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DJ Yella Net Worth

DJ Yella Net Worth
Net Worth$5,700,000
Full NameAntoine Carraby
A.K.AYella, Yellaboy
Date of Birth/AgeDecember 11, 1967 (age 51)
Source of wealthRapper, DJ, Record Producer, Film Director
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originCompton, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

DJ Yella net worth is $5.7 million dollars.

How Much DJ Yella Make a Year

DJ Yella’s full annual salary has not been published or verified, but his income is an estimated $160,000 per year.

How does DJ Yella make his money?

DJ Yella earns his money by producing records, directing films, and his music career. He has been active in the music industry for over 30 years, and his film production career lasted for about 12 years.

Today he has returned to his roots and started being a disc jockey again. He says he prefers to be a DJ and never really cared to rap.

According to the producer’s Instagram, he is doing a lot of shows and traveling, which is also contributing to his net worth.


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DJ Yella is an American rapper, record producer, DJ, and film director from Compton, California. He has been in the music industry since the 1980s. He has been a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru and an original member of gangsta rap group N.W.A. He is talented with the turntables, keyboards, drums, and vocals. Let’s take a closer look at his net worth, biography, personal life, and career history.

Early Life

DJ Yella’s real name is Antoine Carraby. He wad born on December 11th, 1967 in Compton, Los Angeles, California.

Not much information is available to the public regard DJ Yella’s childhood. There is no information published about his parents. He had an interest in music from a very young age and has the skills to play various musical instruments. He grew up listening to funk music.

Once DJ Yella left home he struggled up until he finally became established group members.


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Personal life

DJ Yella lives in a nice home in Compton, Los Angeles, California, however, pictures and details of his home are not published. He reportedly doesn’t have a large car collection. Three of the cars he is known for having to include a BMW, Mercedes, and a Toyota Camry.

Yella is the godfather of Derrek Wright, who is Eazy-E’s second son. Yella is involved in charitable works including helping the needy people, which earned him, even more, love and respect from his many fans.

DJ Yella is not married and does not have any children of his own. There also hasn’t been any reports of him dating anyone. He has always been a low key person, and he prefers to keep his personal life private.


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DJ Yella’s career started out with him being a disc jockey back in 1984 as a teen. That year he formed the electro group World Class Wreckin’ Cru along with Dr. Dre and began creating their own albums but they ran into financial problems.

Dr. Dre knew rapper Eazy-E from high school and he got in touch with him about potentially creating a group. At the time, Eazy-E was a successful drug dealer with money and interest. He was willing to get on board, but then he and Dr. Dre moved on and left DJ Yella with World Class Wreckin’ Cru.

They soon brought him into the group when their original rappers backed out of the single “Boyz in the Hood”.

After a while, DJ Yella became an original member of the gangsta rap group N.W.A. which stands for N****z Wit Attitudes. He worked with Dr. Dre to produce rapper Eazy-E’s “Eazy-Duz-It” album, and he also produced all three N.W.A. albums.

The very first album earned the group millions of sales. Even though the group was successful, there were many negative opinions about the group’s offensive lyrics in which they degraded women, and promoted drugs and crime.

One of the most popular controversial issues about the group included their dislike for police as well as politics.


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Throughout his career DJ Yella has created several albums and vocals. Some of his projects include: “Rapped in Romance: (1986), “Eazy-Duz-It” (1988), “Supersonic” (1988), “Straight Outta Compton” (1988), “100 Miles and Runnin” (1990), “Are U Xperienced?” (1991), “It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa” (1993), “Creepin on ah Come Up” (1994), “Az Much Ass Azz U Want” (1994), “Cha-licious” (1994), “Str8 off Tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton” (1995), and “One Mo Nigga ta Go” (1996).

NWA manager Jerry Heller released his memoir “Ruthless” in 2006, and in it, he speaks about how well DJ Yella and Dr. Dre worked together. Their understanding when making beats and producing was quite impressive, and the two used very little communication to get in sync.

When the group N.W.A. broke up DJ Yella was the only member who was still close to Eazy-E and he continued to produce tracks for Ruthless records. He even oversaw the final album of late rapper Eazy-E after he passed away from AIDs.

After DJ Yella released his debut solo album on Street Life Records in 1996 he retired from music for a while to direct and produce adult films.

He stayed in that business for 12 years and he produced over 300 adult films. His first album did do well, but it did allow DJ Yella to build a relationship with a longtime associate of Eazy-E named Big Man1zg

In 2011 DJ Yella returned to music to put out a new album “West Coastin” which was dropped in 2012 summer. In 2015 the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” fans could witness the nature of the younger DJ Yella.


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He had lots of interest in women and sex, but he also wasn’t as aggressive as the others in the group and he didn’t want to have any conflict with Ice Cube.

This movie grossed more than $200 million worldwide at the box office and shed a new spotlight on the group’s history as well as the hip-hop industry as a whole.

In 2016 N.W.A. was honored again for their music industry contribution by getting inducted into the Rock “N Roll Hall of Fame.

DJ Yella has many awards to prove his successful track record in the industry. In 1988 he received an Oscar nomination for the biopic “Straight Outta Compton”. The film has won MTV Movie Awards and Hollywood Film Awards.

The film also wins The True Story Award in 2016. Yella has also been nominated for his huge contribution to the industry of music, which is a major part of Yella’s professional career.


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Interesting Facts

  • DJ Yella is known for his disc jockey skills as well as his talents as an editor and record producer. Of all the instruments he can play, he is really good at the drums.
  • DJ Yella is ok with how his character was portrayed in the movie “Straight Outta Compton”. He says he’s not as silly as the actor was in the film, but he understands things needed to be exaggerated a bit so everything wouldn’t be so serious all the time.

Favorite Quotes from DJ Yella

“You know, I wasn’t a rapper, never wanted to be a rapper. That wasn’t my style. I like being quiet and just having fun.”

“I’m friends with everybody. I had no beef with anybody.”

“I just stayed the same. Me and Dre go back so far – a long 30 years – even before N.W.A. The way we talk to each other now is the same way we talked when we first met. No big heads, no ego stuff.”