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Charlie Puth Net Worth

Charlie Puth Net Worth
Net Worth$10,000,000
Full NameCharles Otto Puth Jr.
Date of Birth/AgeDecember 2, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthSinger, Songwriter, Record Producer
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originRumson, New Jersey
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Charlie Puth net worth is 10 million dollars.

– How Much Does Charlie Puth Make a Year?

Charlie Puth easily makes at least $3 million each year. His hit songs and album sales are enough to earn him this money, and with his growing popularity, he can only expect to make more money in the years to come.

– How does Charlie Puth make his money?

Charlie has made a ton of money from his hit songs and album sales. He also went on tour, earning him millions of dollars. He earns hundreds of thousands from the songs that he’s featured on with other artists and still makes good money from his YouTube channel.


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Charlie Puth is an incredibly talented American singer, songwriter, and producer who is known to have perfect pitch. He started out as a YouTube vlogger, releasing comedy videos and acoustic covers of popular songs. After catching the eye of Ellen DeGeneres, Puth’s musical career took off, leading him to release two hit albums and tons of popular singles.

Early Life

Charles Otto Puth, Jr. is the real name of the artist we know as Charlie Puth. He was born on December 2nd, 1991 in Rumson, New Jersey. His mom, Debra, was a music teacher who also wrote commercials and his father, Charles, was a real estate agent.

Charlie is both Catholic and Jewish, thanks to his parents. His younger siblings, Mikaela and Stephen, are twins.

Charlie started playing piano at age four and that’s when his mom introduced him to classical music. By age ten, he was studying jazz music and joined a summer theater program at the Count Basie Theater in New Jersey.

He starred in one of their “Charlie Brown” productions, which inspired him to create his own “Charlie Brown” Christmas album at age 12.

Charlie attended Holy Cross Elementary, Forrestdale Middle School before graduating from Rumson-Fairhaven Regional Highschool in 2010. In 2013, he graduated from Berklee College of Music, earning a degree in music production and engineering.


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Personal life

Many fans have emulated Charlie’s odd-looking eyebrows by shaving them. He doesn’t shave his own eyebrows, they were permanently scarred by a near-fatal dog bite when he was just two years old.

Unfortunately, Charlie was bullied for most of his childhood. Being around other children made him so nervous, he’d often throw up, and then get ridiculed even more.

Charlie says that when he was in college, he used to get high to overcome these feelings, but that always backfired because getting high also made him nauseous.

Charlie even suffered a nervous breakdown at the start of his career when he was just becoming a household name. Since then, he is doing much better.

Charlie is currently dating a woman named Charlotte Lawrence. She’s an up-and-coming singer who rubs elbows with very famous people. Her father created the hit show “Scrubs.”


While Charlie was working hard to become a musician nearly all of his life, his career started in 2009 when he started his YouTube channel, “Charlie’s Vlogs.”

It was here that Charlie would post acoustic covers, one featuring Adele’s “Someone Like You.” That cover got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who signed Charlie to her label “eleveneleven.”

While he performed at some major venues while working with Ellen, he never had a hit song and left the label in 2012.

For a few years, he laid low, writing jingles for other YouTube personalities and working on his own channel. His debut single was released in 2015 and featured singer Megan Trainor.

He then wrote, co-produced and was featured on the mega-hit song “See You Again.” During this time, he was writing for major artists like Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Wayne.

His debut album, “Nine Track Mind” was released in 2016 along with the smash single “One Call Away.” His second studio album, “Voicenotes” was released in 2018 and featured hit songs like “Attention” and “How Long.”

Interesting Facts

  • Charlie learned how to play the piano when he was just four years old.
  • He was nearly killed in a dog attack when he was two years old.
  • Charlie has what musicians call “perfect pitch.”
  • When he was just 12 years old, Charlie created his own Christmas album, which he ended up selling door to door. He made $600.
  • His girlfriend is the daughter of the creator of the hit show “Scrubs” and has introduced Charlie to some very famous people.
  • Charlie performed on the Ellen show before he was an A-list celebrity.
  • He’s written jingles and songs for other YouTube celebrities.


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  • Charlie’s parents inspired his love for music by encouraging him to participate in many musical extracurriculars.
  • He not only attended the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College during his younger years but also earned a degree from Berklee College of Music.
  • Ellen DeGeneres was the first person to sign Charlie to a label, although he did not have a hit single while working with her.
  • Charlie went through a 2-3-year period where he didn’t release any music. In 2015, he started working on his own music and released some hits like “Marvin Gaye” and was featured on some other hit songs.
  • His second album, released in 2018, featured tons of hit songs which shot him to superstardom.
  • Charlie now headlines his own tours and is featured on many other artists’ hit singles.


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Favorite Quotes from Charlie Puth

“He’s the reason why I write music. If he’s reading this – James Taylor, I’d love to work with you! My mom would put headphones on her belly before I was born, so I’ve been listening to him literally all of my life. When my dad played me ‘Walking Man,’ I heard those chord changes and that melody, it completely blew me away.”

“I don’t love the whole Hollywood mentality, but I do love the weather and how motivated everyone is around here. It motivates me to make fun music. I’m an East Coaster – I’m from New Jersey, so I’ll probably feel like that forever.”

“When I get high anxiety, I vomit. My mom was so stressed out. Then I found out I was staying in John Mayer’s old dorm room, and I had a nice roommate. That completely brought me down. I was completely comfortable at Berklee.”

“On YouTube, when you have a big viral success with a song that isn’t your own, the natural inclination for most YouTubers is to keep doing that. What you really should do is show people that you actually have substance and can write your own music.”


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Tips for success from Charlie Puth

  1. Be inspired by other people who are successful. Look through their social media, read books about them, watch movies that feature them. Learn what they had to go through to get the success you see and let that inspire you.
  2. Be open to letting love in. If you’re so focused on one thing, like your career or getting your education, you might miss out on something really good that’s just waiting to be let into your life. 
  3. Allow yourself to grow. The person that you are in your twenties won’t be remotely like the person you are in your thirties or when you’re much older. That’s because of all the experiences in life you’ll go through that will change you for the better.