 1990 and reunited in 1996 for a short period of time.

In 2002, the band reformed, and is presently still together and touring.

Brooke has been involved in managing and guiding the choreography for New Edition every day that they have been together.

Payne began managing the R&B group LSG in 1996. The band separated in 2003, but reunited in 2013 and is presently active.

Brooke was involved with the production and direction of the mini-series “The New Edition Story,” released in 2017. Payne has repeatedly praised the way actor Wood Harris portrayed him in the mini-series.

Currently, Brooke is busy in his work with both LSG and New Edition.


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Interesting Facts

Some people who have worked with Brooke Payne have said that he appears to be in deep thought most of the time.

Others have said that, even when it seems as if he is not paying attention, he is acutely aware of everything that is going on around him. He never misses a beat.

Many admire his style of dress, which has been described as classic R&B.


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Payne’s rise into the high-profile world of big entertainment began when he began his time with New Edition in 1978.

His beginning with LSG in 1996 ensured his place as, not just the New Edition manager and choreographer, but an R&B legend in his own right.

Several people who know New Edition have referred to him as the seventh member of the band. This is an honorary title that the band stands behind.

Favorite Quotes From Brooke Payne

On his management techniques:

“When they come off stage, when they’re in the dressing room or in a closed room, no one goes in but me and they get critiqued on every show. That doesn’t stop.”

He goes on to compare himself to a coach:

“It’s like the football coach; you’re still talking about what could have been better so nobody gets comfortable.”


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Tips For Success From Brooke Payne

  1. Payne, being a quiet and private person, never really gives tips to the general public. But we can learn much from looking at his life.
  2. Never give up. He didn’t. Even growing up with unique challenges, he carved a niche for himself and built a career in it.
  3. He treats his clients like family. They respect him for it, and they enjoy great successes together.
  4. As Payne teaches us, net worth isn’t the indicator of a person’s value. It’s the impact he has on the lives of others.