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FaZe Rain Net Worth

Faze Rain net worth
Net Worth$1,700,000
Full NameNordan Shat
Date of Birth/AgeMay 29, 1996 (age 22)
Source of wealthGaming & Vlogs
Country of originCanada
State/City of originToronto, Ontario
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

FaZe Rain net worth is 1.7 million dollars.

The outspoken YouTube personality quickly became famous on YouTube through outrageous videos and the creation of the “FaZe Clan.”

But even the wealth and fame that YouTube has brought him did not spare Rain from struggling with his mental health.

In fact, the stress of dealing with his YouTube notoriety has caused Rain to consider leaving the platform entirely.


There is no doubt that the 22-year-old blogger has gained a significant degree of wealth and popularity due to YouTube. Rain has amassed more than 5 million YouTube subscribers.

His videos have attracted more than 900 million views.

His subscribers initially tuned in in order to watch his Call of Duty gamer blogs, but Rain has since branched on to include vlogging, Fortnite and reading of fan mail in his YouTube videos.

The large amount of traffic that Rain’s videos get translate to an estimated $270 earned through ad revenue each day. That ends up being more than $100,000 that Rain earns each year.

Rain has certainly loved spending his money and showing these displays of wealth on his YouTube channels.

His most extravagant purchases have been his cars, including a McLaren 570S, a Tesla Model X, and an Audi R8.

Early Life

Rain was born with the name Nordan Shat on May 29, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He had one sister. Since becoming famous, many people have questioned his race and ethnicity.

He says that people often mistake him as being from India and has to inform people that he is actually biracial, being of black and Syrian heritage.

As a child, he remembered being very happy with his mom, dad and sister. But when he was around seven, his parents began to argue a lot. It culminated in his father leaving the home.

This left a long-lasting depression upon him, and he sought out happiness through his play station 2. It was through this development of his hobby that he would discover a life-long fondness for gaming that he would later turn into his career.

Rain’s mother later remarried, and Rain has a step-brother and step-sister. Although Rain is not close with his step-sister, he remains close with both is step-brother and sister. In fact, his sister has been in many of his videos.

Personal Life

Rain is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. He’s also shared that he has a foot size of 15. Both his hair and eyes are dark brown.

Rain is still enjoying being a single man in his early 20s. He does not have a wife, and the most serious relationship he’s had since becoming famous was with a woman named Taylor.

Rain and Taylor began dating in November 2014, and Taylor was a frequent guest in his YouTube videos. In December of 2014, Taylor starred in a video titled “Meet My Girlfriend.” Unfortunately, the couple broke up in November 2016.

Prior to dating Taylor, Rain dated a girl during his teenage years. When that relationship ended, Rain ended up attempting suicide.

This led him to seeking therapy. His therapist encouraged him to seek out hobbies that he loved, and this led him to focus on gaming and setting up his own YouTube channel.


Rain began his YouTube channel in December of 2010. By October 2014, he had gained 1 million subscribers. By March 2016, he had gained 3 million subscribers.

His YouTube channel, which began as a way for him to share his love of gaming, had grown into a channel that was recognized by his fans as having some of the best strategies in the entire gaming industry.

At present, FaZe Rain net worth reached $1,700,000.

In January of 2016, Rain became part of the “FaZe Clan.” The Clan formed in 2010 as a group of gamers performing trick shots in Call of Duty.

The Clan are an esports organization formed and owned by Thomas Oliveria. The Clan compte in FIFA tournaments and other competitions.

In addition to gaming, one of the things that Rain became most famous for is his character of Vape Lord Nord. When he appears as this character, he dresses in a gown, hat and sunglasses while vaping.

Interesting Facts

Since his teenage years, Rain has struggled with depression and suicidal feelings. He has spoken on his channel about how becoming famous and wealthy has not solved his problems.

He also revealed that he had a mental breakdown in April of 2018 that landed him in psychiatric care for several days.

Rain has also talked about stepping away from YouTube and pursuing other interests. He has expressed concern that YouTube wants to censor his true personality in order to monetize him.


Rain is a highly respected YouTube gaming personality who has been active since 2010. Rain has a devoted following of over 5 million fans who continue to wish him well even as Rain struggles with overcoming his mental illnesses.

Although he has talked about walking away from YouTube, Rain continues to interact with his fans and appreciate their support.

Favorite Quotes from FaZe Rain

“Those of you dealing with suicidal thoughts and are contemplating it, please don’t do it. You don’t understand the impact it has on people. We all have our time anyways, let’s just live our lives out.”

“I really wish making money would help me get over the feelings I’ve had my whole life, but it hasn’t.”

“I’m not going to change who I am just for YouTube…”

Tips for success from FaZe Rain

Always remain true to who you are, even if others judge you for it. FaZe Rain has experienced backlash and financial problems from YouTube because of his personality, but it has earned him even more fans. 

Find a way to be truly passionate about your career, and you will benefit in the long run. Rain became successful because his enthusiasm for gaming and YouTube was obvious. That enthusiasm translated into a massive success for him.

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