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Farruko Net Worth

farruko net worth
Net Worth$7,000,000
Full NameCarlos Efrén Reyes Rosado
Date of Birth/AgeMay 2, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthSinger, Songwriter
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originBayamón, Puerto Rico
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Farruko’s net worth is $7 million.

How Did Farruko Make His Money?

Most of his money has come from album sales, touring, songwriting and endorsements. He also owns a fashion business called Carbon Fiber Music.

Farruko is a popular singer who has produced a steady string of hit songs and albums since his 2009 debut.

His music blends influences from reggaetón, Latin trap, hip-hop and Latin dance tunes, all of it influenced by the street music of his native Puerto Rico.

His ability to write irresistibly catchy tunes, his hard work building a fanbase and his collaborations with leading artists have all worked to place him at the top of the charts year after year.

Farruko maintains a strong social media presence, which is fitting given that social media helped him find his first fans.

He has more than 3.9 million Twitter followers and over 10 million Instagram followers.


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Early Life

Farruko has not revealed much about his life as a child, except to say that it was “rough” and that his family was poor.

Personal Life

He is married to his longtime girlfriend Kairy Lopez. They have two sons named Kefron and Keylon Wayne. Before settling down and getting married, Farruko had a reputation as a ladies’ man who was always seen in the company of beautiful women.


Early Internet Success

Farruko began making his musical presence known in 2008. He started by posting his self-produced videos on MySpace, which was then a popular social media platform.

He has said that his work on MySpace was critical to his future success because it established a following of fans before he even released a record.

His growing online popularity came to the attention of the music industry. Radio stations began playing his songs and he was offered a recording contract.


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He released his first album, El Talento del Bloque, in 2010. Farruko was just 18 at the time. Its hit single, “Feel the Rhythm,” was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Song.

Success was swift for Farruko. His 2012 album The Most Powerful Rookie was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.

Farruko’s fourth album, 2014’s Los Menores, topped the Latin Billboard charts and featured the hits “Salgo,” “Interesada” and “Bebe Conmigo”.


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Superstar Success

At present, Farukko net worth reached $7,000,000.

His major success came in 2014 when he released two songs that were both collaborations with reggaetón superstar J Balvin.

One of these songs, “Passion Whine,” spent 26 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Latin chart.

The second hit, “6:00 AM,” spent 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard charts. It was nominated for Best Urban Fusion/Performance and Best Urban Song at the Latin Grammy Awards.

The song is a lighthearted look at life as a pop star. It tells the story of the two singers waking up at 6:00 AM after a party so wild that they can’t even remember hosting it.

The accompanying video on YouTube has been viewed over 1 billion times.


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Key Collaborations

His work with other artists has been critical to his success from an early age. In addition to his strong internet fanbase, Farruko credits his association with Daddy Yankee for helping his career get off to a strong start.

He is known for his frequent collaborations with other singers, and most of his hits include vocals or songwriting credits with these leading performers.

For instance, his song “Ella No Es Facil” was released with vocals by Cosculluela. He recorded “Su Hija Me Gusta” with the cooperation of José Feliciano and produced “Traime a Tu Amiga” with Archangel and Julio Voltio.

He has performed hit songs with a variety of artists including Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Nicki Minaj, and Travis Scott.

In 2016, Farruko won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song as a co-writer of the song “Encantadora.”


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House Arrest

In April 2018, Farruko was arrested at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for attempting to enter the country with over $50,000 in undeclared cash in his luggage.

He was placed on house arrest until his trial. As of April 2019, his case had not yet been resolved and he was still under house arrest.


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Favorite Quotes From Farruko

“In some ways, the house arrest was a blessing. Before it happened, I never spent time at home, I was always out on the streets, always running around. I didn’t like feeling closed in.

This has given me the opportunity to spend time with my children and my family. It has also kept me away from certain influences that had me headed in the wrong direction.

It’s given me time to reflect and to think about how I’m going to go forward and give the best of myself.”


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Farruko Success Tips

  1. “I want to be the type of artist that speaks to people, that tells a story that people want to hear. You look at artists like Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony.
  2. They can fill a stadium even if they don’t have a hit song because people come for the story they tell and the whole experience that they deliver.
  3. That’s the kind of artist I want to be. I don’t want people to come to my concerts just to hear my hit songs. I want them to come because my show delivers a history, a message, and a story.”